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Darkness as my roof [open]
« on: June 19, 2017, 03:27:14 PM »
The trees were so much taller than he was used to, they stretched high above and branched out toward each other. Their tops closed in one one another and left no sky visible from his current position. He saw no sky or stars in the night and the looming darkness frightened him slightly, it was unnatural to him that leaves and branches had become the roof which he lived under.
He had wandered around for a few days, avoiding interaction with others, trying to get used to the lighting in his new ‘home’. He had winced and whined a few times doing the night in fright of the sounds of the enclosed space, this new place was setting him on edge, frightening the raw natural instinct in him. Darkness was not his natural habitat, yet now he had to embrace it as his home.
He thought at first, that no wolf could get used to this, but he did see others, hear them and their everyday lives. So it could be done, all he had to do was hold the fright and put a brave face on, one day he would get used to living outside of the light.
Tonight he looked to the sky one more time, as his ears fell backward and he gave a worried whine of frustration. It was night and dark by nature, but the moonlight was hardly coming through the treetops tonight, which meant it was clouded on the other side of the roof. He had found a log of a fallen tree which he stood upon to elevate himself, but it did little to nothing to improve his vision.
He rolled himself up into a ball and put his tail over his nose and gave a deep sigh. When he agreed to join he didn’t imagine this. He had joined under the impression that this was a good home, a good place, somewhere nice. He didn’t ask for much and had few expectations of his ‘home’, but the other wolf seemed enthusiastic. There had to be something great about this place then.
Maybe the other wolves would raise his fondness of home? Maybe they were great and strong? His tail wagged up and down, for he would very much like that.

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Re: Darkness as my roof [open]
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