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play date[Betrothed/Open*; r1]
« on: June 13, 2017, 07:00:37 PM »

This is for Obadiah, Baal and Violeta. Zuriel and Aethon are also welcome to come see their betrothed too of course. Open to all Saboroans though let's try not to get too crowded in here please?

Sunshine filled her body and she tried hard to contain her happiness as she lead her small group towards Saboro. Kalypso lifted her head high and marched with quick steps, her body betraying her eagerness. Her first job as Sailing Master! Well. Hopefully. First she had to prove herself worthy to the Captain of course. But Kally wouldn't let him down, she would try her best and give it everything she had.

Her mission was pretty simple, escort the Betrothed Tortugans to their new mates in Saboro. What a wonderful way to get to understand each other's culture. Born and raised and both packs, exchanged periodically to learn the trades and skills of both packs. The children that would come of the pairings would definitely be blessed. And CUTE. The sea colored loved children dearly, their tiny paws and fat little baby faces were just too damn adorable. A long time ago she'd considered becoming a Steward but her wanderlust was just too strong to deny.

She looked over her shoulder at the her small troop that she lead and smiled at them, despite their varying degrees of enthusiasm. And in some cases, complete lack of enthusiasm. The big red male, Obadiah, was wearing a particularly sour expression. It would be her job to smooth the waters and make sure than their rough edges didn't rub the Saboroans the wrong way. When they finally reached the edges of the jungle she took a quick moment to collect herself, settling her nerves she let out a call for their border guards.

Hello Saboro, I've brought your sweethearts.

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Re: play date[Betrothed/Open*; r1]
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2017, 09:11:10 PM »
Often she found herself sitting atop the flat mesa in her home, staring at the hot ground and wondering how long her thick body could withstand the intense tropical heat.  Some could see it as a test of strength; others could see it as a test of how long she could take that incessant ghost chatter at all hours of the day.  Waiting, torturing herself, that summed up her life actually.

Then there was her brother, though not directly; a conversation between said brother and a grey king that led to maybe the only good thing she'd ever seen.  (besides the times she remembered fondly of Trout and Alby playing together, Baal asked to join, they didn't look at her with condemning glares)  He wasn't magical, he was something else.  He was a certain aura that stoked the fire within into something fiercer; her reasonable thoughts had all but vanished in that effed up skull.  Caged inside were the ghosts haunting her life without regret.  (they let her play with them, they used to love her)

She traveled mostly silent, letting her head hang and watch the ground shift from beach to jungle.  Terrain, weather, tightly winding foliage all changed slowly.  Everything went away, everything familiar, to something new.  She knew their trek wasn't in vain, though the beastly ambassador couldn't help but feel some sort of ugly melancholy grind her features into blankness.

Seeing the black-brown pelt move against the foliage brought her head up.  (he's fierce in my dreams, seizing my guts)  She felt the urge to shove Kalypso away from her right, a certain hunger she had no name to (not for blood), and she couldn't pinpoint the cold claws that raked across her belly (it wasn't the alcohol, it was something more) but she loved it.  Love was a chunk of cold embers that blocked her vision and choked her lungs, breath hitching in a savage need to go to him.  There he was.

The feeling of love was so devoid and rare in her life that she took what Bane gave her and held on for dear life.  Revenge was their church and slaughter their prayer, and she remembered the night they wove hymns out of nothing.  Sabor and Captain had surveyed the two simply for the stock they'd produced.  Brother knew his sister, uncontrollable sinewy blue serpent in all her tragedy.  There was nothing romantic or glorious about the kraken, and yet her stomach burned with a fierce love that quickened her heart, pace, the dry clacking of her teeth when she walked.  Gaze of liquid fire and clouded glass lingered on her king's pelt, marred chocolate and the sandy dunes of her home.

Affixing the brute with her mismatched gaze, she stepped closer awkwardly, leg pulled back by the limits of her scars.  "Bane," said with a desperate voice far unlike her own, said by someone else that wasn't the fiery kraken, but a sleeping child whose prince had finally come home.
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Re: play date[Betrothed/Open*; r1]
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2017, 05:36:40 PM »

The red fringe rolled the word over and over in his mind like a pair of dice, trying to make sense of how he felt. He would do his duty after all, he was a Gunner of Tortuga, the strength force of the Empire, servant of the Captain. If he were commanded to commit to a member of Saboro to strength the alliance between the two packs then so be it. He never pictured himself the romantic type however, more inclined to fight for his commanders and then drown himself in booze than to woo a woman.

This wasn't going to be easy.

Obadiah followed the small group at the back of the troop, slowly bringing up the rear as he pondered the possibilities this trip could open up. He never pictured himself as a father figure. He was an old, grizzled, bitter alcoholic. Not exactly the fatherly type. Good thing the pups would be staying with their mother in the jungle.

He halted behind the seafoamed girl that had been leading them. She seemed young but competent at least so he paid little attention to her. He wasn't here for her, he was here to meet his betrothed.


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