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we won't [prp*]
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:06:40 PM »
[ooc: this is a peaceful meeting between enemies, and we would like to keep it that way! But if you're interested in joining (peacefully) shoot me a pm!]

The night sky reminded them of home.

Home; they weren’t sure where they meant. Alteron, of course, but to call it home so soon felt like a weight on their tongue, an unknown promise, chains painted gold lovingly wrapping their tendrils about their legs and weighing them down into the sea. But it fit, didn’t it? Such a description of ‘home’, as every home they had ever known left ashes in their mouth.

The thought of ashes dragged their thoughts to the fire on that far side of the isle they battled upon. The heavy smoke polluting the sky only adding to the natural darkness, a blanket for the heavens. The strongest stars pierced through like fangs but they offered little light in the thick woods.

But they were used to that feeling of suffocation, weren’t they?

Everything ached after the days win. The price for survival is always steep, the wounds criss crossing their body still sluggishly leaking unwilling life. Every muscle in their body screamed for relief, acid building up in the tissue and poking insistently at their brain with pointy little knives. They needed food, rest. They needed to get the blood of too many others off their body. They did not belong there.

It was silent - it was always silent for them, with their dead ears - with not even a ghost between the trees. They were watching, always watching because they were in a war so when the sudden beams of light erupt around them they swirl and bite before they think to see, they simply prepare to fight an enemy they know must be there -

Their teeth click on air, and they digest the nothingness with a sour note like a rock in their stomach.

The fireflies erupt around them like lightening, an overlay of gold kissing every tree and leaf with a halo. Thousands upon thousands rising up from the grass to gently flutter in some invisible breeze. They pulsated like a breath and Seir found themself holding their own as if the simple exhale could blow it all away. Slowly, they folded their legs up beneath them, struggling in vain not to disturb any of the lightning bugs, coming to lay in the grass.

Then they watch.

Blood eyes watching the pulsing beat like a drum, like a long forgotten memory tickling the back of their nose. Wonder dresses their face in new fashion and no, they can’t help the wide eyed astonishment because they’d never seen anything like this before. Sprawling lands as far as the eye could see, water falls of a hundred feet, trees so thick you couldn’t squeeze between the trunks, yet this was so ethereal. So beautiful. And its almost a dream, they’re sure, because nothing so beautiful could be in such a place like this.

But the isle is made for war, summoned by some unholy god herself, and they know it like dread down their throat. They know it like the blood staining them red -

They can enjoy it, just for a moment, they pray, and the fireflies alight upon them like kisses so sweet, and for a moment they pretend.