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bannermen aflame [prp]
« on: July 18, 2017, 10:24:19 AM »
[ooc: @FrogBomber, @Jadeth and @BB. ]

Fire, destruction, war tied into one and raging on the land of an island and to a man who knew little of fire this was a terrifying experience. He knew what fire was, wildfire from heat or lightning, but this was different, this was used for tactics purposes and it was surrounding the wolves of the valley as the opponent of the battlefield came rushing in wields of battle cries. He winced as fire flamed tall and too close for comfort, he jumped out of the way of fallen burning branches and looked around him for anything, anyone to stick close to so not to be alone on the battlefield.

They fought without honor! Disgraceful battle tactics were unknown to the knight who once had fought, but only with honor on both parties. When he joined the war he clearly had no idea what he was getting into and he watched as chaos unfolded around him, his blue figure lifting himself high to find safety in numbers. So he saw her. Lithe in build, clearly not made for the battlefield in his eyes he saw an orange wolf on his side stand nearby and he rushed to her side.

”Stick with me! I’ve got a feeling we shouldn’t be alone.” It was only when he came to her flank that he noticed just how small she was. a feet shorter than him he towered above her and she was already covered in blood. ”Is that your blood? Are you hurt?” He asked worriedly while being on the lookout as fighting broke out around them, he tried moving to her front to keep newcomers from her and he looked worriedly around. He could hardly tell foe from friend and this was pure chaos, nothing they had planned was going the way it was meant to.

”If you are not hurt, we should try and push back.” An honorable man didn’t lose his honor just because a war erupted and he certainly didn’t mean to leave the battlefield like a fleeing coward. The fire roared and burst to their right as a tree caught aflame and he was worried. Fire made him uneasy and he looked to the smaller orange female. They were in the same boat now, comrades of arms. He would protect her flank.
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Re: bannermen aflame [prp]
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 03:36:42 PM »
As he kept on walking the scorned earth, his gaze over the literal inferno before him, his stomach churned. Hungry for more. Always hungry.

Alongside the chaos, Isengrim stood tall. Basking in the debacle, progressively unrecognizable, his fur and limbs painted red, save for his cold lilac eyes and his stripped legs. Each time he saw silhouettes, it was a gamble. This time was no different — and as he saw the smaller female dispatching an adversary, his heart hammered on his ribcage. Judging from the way the fallen one had behaved, fire had been more of an enemy to him than her. The conclusion was obvious: the she-wolf was an ally. And he was high on blood and guts, adrenaline sweetening his tolerance for comrade in arms. The more the merrier, right?

And how the timing was impeccable — a pelt was gradually revealed in the distance, a small and vivid thing.
Strong legs carried him over the fire, which never seemed to have a grip strong enough to truly attach himself to his pelt and feed on him. In a few leaps he was almost next to the smaller Tortugan, just a few feet away, the silhouette of their enemy almost reduced to a dancing figure among flames.

He cleared his throat, getting closer to Octavia. "Would you offer me this round, m’lady?" Of course, Isengrim wasn’t the gentlemanly kind, it was merely ironic he’d propose such a thing, twisting the words as to make his counterpart already involved, already joining on his very personal kind of fun. But he was curious to see if she would follow suit. He’d made a similar offer back on Winterfall island. (And the she-wolf there hadn’t disappoint… )

There was no other place more appropriate for such a morbid proposition. "Little pests just keep multiplying…" Nor another time. Another cultist joined the tiny one he’d gotten in his sights, a bigger one — just another nameless body, ripe for the taking. "We can’t have that now, can we?"

It was fun to think him a regulator of any sorts. He was merely a havoc, a gaping maw with razor teeth cutting everything in his reach, simply because it was the only thing he really knew, the only which felt natural… But as cultists just seemed to die like ants smashed under feet, it could be very well an appropriate analogy. Who needed crazy zealots in the world? They needed each others to keep them bathed in their delirium but—NO ONE NEEDED THEM.

The earth itself could have blowed down their little valley with a landslide and no one would have known the difference. Like so many packs before them. Gods weren’t on their side — just self proclaimed fools and their sorry attempts at leeching meaning where there was none to glean.

They didn’t even deserved death.
But merit had little to do with anything. Isengrim would give them the sweet release anyway.
Only to keep himself from letting his eyes linger on such pathetic excuses for corpses.

" A great Hope / fell / You heard no / noise / crash
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Re: bannermen aflame [prp]
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2017, 04:21:49 PM »
The phoenix was in her element, surrounded by fire in the middle of- literally -heated battle with the heathens that deserved nothing more than mercy killings she was all too happy to give out. It was too late for them to be saved. Blood was smeared across her face like war paint of the gods and she hopped easily across the smoldering embers of the remnants of what she assumed used to be another wolf. It was hard to tell through the chard remains whether they had been friend or foe at one point.

Did it really even matter?

"Stick with me! I 've got a feeling we shouldn't be alone." A random bondless guy jumped to her side and Tovelo gave him a strange look before she giggled giddily, mind buzzing with the scent and taste of copper, she was lost in the haze of adrenaline and bloodlust. She didn't need saving if anything it was the heathens that would need to be saved from her and her sadistic wrath. "Is that your blood? Are you hurt?" The pale blue male moved to block her from attack and she peered curiously at him, finally really noticing him for the first time through her haze. Who was this guy?

"If you are not hurt, we should try and push back."

Tovelo cackled, the sound rough and jagged, tinging with a touch of insanity. "Push back?" The fire princess seethed, "So long as there is air in my lungs I will fight these heathen scum. For the General, For the Tactician, and for the War Chief." Without waiting to hear his reply Tovelo snarled and  flew across the battle field, not looking back to see him follow her as she charged towards a particularly hideous looking heathen.

His face was bulbous and alien looking to her and though he was a gigantic compared to her she didn't hesitate in her attack, aiming for his face, to sink her teeth into the soft flesh of his cheek and hang on until she ripped a chunk free. If he dodge and she missed her mark she would twist her body in mid-air to land on her paws, facing her two larger opponents. Her needle like teeth were stained pink with the blood of their allies as she bared them. The Phoenix didn't waste time on words, the language of war was all that she needed. She gave them a low, rumbling growl as Leocor returned to her side and the two of them waited for the heathens retaliation.

played by BB.