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Toll Booth Crossing [prp]
« on: June 15, 2017, 09:12:33 PM »

Being tired and hungry was not what she wanted to be or had intended to be but was her present situation nonetheless. What had started as an plan to take prey from the territory of the wolves who so often spooked hers had instead become a strange alliance between them against a far too large horde of baboons. She didn't care much for wolves, especially not the ones that went traipsing through her territory frightening her diner but baboons she disliked more. Wolves after all were more of a nuisance than anything as long as she was in a tree or if on the ground so long as there weren't too many of them but baboons..those were more of a threat than any wolf could ever hope or even dream to be. It was something she was well aware of and why she'd chosen to aid the wolves in defending their own and getting rid of things. It was a common enemy and she was certain they'd fared better working together to defeat them than they would have alone. There had still been a price to be paid though and it had been paid in blood by all parties involved, including herself.

She didn't know much about healing herbs and the like so her injuries were healing slowly making it difficult for her to hunt. Of course she had been in a pack before and knew that those who knew more about healing injuries did exist but she wasn't sure if the pack her own territory border had such individuals and even if they did the last pack had expected her to work which she supposed wasn't, or rather hadn't, been too terribly bad but her task within the pack had allowed her more time for her own desires than others within the pack and wasn't particularly keen to find herself in their position of having to do nothing but work while having no say in anything at all.

She enjoyed being able to do as she pleased, to sleep when and where she wanted, and to not having to answer to anyone but herself. Although the solitary life could be more than a little inconvenient at times like this with no healer to assist and no one to either help her hunt or to simply hunt the prey for her. Pity she couldn't call anyone for den service so she could have breakfast in bed although how anyone would even know which of her dens, she had several, to deliver it to or how to get to them was anyone's guess. As she was musing over that slightly amusing thought a scent, distinctly canid, in tone came wafting towards her.

Ugh. Now what? Was there to be more traipsing through her territory making her already difficult hunts even greater struggles than they already were? She supposed she might as well go and find out and so slipped as quietly as she could from her concealed position at as great an elevation as she was willing to push herself to attain in order to remain above and out of reach of as many things on the ground as possible. What she saw as she peered down from her perch was a speckled thing that if not for its movement and the strong scent of canid wafting up to her she might have mistaken it for just part of the jungle floor. Now the question what was it after? What was it going to do?

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