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shy boy club (RII, Hodge, open for fledglings)
« on: August 12, 2017, 05:38:16 PM »
It felt a little surreal to find someone as shy and as confused by social functions as he was. In his seven months of life the boy had only met outgoing members of Saboro who not only understood social interaction, but actually found it easy. But there he was, standing i front of a boy that looked shaken up and afraid by the noise. The small dot of a tattoo under his eye indicated he was one of the fledglings, but instead of yapping at him, the boy, Hodge, requested that they maybe move to a quieter area, slip away from the celebration for both of their sakes.

"Sure, yes." he was not as afraid as this fledgling, but Gabriel definitely felt uncomfortable. "Lets go." so there he was, body blocking Hodge as they navigated through and away from the crowds. In Gabriel's humble opinion, he thought he did pretty well to avoid being noticed, despite his bright as eff pink coat and clumsy, growing puppy feet.

Eventually they found a quiet spot between some bushes and trees, the moonlight reached through the branches and leafs along with the slight warmth of the bonfire further away from them. From here, the volcano was out of sight, a geographical phenomenon Gabriel has not quite figured out yet, and didn't want to think too deeply about at this point.

"There." he declared, lips twitching into what could have been a smile if he was more used to smiling in the first place. "I never know what to uh, do... With big parties. You know? I don't hate anyone here but," he shrugged, flopping his big fluffy butt down to the grass. "I never know what to say." even now, he had no idea what he should be saying. "So, Fledgling, huh? Hows uh, hows that going for you?" he didn't seem like the king type, but what did he know?

Casually, blue eyes scanned around them to see if anyone followed. If the adults had not bothered to look down at the pups slipping away, kids their age may have still noticed them. Maybe one of his adopted siblings, or the other fledglings he had yet to properly meet.
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Re: shy boy club (RII, Hodge, open for fledglings)
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 06:12:59 PM »
"Sure, yes. Lets go."

Hodge grinned, and quickly realised that was probably the last thing that Gabe wanted to see and quickly changed the expression gear into neutral. He was internally convinced that his teeth were creepy and goofy-looking, just like everything else in his life. As the trainee Spectre followed him, he took note of his bright coat and decided he quite liked it. It reminded him of the poppies... except pinker. Yes, he quite liked pink. There was nothing wrong with that. He had secretly wanted pink tattoos instead of red, actually, to go against the whole 'rwar red is scary' code but he had thought better of asking. Something told him that there would've been a lot of discussion over why a Fledgling was sporting pink tattoos.

Maybe it was something he could enforce if he ever became Sabor? The keyword being 'if' but still, think about it. Pink tattoos.

"There. I never know what to uh, do... With big parties. You know? I don't hate anyone here but,"

"But it tends to be a little overbearing and, well, loud with the volcano and all the yelling and such," Hodge finished for him, shaking visibly. "I hate things that make a lot of noise and, unfortunately, that includes a lot of Saboro. It also includes me, I don't like myself very much."

"I never know what to say."

Dude. The feels.

Hodge nodded in agreement. "Yeah, same," he concurred. "I try and talk about plants to the others. The other Fledglings, I mean. They don't like talk, though, they'd rather fight. Ratchet and Enys like to sit on me, actually, but I don't mind. I'd sit on me too, if I could."

He cleared his throat awkwardly, deciding that the conversation was becoming somewhat depressing. "So, Gabe, how's the whole Spectre deal working out for you?" he asked. "You seem... well, big enough for the job." He managed to stop himself from saying 'scary' or 'intimidating' because that pink coat was not doing him in any favours in either of those departments. Not that Hodge would say it aloud. He was quite relieved that not at all the Spectres were these scary, white beings: like their namesake.

"So, Fledgling, huh? Hows uh, hows that going for you?"

"Meh," Hodge replied in a non-committing way. "I'd rather be a Slab, if I'm honest. I'm not meant to say that, am I? I'm meant to say it's awesome, like the others, but I won't. It sucks because I don't think I deserve it, none of us do. We're only pups, we haven't actually done anything yet. Aside from be born."

As opposed to his older siblings. He was not fully aware of their feelings towards them but, if he were them, he'd be somewhat disappointed and hurt at being pushed aside. Especially since they had demonstrated they were so much capable than he. It was why he was quite fond of them as opposed to his littermates: they pretended everything as hunky dory just like he did.
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Re: shy boy club (RII, Hodge, open for fledglings)
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2017, 11:21:14 PM »
The fire had been set, the flames reaching high into the sky, lighting the festivities of Saboran life. Sincate was intrigued by their enthusiasm, wondering why so many decided to gather, to eat, to celebrate such an odd life style. The Fledgling wasn't as enthused as most, deciding to venture beyond the sight of the Wing or the Raven or even the King and Queen. They didn't want to be constricted as they had been, it was far too insulting to the child, they wanted to be mingled as they were told, to look for capable spectres perhaps or allies that could help gain the Fledgling footing among the people. The border incident didn't bode well with the Elites, but Sincate was not one to brood over spilled milk.

Blue eyes caught the movement of an unfamiliar body pulling away Hodge into a more private setting. Curiosity unfurled in the Fledgling, neutral expression twisting into an ominous one. Long tail swayed behind as they moved forward, wanting to know just what their dear brother was doing. Sincate didn't know very many people, they didn't like to mingle unless absolutely necessary. They didn't even see Jezebel or hear her annoying voice screaming at other people in delight. Perhaps this would be a good night after all, maybe she got sick and decided to stay in for the night. Who knew, Sincate didn't effing care.

There was talking as Sincate grew close to the location of the two. The red Fledgling decided to stay back, to eavesdrop for a moment to gain ground of what was to be discussed when they decided to interrupt. Hodge had always been a curious boy, not like the other Fledglings at all. He was too... soft. His heart wasn't into the violence that surrounded the royal brood as they fought over the crown. Teeth had always flashed, but Hodge was far too bright and too minor to step up to take what was rightfully theirs.

From the gathered conversation, this other that Hodge was talking to was a spectre, trained to guard the royals like meat shields. Sincate lapped at their lips and nose, eager to come forth yet their muscles stayed. Greed had to be swallowed, had to be put down before it grew into something festering. Sincate knew well what greed did, for it showed in Abyss and Jezebel well. Results took time, which Sincate was patient for, so they stayed put just a little longer, a crooked smile spreading across their face. Hodge took their status for granted it seemed, and the red Fledgling finally decided to step forth, that smile turning into something wicked and unnatural.

"Then why don't you, dear brother? What is stopping you from becoming one? A status such as yours grants you the ability to ask for a better position, and if you want to be just a slab of meat on the tongue of those greater than you, so be it." At least Sincate had one less stone to step on when gaining the thorny crown.

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Re: shy boy club (RII, Hodge, open for fledglings)
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2017, 02:56:22 AM »
Nero was not used to collective revelry, to the group effort of Saborans to create fun and merriment for themselves. The jungle was a vicious, demanding place and all of its denizens were used to its harsh intensities, Nero included. There was a great deal in this brutal forest that disenfranchised its people and forced its members to confront the harsh realities of themselves and those around them. Nero himself had been forced to look, and had forced others to do the same. Saboro, as a collective, was anxious and worried, fretting over status, perception and progress. Had it not been so since the beginning? The jungle was an angry land. Nero knew it. They all knew it.

But that did not make them immune to merriment, or community, or amusement. It did not make them incapable of coming together as a pack and creating a time for them all to breathe, to spend time with one another in the simplest ways. Nero spent a great deal of time with his husband and his boyfriend, the three of them perusing about the circle of elites that was slowly becoming a group of compatriots. Nero slowly fixed relationships, took responsibilities, asked forgiveness and repaired friendships. It was difficult, as it should be, but it was rewarding. The Bonfire was an excuse to be unburdened, to consider one another as friends rather than compatriots. It was nice to laugh, to grin and feel that lack of pressure, even for just a moment.

Duty, however, was never far away. All the Elites considered the rest of the pack, their eyes sharp and observant even as they sampled the Tortugan liquors that they had been shipped. Nero sipped as his drink, leaning against North and Lucas, as he watched the young Spectre and Fledglings shuffle away from the main group. He spend some time away from the bonfire, the flames sinking into him with a sense of foreboding as he struggled with his own traumatic symptoms, so he was eager to sink his attention into something else. (The fire tormented him, as it would the rest of his life.) It was difficult for the Raven not to notice one of his own charges scurry away, the form of Sincate padding after a young Spectre and another Fledgling. It was hard for Nero to forget the Sabor's demand not long before, the order that had been served to him. The Fledgling was not to be seen without him. Sincate was his as a Harpy, and in spite of his desire to sink into his lovers, Nero got up and followed after them.

He knew very little about the small recruits that Lux and Croatoan had gathered along the border. The new Spectres were foreign, but young - near the age of Crenate's own adopted children. Nero held little regard for them or what they did, having little faith for slaves that were roping into a job they did not understand, especially when they were expected to protect other children. But his fellow elites had a plan, and he did not question it. He merely padded along, staying within earshot of the pups as they trotted around each other, moving further from the bonfire and chattering amongst themselves.

Gabriel was bulky and pink, one of the slaves that had been extracted from the border. It was important that he had tried to seek out the Fledgling, other pups that would be his responsibility, and Nero decided that said a great deal about his character even at a young age. The Raven padded forward and considered the boy as he turned to Hodge, the gold speckled child that worried over his place in the world (the Fledglings should all worry as he had, as they were displaced and strange, a peculiar choice made by rulers who tried to cement their shared legacy). Hodge, though, had a sense of self-awareness that surprised him. He worried over his place, over his future, and considered what the Fledglings had earned. How curious.

Finally, Nero's own charge trotted forward, holding themself in a way not unfamiliar to the adults that hovered all about them. How strange to see children speak with the voices of full grown wolves, worrying over ranks and prestige. It made Nero's lip curl, drawing to his mind a vision of the Dominion and the ugly reality that he and his siblings had been confronted with ever day. He hated the use of children as means of securing power. The Fledglings were nothing, just pups who were placed in a situation they did not need to be in. Even still, Nero was compelled to his King's will, and he followed in Sincate's wake in spite of his distaste.

"You are all very young," the Roman huffed as he approached, his dual-toned eyes flickering over all three of them, "there is a great deal you have yet to discover. Babies need not worry over the struggles of Monarchs, least of all those who have yet to discover themselves." He glanced over Gabriel, Hodge and Sincate, lifting his paw in a placating gesture. "Prestige isn't something one asks for," he huffed, lifting his dark brows at Sincate, before scoffing and shaking his head and deciding that he would not educate these youths (he had not decided to adopt them, after all, and it was not his duty to assure they were prepared for the future. Crenate had merely ordered he keep track of the troublesome Fledgling).

He had fought for his acclaim. He had earned his positions. The Fledglings should expect nothing less, even if they believed they were somehow greater than anyone else. Their false royality was... troublesome, but Nero could hardly bring himself to care.

"You're one of Lux's," the Raven said, peering at Gabriel. The Spectre pups had been so alien, so secret to him and others. They were a curiosity. As were the Fledlgings. They were othered. Nero, of course, was intrigued. He glanced over Hodge and Sincate. He was curious if they felt the pressure, the frustration he had as a boy, as one of many royal children who had the passing interest of his royal father. How did they feel? What did they think? He longed to know, but he remained casual. "Too many people at the bonfire, hm?"



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