Author Topic: but I don't love you [Carol]  (Read 55 times)

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but I don't love you [Carol]
« on: August 03, 2017, 01:46:59 PM »
Century was a happy child, and he always had been.

But not today. Not for the last few days. Not since he and Traveler had played a game of tag that had come to violent, bloody conclusion. Century had never seen such violence before then; he'd never seen his mother so scary, or any of the adults for that matter. He didn't understand. He--they were just playing! He had stayed on their side of the wall, just like his mom had said, too, but still something was wrong. Century had been--and still was--too inconsolable to understand when the adults explained what happened, why. He didn't understand that Traveler was a trespasser, or that he wasn't supposed to be where he was. All he knew was that he'd been having fun, and it had gotten him in trouble, and gotten Traveler--well.

Century tried not to think about that. He was really worried about him; what if he'd died? It would be all Century's fault! It, well, it already was, but it'd be even worse! He sniffled noisily as he thought about it, his eyes wet and red-rimmed. He hadn't gone more than twenty feet away from their den since the incident, and even then, he was loathe to leave it at all. He hadn't had a peaceful night's rest at all since Traveler's visit, all of his nightmares plagued with red, red, red, even as whispers tried to soothe him. His mother? His father? Century didn't know, because the whispers never woke him, and they never settled him.

There were dark circles under his red eyes, and his hair falling over them in unkempt waves. The pup looked worse for wear, his fur sticking out at odd angles because of his nightly tossing and turning, and the inability to groom himself because he was so tired. His head hung low, his ears drooped, and his eyes half-lidded, his tail not wagging as it usually did.

He was so tired.

When he saw a stranger approaching, he shrunk in on himself, huddled into a tiny ball with his little brows furrowed with concern. "'llo?" He murmured, uncharacteristically timid. Was someone going to run up and hurt this new girl, too?

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Re: but I don't love you [Carol]
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 08:34:32 PM »

A fresh start. Did she even know how to do that anymore? Learn a new land all over again, and more important learn the people all over again. It wasn't that Carol was anti-social, but she wasn't young and starry eyed anymore, it was hard to know just where to start. She'd have to do it at some point, put herself out there, try to network, and most importantly try to earn herself a place as a Shepherd, according to Iaera that was what Carol's sights had been set upon. Eventually, she told herself, somewhat soured by her interaction with the ranger, even if it was just one odd comment that had done its job to hit just the right nerve.

If nothing else, she had herself an excuse for not directly seeking out others, and instead doing her best to scope out the place called Gemini, this home to all. She wanted to find out if it felt just as welcoming as its little tagline might lead her to believe. All that though, did wait, at least until she'd had a good long rest, nestled away in the heart of Gemini's territory, she'd put up her travel worn paws, and slept, deep and restful. She wanted to be fresh for her explorations in the morning, and instead woke into the morning, still hazy and content from a good long sleep. Her exploration was lazy, somewhat aimless, but she took in all the beauty that she could find the further she went into Gemini, feeling ever more confident in her decision to come here, of all places. So far, the decision seemed to be exactly what she'd wanted... Hopefully this would be the last one home to get to know.

It was when the petite dog had stopped to admire the scenery for the umpteenth time that morning that an unusual sound pulled her attention toward it. Soft ears twitched in the direction, and were quick to recognize... crying? Or at least very close to it. The sound called to her, pulled at the deepest depths of Carol's heart, she knew that sound, and immediately had to find its source. She knew the sound of a distraught child, a thing she could not abide.

She did not rush forward, despite her desire to, Carol understood full well the importance of a gentle approach. "'llo?" Hearing the trembling voice slowed her approach, but did not put a stop to her advancing. "Hello, little one." She murmured in reply, lowering her head as she got a good look at the distressed child. "Are you alright, dear?" Her first concern was whether the pup had been physically harmed, and once she could be assured that he wasn't, she would then focus on his emotional well-being. Every part of her wanted to reach out and cradle the child, stranger that he was. He needed someone, perhaps her, and there was no denying that she needed him in her own way.