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ooc: obvs set before imp cruelly ripped my heart out and stepped on it the war

@The Little Imp

It was sad, really.

The burden of her beach ball-sized belly causing her to waddle a bit with each step, her sister had the duck walk down to a science. If she’d only inherited more of their other mother’s colors and a little less of Hayley's, she thought, the resemblance would’ve been complete.

And oh, if only Tessa was a bit greener... Her stride slow, steady, purposeful; a predator moving in on an injured duck to snap her jaws down on those pretty little wings while she was at her most vulnerable…They’d have a classic nature documentary setup.

Surprisingly enough given the reputation she’d cultivated, that last part actually wasn’t on the agenda today. Instead she'd end over a year of not speaking not with a grand slam of a finale or heartfelt sorry’s, but a chortle. “Well, well, you're looking….” She started to say something smart, but, perhaps remembering what a fiery temper her little sister had..., how the other girl had leapt at her and tried to knock her into the dirt the last time they'd spoken, she thought better of it. ”healthy.” Aside from this little hint of apprehension, though, she was relaxed, (almost) friendly even.

And why shouldn't she be? The way she saw it, she had nothing to be sorry for. She said what needed to be said. And if little Ms.perfect didn't like that? eff her. She’d say it all again in a heartbeat.

But still, that was neither here nor there; If the Shihan didn’t mention it she wouldn't. Sometimes she just felt like being social for a bit, and though she'd never say so aloud, her surviving kin were more interesting to talk to than some random stranger (especially Hanna, what with all the rumors swirling around about her).

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