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car chase (arp worship) | HAWK RECRUITMENT
« on: June 19, 2017, 12:30:27 AM »

Wielding power made Ronove hungry. This hunger wasn't for food, satiated in that manner as he was by the desert lizards he'd slaughtered earlier. No, it was a hunger for more more MORE -- what good was power if there wasn't anyone to boss around? That was the point of having power in the first place, right? To doll out orders and crush lesser creatures beneath the sheer weight of your own might -- that was what the newly-instated Jitte craved.

Still, aside from that relentless desire, Ronove knew that his new rank came with responsibilities. He was more than confident in his own capabilities - running the Hawks would be a breeze. Astryd was just getting old, her age causing problems with her ability to lead. No matter - Ronove had taken charge. The crowspawn was certain things would change, beginning with filling out the Hawk rank. Ronove knew there were plenty of Kyuu and Bondless waiting, and he intended to snatch up as many worthy bodies as he could - to his rank and, perhaps, his House. The Jitte had to focus some energy on filling his House with strong, capable beasts that would elevate his name to infamy.

Ronove had grand expectations, of course.

First on the agenda was holding a rank recruitment, hopefully with good results. While he wished for a multitude of Hawks under his command, having even two or three would satisfy him for a while. What Astryd had said was true - the borders of Oukoku-kai had grown silent, few wolves trickling into the valley. It was mostly through the slavers and the Jin that new blood was brought (unwillingly) into Oukoku. Was that some sort of omen? The dark wolf's brows furrowed, a rough scoff escaping his slightly wrinkled muzzle. He didn't have time to ponder such ridiculous things.

He'd spent a good few hours mulling over how to go about a rank recruitment. Ronove had been hungry for the title of Jitte, but hadn't given much thought to how he would actually utilize his power. It was a little nerve-wracking, but damn did it feel good!

Cornhusk yellow paws took the crowspawn across the hot valley sands, dry shrubs giving out parched rustles as he trampled them. The sun overhead was almost unbearable, and Ronove absolutely effing hated it, grimacing angrily. The thick trees of the forest maze lining the valley like a protective barrier rose up before him a short distance ahead. He was thankful for the sight. Ronove spent much of his time in the maze's thick, cool shade. As you could probably imagine, he wasn't ever too happy to venture out into the hot sands or generally anywhere without his usual shade - especially not with his dark heat-attracting coat color.

He passed into the relieving shade of the maze and let a contented sigh fall from his open muzzle. It instantly felt better. Ronove made his way through the trees and bushes towards a small clearing that Astryd had used a few times for her own meetings; if he was sentimental, Ronove might have looked back on those meetings fondly with nostalgia rising within his chest. As it was, the crowspawn just tossed the memories out of his mind and focused in, running his tongue over his muzzle.

When he arrived, Ronove immediately let out a booming howl that echoed through the forest, momentarily silencing the twittering birds. It was a summons for those who wished to call themselves a Hawk - and truly, Ronove was very interested in seeing who thought themselves worthy enough to show up.

hi my name is ronove and i'm ur new jitte
if ur interested in joining just post before July 14th!

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