Author Topic: please don't kill me i want to conga (prp crenate, RIV)  (Read 70 times)

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please don't kill me i want to conga (prp crenate, RIV)
« on: June 13, 2017, 05:28:01 PM »
He didn't visibly vibrate once during that meeting, Mara realized half an hour after it was over. In fact, he actually felt like he had a semblance of an idea of what he was doing. All in all, it went as smooth as any other Chemist meeting, but this time Mara was the one on the weird tall rock. That being said, he was relieved to finally be dragging his green ass home, emotionally exhausted from staring all those doctors in the eyes and telling them what to do. It was out of his ball park, but he refused to disappoint his boss.

The Alchemist finally pushed into the shade of the royal dens, where he did not feel like a total stranger anymore, and intended fully to just lay on the nice cold tiles for as long as he was permitted.

Instead, he was surprised by the sight of Crenate, alone for once and not surrounded by other royals or their adopted children. Mara paused, blinked, and then changed route directly towards his husband. "Hey rain cloud." he croaked, voice a bit hoarse from talking more than usual. His small paws carried him over to press right against the Sabor, intent on hiding as much as he could in the bigger male's fur.

"You wouldn't believe what I did today, Nate." he started, sighing and laying himself down, gently tugging Crenate to remain close to him. He missed the intimacy, after everything that happened, it was hard to come by.

"I had to hold a meeting for the Chemists, all on my own. Lucas said it'd be good for me." he kept his voice low, just for Crenate, and for the sake of his own vocal chords. "I actually did effin' good, believe that? Don't know how you all do it constantly, though." he smiled, a calm and gentle expression of happiness and pride in himself.

"Rorschach attended... He looks, uh, better. Better than before." but still not good enough in Mara's eyes. Still, Crenate had as much right to keep track of their son's wellbeing as he did. "They're all doing better, slowly." he avoided talking about his talks with Gray and Leaf and the rest of the children unless Crenate pressed it. Right now, he was just happy to curl up and talk about less stressful news.

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