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research project [children*| open]
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:47:14 AM »
[i a e r a]
ooc; this is open to everyone technically, so feel free to join just cause or if you're like a new shepherd and wanna meet some kids or whatever. Iaera just likes kids and is more comfortable around them. her call is basically like 'yo kids, wanna chill and whatever' so it's totally optional whether they wanna hang out or not.
after Lunar.




  The bell had tolled through the night, after being helped up by the woman, Haize, she'd shirked back into hiding, embarrassed with herself. Her stomach turned in knots when she finally awoke from where she had rested for the night, muddy and disheveled. The little wolfdog had been anchored here in Gemini, but that didn't stop the waves from aggressing her little boat to the point of seasickness; in the form of anxiety. The Latin maiden wheezed softly, weak from the rain, sore and aggravated from the shivering as it soaked in. As she took her first step she was reminded of her mistake, having twisted her paw under her the night before it was not-quite-so ready for pressure and buckled beneath her. Iaera winced, sucking in a sharp hissing breath, staring down coldly at her paw only to catch a reflection of herself in a puddle of rainwater, the ground too thoroughly saturated to continue drawing it in. A grimace pulled across her face, while she was not a hubris creature, even she would admit she was not as comely a woman as she normally would like to appear. So she rose sharply, making a point to get an early morning bath, despite her aching foot; favoring it heavily to head back towards her home and the creek nearby.

No doubt flooding. She'd have to be careful, but then again, so did everyone in Gemini, they just didn't know it.

Iaera wasn't wrong in her assumptions either, upon returning to her home she was glad to have picked a location with some high ground to it's self-worth; the river nearby so engorged in itself she was nearly too frightened to brave it. But she had to get bolder didn't she? Be less afraid didn't she? Suddenly she was feeling on the spot, and hard violet eyes burned holes in the raging torrent before her. Eventually she decided to wade in to elbow depth at a slower part of the rapids, dipping her head and sloshing water on her back like a duck or an elephant without a trunk. Incredibly unceremonious of her no doubt, ensconced for a moment in the serenity, even in the aftermath. Though the little wolfdog was admittedly happy to take leave of the dangerous liaison with Mother Nature, having little muscle mass to save herself should she have been carried off. A spit bath, but good enough to wash debris from her pelt and get the mats and mud out. She groomed herself neatly as the sun finally pulled its lazy ass the rest of the way into the sky, the horizon no longer orange and purple. It had been a decidedly unpleasant night, and Iaera wished nothing more than to make it better.

Though she wasn't sure how? The pack animal in her pleaded for the company of others but Iaera drew away from that nagging swiftly (at least at first). Knowing she would be uncomfortable in the presence of many large strangers, having only known a few members of the pack at this time. And what of discussions with them? Her English was stronger now, but certainly not perfect, a steady source of embarrassment. Plus she couldn't hold conversations about the weather and the other humdrum small-talk topics, what did that leave? About her? Her history? Information she was unready to divulge except in the case of one particular night, having given herself no other choice but to explain her pain to the stranger. But she had also come to Gemini to not be alone, and she had met some nice people, Aela and Iridescent, others too, but she did not particularly know them well enough to think of them when lonely. Though the little Whisper was certain they were likely busy with friends or family, Aela smelt of children, and Iri was quite social, no doubt having already made many other friends to come before Iaera. Though... there was another she had met. The beaming boy, bright eyed and seemingly excited about her otherwise useless flower knowledge, Skylar.

The tan and gray woman thought then very much that she'd like to see him. Or children, in general. Which is when it struck her, how had they handled the night? By their mother's side hopefully? A small look of concern pulled onto her face, brow furrowed softly. Violet eyes blinked softly and she adjusted herself, she wanted to check on them, but was it her place to do so? She was no Shepherd, a Whisper yes, a Ranger in training yes, Shepherd no. But Iaera was a smart woman, she had to be to have lived for so long on her own as fearful and weak in muscular tone as she was. A real smart woman, one that could easily work a check-up out to be something for one of her jobs. Yes, she knew exactly how too... A sly grin pulled across her face, had she been the Grinch her little green antennae-looking things would have curled; it lacked the same malice though. A good nature was through and through with her, and when she raised her call it was a gentle one, lilting and musical. A summons, though not a demand, gears turning in her brain of how she would address the situation. Above her the wisps of willow fluttered in the breeze, some with bare spots having lost leaves to the wind in the storm.

As they arrived she would nod to them softly, feeling much more comfortable in the company of children than of adults; any adults that appeared minus perhaps Aela or Iri would immediately recognize a look of displeasure for a brief moment before she recovered her smile. The smile that hid a thousand pains, just like the pelt that hid countless scars from her brutal escape from captivity, just under the lovely surface. But these children, they'd never have to face that, never have to live in fear or doubt about what pains the next day would bring. Never face the mocking, never be tied away from freedom, never run bleeding into the woods while Momma got mauled behind you... Too much, not right now Iaera. Violet eyes blinked hard and she shook the thought away. No, these children got to have a childhood, something she'd live her whole life only getting to witness from the outside looking in, her time had passed. Admittedly, the little wolfdog was jealous, in a hurt 'why do they get to have it and not me, it's not fair!' kind of way. Iaera tucked that deep down though, letting her shoulders slack for a moment before regaining composure again. She would not blame them, never blame them, they were lucky and she was happy for them. As bitter as that happiness tasted at times, she'd swallow her hurt over and over again to see them stay happy.

Always. To see them stay happy. She'd DROWN IN IT to see them STAY HAPPY.

As they arrived she put her Whisper face on and offered a small clearing of her throat, "Hmmmhmmm, hallo, my name is Iaera, I am a Whisper and a Ranger in training," she would begin softly, Latin accent still heavy on some words, perhaps slightly mispronounced. "I am very new here in Gemini, and am still learning about my pack, so I thought you might help today? I think it's very important to listen to what the children have to offer." Take their minds off the torment, and offer Iaera something for her mind, both in a professional sense and a greedy curious sense. What did childhood look like here? Were they all like Skylar? Were they more like her? What was it like? She'd live vicariously through them for the moment, posing her question under the guise of her jobs, "I need to learn more, names and faces, fun facts and important things," let their minds work, get the perspective of Gemini from a child's point of view. "So start with a name please, then, tell me your favorite thing about Gemini, or something you think a newcomer like me should know?" Her eyebrow would perk before winking at them, opening them up to speak and be heard.


.played by eclipse.

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Re: research project [children*| open]
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2017, 07:38:25 PM »
Century was roused from where he was sleeping soundly beneath the root of a great tree by someone's musical call. He wasn't totally sure what he'd been dreaming about, but he woke up to find scratches in the dirt and displacement from where he'd tossed and turned, and tear tracks on his (now slightly dusty) face. It couldn't have been a good one, then. He swiped at his face with a too-large paw, successfully smearing the dirt, but at least it looked less like he'd been crying and more like he'd just played too hard.

He stretched out his sore puppy muscles and yawned, his eyes still incredibly droopy because the nap had been less than fruitful. He dragged his feet on his way toward the person's call, eyes barely open and occasionally slipping closed as he walked, before he'd stumble and open them again. He was practically a zombie! But he couldn't help it--he just hadn't been getting good sleep lately, even when he was snuggled up to his mama's side. It was twice as frustrating that he could never even really remember the nightmares, either. He was afraid of things that he didn't even know he needed to be afraid of! Which really sucked.

When he finally found the lady who'd given the call, he smiled, then immediately plopped down, assuming it was story time. He curled up not unlike a cat, his head resting on his tail as he watched her sleepily. His eyes had closed by the time she actually started talking, after a few more of his fellow puppies arrived. "'Ello, 'aera," He yawned, little puppy teeth and spotted tongue on full display. "My name's Century," He started, since no one else had spoken up. "Mama's name is Lev Malakh! He said with as much excitement as his little body could muster. She was, after all, the most important woman he knew. "She's the best. She looks after all'a my brothers and sisters, and she protects Gemini too!" She was the best. "She's big an' strong an' awesome. Mama's my favorite thing about Gemini," He thought for a moment. "Well, and gramma and grampa. And my brothers and sisters!" Well. A lot of people were his favorite thing. That wasn't his fault!

"You should know, um..." He paused, sleepy and thoughtful. "That weird things come out at night sometimes!" He concluded, nodding convincingly. It was a good thing to know! He didn't really know what the weird things were, but they were there.