Author Topic: I'm gonna be honest Dad...I think I'm stuck [Gavin]  (Read 120 times)

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I'm gonna be honest Dad...I think I'm stuck [Gavin]
« on: June 17, 2017, 08:31:36 AM »

The Great Inarian Falls thundered endlessly in the scorching afternoon sun drowning out all other sounds and throwing up a refreshing spray that coated everything nearby so it shone with brilliant drops. Blaise was one of those things, he lay at the edge of the pool the fall tumbled into, nestled into a patch of golden water irises, front paws extended into the shallows enjoying the cooling sensation on his aching, arthritic, joints. He napped his eyes and mused on how the falls had been renamed Glaelia's Tears; legend had it that Glaelia's mate had been killed in the dry river bed battle against the sabers and then she had cried so much it caused the falls... He wonder if there was any truth to it, he remembered that time and while there had been a pile of corpses and a flood of tears he didn't recall anyone called Glaelia. Perhaps she was symbolic of everyone who had lost loved ones in that war... The War as he thought of it, though no one else did anymore. It was a war, but one so long ago as to be almost mythical now to most of the pack. He sighed, and opened his eyes, it was all so long ago now it was hardly worth wasting much though on. When he was gone it would be a chapter finally resigned to history, where it belonged he supposed.

"Oh hey Dad, how you doing?"

Over the pounding of the water Blaise heard a faint but familiar voice, he looked all round and was confused to find nothing. Oh come on, he wasn't going that old and senile that he was hearing voices now was he? "Felix? Blaise called quietly, squinting and looking about himself again, hoping he wasn't just talking to himself but calling softly just in case he was. There as a long pause, long enough to convince him he had imagined the voice and to go back to staring into the pool, watching a small fish seeking shelter in his shadow and grumbling to himself and being a silly old idiot.

"If you kinda look a bit higher...

The voice was a bit echoing... Where on earth? Frowning Blaise looked a bit higher, peering up a the cliff face from over which the falls tumbled and his heart sank into his stomach as he spotted a fuzzy, brown, shape that should be old enough to know better about half way up. He stared at his son for moment just blinking and taking in what he was seeing. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? SOME SORT OF SPIDER?" He exploded as parents are prone to when they have just spotted their kid doing something particularly stupid. "GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Blaise was on his feet now at the bottom of the cliff barking up at his son by now.

"I'm gonna be honest Dad..." Felix called back. "I think I'm stuck."

"WELL UNSTICK YOURSELF!" It was not great advice but it was the best he had at that moment as he looked frantically around for some way to gently dislodge his wayward child from the precarious situation he had gotten himself into. Was Felix trying to give him a heart attack? Have kids they said. It'll be fun they said. Never know a love like it they said. He was lovingly going to throttle Felix when he got hold of him. He growled to himself, then sighed, he really was getting too old for this.
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Re: I'm gonna be honest Dad...I think I'm stuck [Gavin]
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( sorry for the wait!! ill try to reply soon-- rp has been exhausting and i just finished my plot i was holding up so hopefully maybe it'll be less stressful LOL )

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