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ooc: This is a recruitment thread of sorts for the freakshow plot that will go through Borogrove.  It'd be good if your character looks weird or has some strange talent in any way since this is a freakshow.  You can either be eventually chased out, killed, or join Borogrove as a prisoner, the choice is yours.  Please be familiar with Borogrove's rules and customs.  This is also open to people who just wanna pass by, just please put an ooc note stating you do not want to join the circus!  There is no cap on amount of characters that can join.

He remembered the time he was little more than a brown trophy, every day he counted the eyes that shifted uneasily in his direction.  And every night he'd receive his visits from Loath (and sometimes his whore sister-wife Loathe), his smooth voice always murmuring goodnight, he would likely kill him tomorrow.  The "god" had never impaled his head on a pike or stuffed his body with tar and put him on display.  Back then, strict hierarchy ruled Krauss' actions.  Immature, angry teenagers dictated his every move, what he could and couldn't do.  Structure had once subjugated him, pinned him down until his struggles were completely useless.

How he laughed and laughed when it all came crashing down.  Like a crisply broken bone, lives snapped in half and lies came to light.  Kross ran as fast as she could.  Good.  The thrill of overpowering Loath, of taking Kross as his own and staring the white animal in the eye, letting him know there was NOTHING.  Nothing left for this pitiful scrap, for he'd taken everything from her.  He'd taken many lives.  It could have been avoided, of course, if two arrogant, disgusting smears of crap kept their incestuous love-fest to themselves instead of.  Instead of forcing others to also see them as gods out of fear they'd end up like him.  Because he didn't believe in this.  He didn't believe in hierarchy, in gods, THEY WERE effING WOLVES, WILD ANIMALS.

So naturally air of Borogrove had floated about, it entertained him.  While friends Jerome and Kojak had gurgled their complaints and barely composed themselves, the chocolate male had found a smile creeping across his face.  An albino ruler, god-fearing and offensive, a legend sung into the earth from long ago.  Ripley was far from Loath, an unfortunate leader born from legends and opal. 

The spindly brown wraith sat quietly on the ground, lips smacking to himself.  The high-pitched swing of others' voices came near, soon, to meet just another john doe.  A hardworkin', dog barkin', joe schmoe.  But they weren't here for him, of course, he hadn't yet called for his freaks.

The timber lifted his head and howled coarsely.  His face was graphic and mangled at the lip, a long ivory fang sitting snugly exposed.  Half-lidded reds addressed the congregation with his baritone drawl, lip pulled back pleasantly into a smile.  He had far less charisma than his other two friends, and yet.  They sent him.  "Freaks and geeks," affectionately contorting his growling voice into something sweeter, "I've been thinkin' the god-king came back --" His words cut out into a baffling, wheezy, LOUD laughter.  A paw slapped the ground.  What a effing JOKE. "But he's irrelevant, I suppose!  Did your family reject you?  Were you thrown out, forced to hold your own?"

Fiery eyes scanned each and every face.  "We have a new family for you.  Food, a bed, and love."  Spreading his body across the ground lazily, he guided their gazes to the forests around them. "What's better than company?  I've been sleeping alone for many a year, and I tell you, it was quite lonely."  His greasy tail swept across the ground, idly fidgeting.  "So, would you join me?  Entertain those around us.  Distract them long enough for your family to take whatever you want from the unwilling, from the greedy.  Rescue children from becoming nothing but spoiled brats."

Krauss smiled again.  "Just come with me, and I promise I'll help fix everything."