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War drum heartbeat [open]
« on: June 05, 2017, 07:56:08 PM »
A fierce rip of teeth was all it took to coat the gold coat of the yearling in crimson. Grandiose thoughts of battle and war died in that moment as he watched, panting heavily, copper sitting hard on his tongue, in his lungs, as the light died from the other wolf's eyes. He was dead before he even hit the ground, his lifeblood splattered on his enemies chest and neck.

Those rivulets were not all from the corpse at his feet, and a number of shallow wounds etched his body to run alongside the other's blood and spatter on the dirt below.

He had never realized how easy killing was, how quickly life eked out of the body. But though this was his first kill, nameless but not faceless, Bash couldn't stand here on the killing grounds and wait for the adrenaline to clear. His heart was a wardrum, hammering relentlessly in his broad chest as mismatched eyes looked wildly around him. The sounds of battle were a distant sound as he searched the grounds for his next combatant, not letting himself fret over having taken a life. When the black wolf's jaws had been lodged in his flesh, the gold and silver boy knew he would be the one walking away if it took everything he had.

He would live to fight another fight.

With a lunge, he turned, dodging pitfalls that had trapped or killed the wolves he now sought out. A flash of silver or a glimmer of gold would give him pause, always, to make certain that it was not a member of his family that lay injured, dead, or stood fighting amongst the living. Each time, he was relieved to see it wasn't them.

When the yearling saw another of his pack mates cornered and outnumbered, he broke out in a barreling charge toward them. It was a fierce sight to be sure, his mohawk tall and his body sturdy and broad as he came at them full speed. Too bad they didn't see him come up from behind them...

That was their mistake, and as the boy grinned, a hint of wildness in his gaze, he closed the distance and leapt, his full weight cracking the spine of the much smaller wolf on impact. They hit the ground rolling, and the other wolf tried in vain to rise, dragging his back legs as he cried in agony. Flipping to his wide paws, Bastion stepped neatly to the wolf and killed him quickly, merciful and honorable even now, in war.

As he glanced up, spying the other two wolves who still fought, his mouth was set in a grim line and his eyes were filled with flames.

[ooc: Be one of the two still fighting!! OR do something else! Enemies/Allies, whoever! Let's make this interesting!]

I could stand behind my barricade
Do what I'm told and be afraid to change
While isolated by the mainstream
With the current up against me.

Well maybe if my arms were ten feet tall,
I could finally reach that crystal ball.

‘Cause I still find inside
There's something braver
And I, I won't be, I won't be
The silent damnation.

I will never be voiceless.
My weapon of choice is
I'd rather be dangerous.
I won't be left defenseless
As God as my witness
I'd rather be dangerous,

- Played by Red -

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Re: War drum heartbeat [open]
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2017, 05:47:50 PM »
                                                            They can’t remember green anymore.

Everything is blood and Seir is bathed in it. Some their own, some others, their brown pelt has vanished beneath it and they feel it between their toes it smothers the air they breathe with death.

They thought they knew death.

’What makes you think that death… won't master you first?’

Cuff’s words sing in their ears in some soft sweet voice that they never heard and they think of red eyes like blood and wonder where she is on the battlefield. Wonders what death she had dealt to her enemies.

Hopes she’s okay.

A stranger in the dark and Seir alters course, easily traversing the trenches and pitfalls. They fall upon their next opponent like a landslide, more berserk than anything organized, exhaustion slowly setting in to their bones and weighing them down, poisoning the muscles like lead. They stare at the fallen, mangled body, can’t feel their own wounds leaking life down their sides, and walk away.

There is no drive to fight anymore. They had launched themselves into the fray eager and willing to prove themselves, to prove themselves to others, to win over death and others. To learn, to conquer, they fought and fought and they didn’t stop they kept going and going and they are still going. They are still fighting.

They are tired now, though. The blood has lost its sweet taste.

Two wolves spring from the mist and Seir rears up with a snarl. The first lunges towards their face, teeth going for their throat, the second coming to yank their back leg out from beneath them. Seir goes down, but latches their jaws into the firsts face, one eye popping gore into their mouth. At the same time they kick hard with their legs, scratching with sharp claws. They cut but the second wolf does not let go.

Not until a flash of gold leaps upon it. Seir feels the cracking of its spine through the teeth latched into their leg just before the foreign body is ripped away, rolling with the weight of its new opponent. Seir takes the chance to kick against the earth, roll up over their head and onto the partially blinded body of the first wolf.  It bucks beneath them like a bull as Seir tears up its face, skin coming apart, body collapsing beneath their weight and they don’t make a sound.

They do not roar, they do not scream in any sort of fury. They just move, a shadow and a wraith, taking apart their enemy, stripping them of everything they had and then Seir stands above them, panting hard. They can feel the moans of the enemy -

The victim.

They watch the thing shriek and they are so tired of it. Seir ends it quick and steps off the body. Its just another face to add to the collection they’re making in their mind.

They turn to their ally, eye the gold and silver, the strong stance and form, and they wonder if she had heard their thoughts across the bloody field.

“Cuff,” is the only whispered word they have the energy to utter, and a sharp, harsh bark of laughter follows. The second of her brood that they have met, of all the hundreds of Alteron. Of all the enemies, of all the allies, somehow she was there.

They remember their response to her, that rainy day, what felt like so long ago.

’I won’t let it.’

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Re: War drum heartbeat [open]
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2017, 04:22:28 PM »

it’s easy to get colder
it's easy to forget
so meet me when the lights dim
we can wake up every morning
we can set ourselves on fire
we can do it all again

i'm done trying to fit in
and be half forgiven
for things that i never did

we're more than what scares us
we're final and fearless
we'll dance where the ice gets thin

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