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She operated without thought, the obvious ease with which she'd set up her temporary brewery coming from years of practice, ever since she'd been a child. That was a blessing too, since she had little to offer Tortuga in this war besides her limited herbal knowledge and the bolstering liquids that would burn like fire in the guts. The best she could do, with her mind so far away, was to do right by the Gunners and the other fighters by keeping them plied with alcohol when they came back with haunted eyes and injuries that needed something to take the edge off while those in the infirmary tended the wounds.

But even as she handed out a gourd of nigh pure alcohol to one of the Surgeons, needing it for cleansing a wound of someone who would be missing a limb entirely, her mind was on the whole reason for being here.

Her father, her dad.

Even now, thinking about him made her heart ache fiercely with missing him and missing her mother and sister. But unlike the latter, he was somehow within her reach. Out there on the field, war was waged to get him back, to bring him home, and Gull kept her eyes on the place just past the infirmary, from which the injured had been returning for treatment and rest and nourishment. Waiting, always waiting, for the familiar dust and browns to come into her sight. For Raikov or someone, anyone, to bring him back to her.

It was all she wanted, all she knew to hope for.

A sound of a twig snapping brought her gaze snapping back to the fallen log she'd adopted just near the infirmary for her purposes, and she nearly jumped clean out of her skin. Once she saw it was an ally and not some enemy who had breached the lines to come and kill those unaware, she let out a heavy sigh and grinned ruefully in her usual disarming way.

"Y'gave me a fright, nearly keeled me over there," she said lightly, pulling out one of the coconut shell cups she'd brought just for the purpose of serving (both lightweight and disposable should she need to abandon them for any reason). "Ya look like ya could use a good strong brew, yeah?"

Gull squinted her sunset eyes and peered at the visitor, leaning one foreleg on the top of the log.

"What's yer poison?" And in case the new arrival didn't know what she was talking about, she gestured to the array of gourds behind her, picking one up and dashing a bit into the cup before sliding it their way. It wasn't her most stout option, but it might put some hair on the chest of a lightweight.

And we could stare all day
At problems that won't go away
Silence is pounding (silence is pounding)
You're wearing me down, these corners they're rounding

Then we could scream all night
With no resolve still left in sight
Stop saying you're sorry
All of these words feel so very empty

Blame me! Blame me! Blame me!
For mistakes you've made but you can't own
Hate me, hate me, hate me
For every honest word that you've postponed
Leave me out of this
Your life's a sinking ship, so
Blame me, blame me, blame me
For mistakes you've made but you can't own.

- Played by Red -

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Re: I'll Have what they're having. [Azu's kids, open too I guess]
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She was out of mind. Swept up in the current known as aggression. When she’d heard stores of war, of fire and bone, near Mother’s throne of fur and trinkets she hadn’t realized the reality of true violence, the lure of meat and flesh. She felt wild, unrestrained by the cultural rules and societal norms Mother sought to bind her wolves with. Here, among the smoke and the heat, she could be free, she could fly away toward the embrace of absolute destruction and unrepentant consequences.

Her heart hadn’t stopped pounding yet.

But still, the normalcy of it made her skin crawl, made some small inkling of her feel… uneasy? Guilty? Oh it was easy to play the games of dragonling back on her home soil but out here one wrong move could mean her death. Yet, she isn’t afraid to be torn asunder, not really, she’s afraid of the meaning behind it—of the failure to succeed. Surely, the stars wouldn’t take her if she burned to death in the element her bloodline worshipped, would they?

What a disconcerting thought, a worm just slithering along her consciousness and prodding that the broken thing within her—touch touch touch.

She shook her head. She needed something to ease the tension of her muscles and the excitement that hummed in her blood. She needed something to numb the terror of failure and give her the courage to continuously succeed, to use her teeth and claws without thoughts of who she ended. 

She wanted to be strong and powerful, alluring, the perfect specimen of fur and muscle for Lynx.

Yes, yes, yes!

She would kill and kill and kill and kill for Lynx, so that she’d be noticed---


She skipped up to Gull with a wiggle in her butt and a broad smile on her face—‘

Hello, hello! She cooed, with husky southern baritones and twisting shadows in the depths of her odd eyes.

With a titled head she’d sit before the log, knowing that this was one of those odd wolves that had brought them to war—My new friend! Didn’t mean to scare yah.

They were all allies… right?

A… brew? She’s never heard of such a term, I don’t want to be poisoned.

But her smile never falters.

I’ll take a… a… ‘good strong brew’, with no poison!

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Re: I'll Have what they're having. [Azu's kids, open too I guess]
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2017, 07:58:24 PM »

Obadiah had marched at his Captains command, gladly heading into battle at the drop of a hat. It was what he had been made and bred for after all, fighting and protecting those worth more than yourself. He was not a fool with delusions of grandeur or authority. His fate was to serve his masters, lending his muscle when needed and his thoughts upon request. It was what he had been raised on and it was all he knew.

That being said. The taste of booze made his job a whole hell of a lot more easier. Following his nose he traced the bitter scent of alcohol to Gull's temporary bar set up and perched himself a few feet away from the cheery pink girl down at the other end. She was requesting 'good strong brew' and Obi gave a half chuckle, "Two Watchmen's Delight then, Gull me girly." He liked the plucky dual eye'd Brewer, mostly because she kept him crapfaced most of the time but she had other redeeming attributes he was sure.

The red fringe didn't recognize the pink girl at the other end of the bar so he did what any gentleman would do, he introduced himself. "Name's Obadiah."

Played by BrandyBear