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ooc: This is a recruitment thread of sorts for the freakshow plot that will go through Borogrove.  It'd be good if your character looks weird or has some strange talent in any way since this is a freakshow.  You can either be eventually chased out, killed, or join Borogrove as a prisoner, the choice is yours.  Please be familiar with Borogrove's rules and customs.  This is also open to people who just wanna pass by, just please put an ooc note stating you do not want to join the circus!  There is no cap on amount of characters that can join.

He remembered the time he was little more than a brown trophy, every day he counted the eyes that shifted uneasily in his direction.  And every night he'd receive his visits from Loath (and sometimes his whore sister-wife Loathe), his smooth voice always murmuring goodnight, he would likely kill him tomorrow.  The "god" had never impaled his head on a pike or stuffed his body with tar and put him on display.  Back then, strict hierarchy ruled Krauss' actions.  Immature, angry teenagers dictated his every move, what he could and couldn't do.  Structure had once subjugated him, pinned him down until his struggles were completely useless.

How he laughed and laughed when it all came crashing down.  Like a crisply broken bone, lives snapped in half and lies came to light.  Kross ran as fast as she could.  Good.  The thrill of overpowering Loath, of taking Kross as his own and staring the white animal in the eye, letting him know there was NOTHING.  Nothing left for this pitiful scrap, for he'd taken everything from her.  He'd taken many lives.  It could have been avoided, of course, if two arrogant, disgusting smears of crap kept their incestuous love-fest to themselves instead of.  Instead of forcing others to also see them as gods out of fear they'd end up like him.  Because he didn't believe in this.  He didn't believe in hierarchy, in gods, THEY WERE effING WOLVES, WILD ANIMALS.

So naturally air of Borogrove had floated about, it entertained him.  While friends Jerome and Kojak had gurgled their complaints and barely composed themselves, the chocolate male had found a smile creeping across his face.  An albino ruler, god-fearing and offensive, a legend sung into the earth from long ago.  Ripley was far from Loath, an unfortunate leader born from legends and opal. 

The spindly brown wraith sat quietly on the ground, lips smacking to himself.  The high-pitched swing of others' voices came near, soon, to meet just another john doe.  A hardworkin', dog barkin', joe schmoe.  But they weren't here for him, of course, he hadn't yet called for his freaks.

The timber lifted his head and howled coarsely.  His face was graphic and mangled at the lip, a long ivory fang sitting snugly exposed.  Half-lidded reds addressed the congregation with his baritone drawl, lip pulled back pleasantly into a smile.  He had far less charisma than his other two friends, and yet.  They sent him.  "Freaks and geeks," affectionately contorting his growling voice into something sweeter, "I've been thinkin' the god-king came back --" His words cut out into a baffling, wheezy, LOUD laughter.  A paw slapped the ground.  What a effing JOKE. "But he's irrelevant, I suppose!  Did your family reject you?  Were you thrown out, forced to hold your own?"

Fiery eyes scanned each and every face.  "We have a new family for you.  Food, a bed, and love."  Spreading his body across the ground lazily, he guided their gazes to the forests around them. "What's better than company?  I've been sleeping alone for many a year, and I tell you, it was quite lonely."  His greasy tail swept across the ground, idly fidgeting.  "So, would you join me?  Entertain those around us.  Distract them long enough for your family to take whatever you want from the unwilling, from the greedy.  Rescue children from becoming nothing but spoiled brats."

Krauss smiled again.  "Just come with me, and I promise I'll help fix everything."

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The howl was of little interest to him: Vaudeville was an entertainer, not the audience. He'd skirted out of the Fringe again, back into the land of the... less hellish. Somehow, he'd always preferred life among them, traits making him the oddity, the centre of attention. The distraction, on occasion.

The loud one, casting the call and addressing the audience-- he wasn't much to look at. Unkempt, a little off-kilter, but his speech seemed the ravings of a madman. Nothing all that important to convey. Look at that wheezing devil, hogging the spotlight. Vaudeville found himself... unfortunately jealous. He intended to correct it-- and quickly.

He paced while pondering his strategy: should he slink in, casually turn his paws backwards while he walked, or go straight for the throat? But the crapstain had something interesting to say after all. His ravings included an offer to entertain, to distract, to steal.

Vaudeville turned his head until his chin sat between his shoulder blades, listened to the others first. Fashionably late, as always, before cutting the air with a projected announcers' voice, a hiss off his forked tongue. "Entertain, you say?"
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He'd been alone for far too long. The hellhound was tall, thin, and looked half starved at this point. Carefully he picked his way through the underbrush, his long legs proving to continue being troublesome. Everything about him was dirty, scruffy, and tired looking. Like he hadn't rested or been taken care of in months. Akakios is not exactly good at taking care of himself. Swiveling his ears, a sound catches his attention. The blind hound heard a howl, wheezing laughter, a voice. It felt like years since he'd heard another speak, since he'd found anyone who would be able to help him.

It never occurred to him that this would be a bad idea. That he might walk into something he can't walk back out of. No, he turned himself in the direction and slowly and methodically felt his way towards the voice. The words being said interested him, but probably not in the intended way. Things didn't seem so bad, but he didn't get it all. Desperation was all that was motivating Akakios at this point. A desperate need for someone to be able to help him and be there for him. And he's so willing to follow a random voice for it. His family is gone, his friends are gone.

Those useless blank eyes in his skull are easy to spot, especially when they're glowing in the shadows. It takes him several moments to remember how to speak, and even then his voice is so quiet one would have to strain to hear him. But he's there, there's two others, and he wants to be with them. If he's lucky no one will try to hurt him but... Who knows what will happen.

"Hello?" He mumbles, ears perking up. Gangly limbs draw him even more near to the two voices. His nose picks up their scent as well, and he swallows hard. "I-I heard people talking. I'm a story teller... Is th-that entertaining enough?" God his voice is trembling, quiet and anxious even moreso than normal. The pale creature is practically built of bones, awkward and strange looking and scared.

"My name is Akakios... B-by the way." He stutters out, ears flicking back with shame. "Hopefully I am not interrupting?"

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Walking the world alone was not something that Saki imagined doing. Her mind filled with tangled memories that were like thorns. Digging into her memory and sending shivers of fear, pleasure down her spine. Her head shook side to side as she walked to clear the thorns from her memory. Now was not the time to be remembering them. The ones who took her in, who warped her once innocent mind and showed her the darker side of things. The more entertaining way to live.

Her tongue slowly darted out past her dark colored lips as she licked around her jaw. Erasing the last of the reminence of her meal from earlier that day. The taste of iron filled her mouth, distracting her from the craving of something more intoxicating, something that used to take her to another reality, a brighter world.

Did your family reject you? Were you thrown out, forced to hold your own?"

Saki stopped her slow walk and listened to this, voice as it spoke. The words catching her attention for a split moment.

"We have a new family for you. Food, a bed, and love."

Food? A bed? Those sort of things sound amazing to Saki, She couldn't remember being able to gorge on anything but vermin for the past few months. Love though, that didn't really interest her. She could do without that. It was just a useless emotion that fakes use to try and get what they want.

"What's better than company? I've been sleeping alone for many a year, and I tell you, it was quite lonely."

Was this male being serious? What could be better then company? Food, of course. Plus maybe a little bit of a hallucinogen, but not many would agree with that part, which is fine. There loss after all.

Moving closer to where this male was spreading his non-sense, Saki narrowed her eyes and let out a small sigh as she took in his words. She was sure she had missed a little bit of what he was preaching, but she was pretty sure she got the gist of it. Maybe. Her odd colored eyes took in the odd male wolf and then looked to the other two who had gathered. Her kind, the read hell beasts. Morba would of been ecstatic seening these hellhound males.

"So, would you join me? Entertain those around us. Distract them long enough for your family to take whatever you want from the unwilling, from the greedy. Rescue children from becoming nothing but spoiled brats."

The wolf's words drew Saki's attention back towards him. His words seemed like they were kindness laced with poison. She had a feeling she shouldn't trust his little promise whole heartedly. But, she had nothing else to do, nowhere else to go, so. Why not do something with these males.

"Just come with me, and I promise I'll help fix everything."

"This better be worth my time." Saki muttered quietly as she turned her gaze towards the other hell beasts that had come to listen to this wolfs words.
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“Oh? And, what, exactly, do you do with your time?” A judgmental air coating him like skinned minks, Neoptolemus entered the gathering. He glanced over all present, assessing them in the same shrewd way a connoisseur might glance over antiques before an auction. “Cut to the chase, if you’re so busy.”

And, taking his own advice, he spoke directly to Krauss. “Entertainment has a price.” Unlike the others (wolves as a whole; he was mildly prejudiced against them), he was no thief; if his patrons cried over him getting his payment after his services had been rendered, that wasn’t his problem. If the piper couldn’t be paid properly, he was every bit justified in taking a few children as payment. Coincidentally, that was exactly the sort of payment the fairy wanted. “What sort of engagement is this? How’s payment set up?”

While it might have seemed it, the fairy hadn’t ignored Akakios or Vaudeville. Akakios he had regarded in the same lukewarm manner he had graced Saki with; sure, there was the fine sense of aesthetics, but what else? The hellions here were so sickly it shocked him. How about those two? As for lucky Vaudeville… Well, he’d been dismissed the moment Neoptolemus had seen his grotesque contortions.

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[ooc: may or may not join! depends on ic]

It wasn’t strange to stumble upon others in the vast neutral territories of the strait. Hardly strange at all. There was always a wayward son, a drifting sweetheart, all slowly ambling towards something else, some greater future locked on with their third eye that they pursued.

It was strange, however, to hear a summoning call.

Julie looked up from her scavenging, lapping at the blood across her muzzle. It did nothing, really - the bright red splashed across her face and up her legs, all in the efforts of ripping through the large moose carcass. Felled a day ago by some big cat, most of it still remained. Julie was happy to step in and take a few good pieces for herself while the feline napped off its feast.

But - a howl. Gutteral, a summons for the strange and the outcast. The pale wolf snorted, tail flicking, all thoroughly laced with amusement. Everyone was a freak, if you really thought about it, and who set the standard for what was ‘strange’? Who stood above the others and deigned to label them so? Was it the summoner? Julie tilted her head and debated, eyes lingering on the exposed insides of the carcass before her.

Ah well. It wasn’t as if she had anything better to do.

Sharp teeth gouged a large chunk from the thigh, ripping a piece free for the road. She headed off towards the nose with a skip in her step, curious about who would gather, who would join and willingly toss themselves under the label of ‘freak’. Julie had acclimated her own fair share of labels - murderer, psyco, crazy bitch, life ruiner, home wrecker. Freak was most definitely one applied more than its fair share of times. Over the years they meant less and less to her. They were just words, after all, and the sting of them faded with time. Now she looked back and laughed, because it was all so silly. People were silly. Life was silly.

Almost as silly as this meeting, though she said nothing of the sort when she slipped into the small crowd, poised yet relaxed. She just wanted to see what the fuss was about, what the summoner had planned. Julie had no intentions of joining him - not yet, anyways. It wasn’t as if she had anything marked out on her calendar, but the point of soothing boredom was that it soothed the boredom. If the meeting itself was boring, if this strangers plan was boring, than there wasn’t a point in participating, was there?

Julie would give them a chance. After all, she was a firm believer in second chances, wasn’t she?

She slipped into the gathering, eyes immediately clocking the gathered and distances, escape routes if they would be necessary. Five, she counted, including a human that she quirked a brow at. She’d never been particularly fond of them, mouthy and chatty, hairless things, and his brisk tone did nothing to improve first impressions. The rest were hellions, or variations thereof, that reminded of her days spent in Sanguis Diaboi.

Julie circled tight before plopping to the ground, meat landing with a splat on her already bloodied paws. She worked her teeth into the moose, without a care in the world, green eyes lazily observing the gathered, silent except for the click of teeth and rip of flesh. Everyone spoke their piece, entertainment and payment, and she watched Krauss flick his greasy tail. She swallowed.

The fire wielder was interested.

For now.