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Greenwoods Bethlehem [Kieran/Setebos Skype RP; Unfinished]
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why am i decorating this thread with otp art they're barely even into the acquaintances phase lmao i'm hopeless

A mouthful of herbs were clutched gently between Kieran's teeth as he wandered back into the Infirmary. The Omega had taken to hanging around the place to... well to avoid seeing Ghost or Haylyn. He didn't know the true extent of their anger and he wasn't sure he wanted to. Kieran was large in bulk, but he held no power here. He had been shoved to the bottom, no honour or reputation besides a soiled one. Setebos had been one of the few that didn't look upon him with distain and disgust, and Kieran found himself to be immensely grateful.

He wanted to mend things with his family, desperately, but it would take time. And he felt that allowing Haylyn and Ghost as much time as possible was the best option. He was the trigger to their fury, best remove himself from the sight. He enjoyed the garden, it was peaceful and quiet.

The Omega slowly limped toward the fiery Medic, his crimson pelt a beacon for his location. He was getting better, stronger, but he could still make himself useful while he was here. He didn't want to be a sap on resources, so he would pay the Medic back however he could. Kieran lowered his head to drop the herb bunch by the Medic. "I got some herbs f'ya. I hate... laying here, I need to keep moving. I... don't know if you need these, but I got some extra. I didn't go far." Accenting his words with a bow afterward. Setebos had told him no, but he was still adamant he'd show respect.

As time passed, Setebos began seeing Kieran more and more frequently, and apparently, there was nothing he could say or do to persuade him to invest his abundant free time in someone else. Setebos rarely left the garden, so he had inadvertently become Kieran's... neighbor, of sorts. With nowhere to stay and nothing to call his own, Kieran returned to the place where his new life as an Omega began: the den in which he had awakened, in the middle of the Healers' Garden. Setebos took pity on the man and his predicament, so he allowed him to stay there. At least until he was able to get back on his feet.

Besides, Kieran had been making himself useful, volunteering his massive size and brute strength for situations that Setebos could not handle on his own. That was another thing he allowed, so long as Kieran did not place too much stress on his condition. The wounds were no longer raw, but he still needed to be careful, and Setebos was not above chaining him to the inside of the den if he recklessly endangered himself again. Try opening your wounds again like that, idiot.

(At least he's not about to vomit on me again, Setebos thought as Kieran approached. He had smelled of bile for days afterward.)

Kieran placed a bouquet of herbs at Setebos's feet. Setebos looked from the garden down at the medicine, declared that they were presentable, and nodded. "This is good," he said, picking through the raspberry leaves. "I can use these."

As Kieran complained about his condition, Setebos internally rolled his eyes. He was used to hearing patients who had suffered similar injuries echoing that sentiment, but so long as Kieran used his time productively and didn't do anything stupid... "Just as long as you don't do anything to exert yourself. I don't mind if you get up and walk around if that'll keep you from going crazy, but I still wouldn't run or... get into fights." His eyes darted to the scarred half of Kieran's face. "How's that eye?"

Kieran was forever grateful that the Medic allowed him to rest here, it wasn't quite a home but it would do for now. It would do for as long as the crimson Medic would tolerate him. Kieran had been pottering about, but he'd also been keeping an eye and an ear on things. The other male seemed to have little tolerance for bullcrap, no messing around with emotions or other dramatical debates. It was a trait he valued in his current situation.

His strength was a help when they had discovered the apothacary, and he had felt a small shred of his pride come back. Before he was plagued by guilt that he had no right to feel anything but misery for his actions. But Kieran refused to dwell on them here, not when he could be doing things. His ribs still ached fiercely, and his foreleg was still tender to put weight on; but he was getting better.

Kieran allowed a small smile to cross on his face at the little praise. It was a foreign thing to hear, but he was glad of it. Truly he knew very little of herbology, even the bare basics escaped him. But in all honesty Kieran had picked them because he had smelt them before. There was little else to do than to familiarise himself with the plants and herbs he was surrounded by in his 'home'.

A light chuckle fell from his throat at the eye roll. Yes, that was a habit the doctor had, though it was amusing all the same. "I'm sure you hear patients complaining a lot, huh Doc? I'll try and keep it to a minimum." He'd rumble, lowering his haunches to rest a little. He nodded at the instructions, making a mental note to walk to the lake and back. The Omega had done that previously, snuck out far earlier than he should have; out of breath and in agony with his side. He had met Moons but that was just before Setebos came barreling down the pathway like a hellbent demon.

Kieran wasn't concerned with his scars, though he closed his good eye so the scarred one remained. "Hm, it's better, Still a little blurry, but only at a distance."

Setebos was not a particularly open or warm man, so the meager praise he offered Kieran was more than most were used to receiving from him. He had been concerned by allowing Kieran to help him at what was now called the Apothecary, but his enthusiasm towards excavating a new part of the garden had outweighed his better judgment. Fortunately, it had worked out for the better, and the strenuous act of moving the boulder did not agitate his battered ribs.

Kieran made some attempt at conversation, which Setebos responded to offhandedly as he sorted through the herbs. "I do. I also gotta deal with patients getting up and wandering off, so thanks for that." He remembered that little stunt that Kieran pulled when he went stir-crazy. Apparently, Setebos was not going to make it easy for Kieran to appreciate his approval. "Not all of them vomit on me, though," Setebos added, another little jab that may or may not have been a joke. Ha ha, good one, right? Awkward.

Setebos gathered the herbs in his mouth and set off for the Apothecary. He did not expect Kieran to follow, but if he did, he didn't protest. He entered the cavern and approached some of the baskets that they used to store the herbs. One by one, he began organizing the supplies that Kieran had retrieved for him. Kieran reported that his depth perception had been mostly unaffected. Setebos received this information with a hmph of idle consideration. He looked at Kieran's face, scrutinizing the aforementioned eye, and noting that it was clear of debris or discoloration.

"Mn. That's pretty good. You were lucky you didn't lose it," Setebos said. When he had received Kieran as a patient, that half of his face had been a bloody mess. He had almost thought that Kieran had lost the eye before he was finished cleaning him, and even then, he wasn't certain that it was still functional.  "You said it was from a fall down a cliff?"

He had been a little hesitant at first, but his offers for help hadn't been rejected as of yet which was... reassuring. He had never been a shy beast, but thr recent events made him nervous. Still, he was able to assist in a new part of the garden and there was a deep sense of achievement in the brute. Kieran had quickly come to get a better picture of the doctor as time went on. He was blunt with a sharp tongue and an even sharper temper. The honesty was refreshing, it was satisfying to know where he stood in the doctors books.

At Setebos' words the Omega let out a little huff in good humour. He had been mortified at the time; he'd never actually vomited on anyone before, let alone his savior. But there was little point in hanging on it, and kieran had the good graces to look slightly bashful at the comment. His ebony ears flickered flat on his skull, "Got to keep you busy somehow, Doc." He'd add in light humour.

Setebos gathered rhe herbs in his maw before walking off, causing Kieran to follow. He had little to do, practically confined to the Healers garden. Setebos didn't seem to mind his presence, at best he didn't loathe Kieran. Sapphire eyes silently observed him place each herb in the respectable basket, faintly considering a healers profession before he thought better of it. He was much better, and better built, at physical work. Fighting was never a fun thing, it was brutal and bloody. But protection had been his goal when he thought of joining the guards. If he was ever lifted from his Omega status. Recalling Ghost and Haylyns faces, it wasn't likely to be anytime soon.

Kieran remained still as Setebos examined him, his scarred face presented without fuss. He grunted at the diagnosis, pleased he wouldn't lose sight. At he next question he shuffled his broad paws before lowering his haunches to sit. "Yeah. I .. hunting. It was a storm too, thunder and rain in the night. I slipped and fell down, I don't remember much. Besides Worm, and then passing out on the borders." He'd explain, thick brow furrowing as he tried to think. Was he alone..? No he... No. .. He wasn't sure. "Is it normal to not remember?" He'd ask, wondering if this was temporary or if he'd ever remember.

"Has... the Qu-Haylyn been around? Or the King?"

Again, Kieran's wholesome attempt at injecting some good humor into their terse conversation was greeted with a coldfront of silence. "I'm always busy," Setebos stated pointedly, dropping the last of the raspberry leaves in its respective basket as if to underscore the hidden message. Kieran was not even rewarded with a chuckle. Damn, that's cold.

Given Kieran's standing in the community, however, he was not in a position to complain about his choice of company. "Speaking of, I've got more work to do," Setebos stated, perfunctorily turning towards the opposite end of the tunnel and walking deeper into the cavern's recesses with the air of someone who had not viciously shot down his jokes. "If you're lookin' for more to do, follow me." He left the baskets alone, and guided Kieran, should he again follow his instructions, through the entrance to the Apothecary.

Kieran tried to recall the events surrounding his head injury, obviously struggling in the middle of retelling them, though he was able to describe a few key details. Not surprising -- some memory loss accompanying head trauma was common. For someone who was used to having complete command over his faculties, the absence must have been horrifying. Setebos took it upon himself to assuage Kieran's fears and reassure him that he would not be dying of a brain hemorrhage. "It's pretty common in your situation," Setebos said, "Especially if you happened to hit your head. The rest may come back to you, but if it doesn't, I wouldn't worry. What about the rest of your memory? Been forgetting things?"

The two proceeded into the main chamber that constituted the Apothecary, where moss encroached upon the rocks and greenery sprouted inexplicably from the barren cave floor, reaching for the sunlight that poured through the open ceiling. The flora contained within the cave had been manicured into the garden's duplicate. Setebos brought Kieran to a space where he kept some of the supplies: a saddlebag, which he gingerly fastened to Kieran's chest, and some other items. As Setebos equipped Kieran for the next phase of his schedule, the next question caught him off-guard. It was wholly oblivious, slightly nervous, and maybe a little hopeful as the Ex-Guard desperately searched for any sign that his estranged family had not forsaken him.

Even if Kieran had brought his predicament upon himself with his negligence, Setebos could not help his sympathy as he answered, "No." Setebos shook his head, trying to seem indifferent, but perhaps his next few words revealed a touch more investment in Kieran's situation than he deigned to show. "Give it some more time. You haven't been here that long."

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