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Treasure for the Mind (Open)
« on: June 13, 2017, 11:38:36 AM »
Well, she didn't have a fancy tail like Keanu but, she did have her pretty princess looks and well, once the group had been lead to fresh water after being welcome din, Sindarin was a wolf on a mission! Poppies were lovely but, she wanted to wear something beautiful and exotic while in this tropical paradise~! It was a shame that Avada and Marrow weren't around with her but, Avada had been here once before and Marrow? Well, he had his work to do as a Chemist. Maybe she could bring them back a gift if she asked the right people nicely, that could be fun right? Especially if they were going to be doing a bit of an exchange program as Keanu suggested at the borders. The elegant wolf strode along with a sense of serenity and confidence, she was comfortable in her own fur, that was for sure.

In her ventures, she'd stumbled upon the sandy beach, following the new earth curiously, getting a feel for it under her paws after a stumble or two. It was amusing, as if she were learning to walk all over again but, sand was not something she knew. So with the new unsteady earth under her paws, Sindarin's focus was on the ground, Even as the strange sound of the waves lazily lapping at the shore grew stronger and stronger, it was when she hit the firmer sand that the high tide had packed down, did she look up, her dual-toned eyes going wide. Her jaw slacked and she could only stare out at the vastness of the ocean, this was.... This was more beautiful than what Avada had described to her and, to be honest, she wished her entire family could see it. "Wow...." She would breathe out, the gusty sea-breeze toying with her hair and fur some as she stood and admired the view.

The blue Saboran willed herself to memorize the view, to keep it locked away forever in her mind, this was a real treasure to have and hold close. The yearling moved closer to the water now, giggling as the gentle waves lapped at her paws. "Oh, it's not cold?" She'd note, wading in a bit more, her eyes going wide as she spotted the colorful shells safely held by the ocean. "Ooooooh!" She'd breathe out, smiling as she looked at all the pretties. Oh wow! There was so much here! If this was what the big water held, then what kind of secrets were hidden in the forests? What exotic flowers could she find to wear? Would they be just as pretty as the treasures in the ocean?

Sin was off in a flash, bounding back up the sandy beach, casting one final look to the ocean, a thought striking her. What did it look like at sunset and sunrise?! Oh! She would have to see for herself! The girl bounded along, laughter filling the air, hardly the murderous heathen that Saboro was rumored to breed, then again no one had given her reason to bare her fangs. The girl's running had shaken most of the sand from her paws and now on dry, solid ground, she looked about curiously. Flowers! She had to find.... Her eyes went wide as she spied a hibiscus bush with lovely pink blossoms soaking in the sunlight.

"Pretty....." She would breathe out, moving slowly toward the bush, her long tail swaying some in a light wag. The blue and white lass moved ever closer, drawn in by the sweet scent and color, never did it cross her mind they might be toxic until she got good and close. It was then she would come to a standstill, gazing longly toward the flowers, ears dropping some, she needed a local to let her know what was safe to wear in her hair and if she even could for that matter! The sound of approaching paws caught her attention and the girl scooted back from the bush, offering a smile. "I was just admiring the flowers here, do you mind telling me if they are toxic or not and if I may pick a few to wear in my hair?" She would half question being polite as ever and showing the world her pretty little would-be princess side. Keanu said to be good and what better way to do that than pretending she was actual royalty, least in her mind, never would she say it out loud.

(Sin is with Keanu and Co, Blondie let me join in on the fun because she is a saint. <3)
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Re: Treasure for the Mind (Open)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2017, 11:21:31 AM »
Veruah lay at the edge of the forest, where the grass stopped growing and the sand took over. For now he was just a Sailor, and a little lost to the ranks. But that wasn't anyone's fault, he was still learning how to communicate with the others properly and in the meantime, he helped Cider collect herbs and sometimes he practiced making alcohol but nothing official yet. While Cider wasn't around, however, Veruah got some down time.

Before he came to Tortuga, he had never seen sand, or even the ocean so it had become his favorite place to hang out or hide from responsibility. The hellion stretched out in the sun, relishing the feel of its warmth on his short pelt. The sound of the breeze and the sea had begun to lull him to sleep when he heard a voice nearby. He lifted his head to watch the unknown female step onto the sands.


Veruah's eye widened slightly at the sight of her; her white hair flowing in the sea breeze. She was beautiful. Veruah rolled onto his belly, his pale gaze taking in the sight of her in the midday sun. She walked into the surf, then back out again, sand sticking to her paws as she approached a hibiscus plant. Veruah stood quietly, wondering if he should speak to her, but he was afraid. She was gorgeous, and he... well, he was a monster. The words that he had heard in his youth drifted back through his memory; different, ugly, half demon, useless. The hellion took a small step back but he was so close, she heard him and spoke.

"Pretty.....I was just admiring the flowers here, do you mind telling me if they are toxic or not and if I may pick a few to wear in my hair?"

The gray hellion froze in his tracks, then slowly edged forward and into full view, his long black hair rustling with the movement, the long black locks falling almost to the sand he was standing on and concealed the right side of his face where the once golden eye was missing. Instead, his remaining eye, blue and pale as the sky near the horizon, shifted uncomfortably from her to the pink flower. He cleared his throat, and in a deep voice, he answered her as clearly as he could, according to what Cider had taught him.

"Hibiscus... is toxic, yes. Cider says, never eat. It makes you vomit blood...but you don't have to eat to wear..." Veruah shrugged, his heart thumping hard in his chest. A little shaky, he broke a flower free from the plant and gently tucked it into her hair. The movement was quick, awkward even, and in his embarrassment, Veruah turned to leave in the same manner. "Veruah... should go now."

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Re: Treasure for the Mind (Open)
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2017, 07:10:25 PM »
Strolls on the sandy beaches were quickly becoming a habit for Isengrim. The presence of the ocean was a small comfort to his senses — as if the water soothed his impatience. It was warmer, its hues a far cry from the dark, opaque waters around his old domain, but it still housed dangerous animals and a little world under its waves, having its moods swings and its surprises.  That was all that mattered. A familiar element in his environment, transforming into an anchor to his new points of references.

The change was slow, but it was underway. And he couldn’t say he was very comfortable with that. Every morning the bacchus felt like he worked up to a deformed reality, a reflection to a time he thought passed. Isengrim didn’t feel such confusion before. Not even when he had been separated from his homeland and forced to hunt like never before to keep himself afloat. Right now, he was afloat, but found himself walking in a strange mist. His old experiences were of little use here — this new life in Tortuga wasn’t about surviving, or self-indulgence, or even mindless, naive dedication like when he was a kid.

He was truly helpless on how to seize this new beginning — partly because his paws were still tucked in the muddy terrain of the previous chapter’s end, and he stubbornly refused to turn the page . This made him feel restless. So, when the occasion to entertain his mind — namely discovering a girl running in the distance, and near his usual spots — he seized it without hesitation. 

Observing her from afar, he tried to determine if he already cross paths with her, while slowly approaching her. The light breeze was on his side, carrying her scent to his nostrils. The pelt was unfamiliar, but the smell was even more strange, foreign. Isengrim arched an eyebrow, intrigued at the development. This convinced him to keep on walking toward the white furred stranger… and another, taller figure, near the edge of the forest. Sure enough, he was within ear-sight not long after. In a few seconds, he stopped, not interested in joining the conversation just yet.

"Pretty.....I was just admiring the flowers here, do you mind telling me if they are toxic or not and if I may pick a few to wear in my hair?"

The intonations confirmed his suspicions — he definitly didn’t know this strange looking female. He turned his head toward the other wolf present — a Tortuga, judging from his odor. Idly, Isengrim’s mind wandered to the girl’s question — a second thought to his observation. The bacchus knew almost nothing about flowers to begin with, but he knew even less with the plants growing near the warm sands and the lush jungle. Besides… the prospect of wearing flowers into hair seemed incredibly childish and wasteful to him. Flowers were meant to heal or poison, not serve as playthings or personal decorations. A small frown appeared on his brow, even though Sindarin probably couldn’t see it. He stayed silent, but his look was telling. The other seemed to knew one thing or two about the subject though, and could properly answer the girl rather before Isengrim could think of a retort. He observed the exchange, in the background, still not feeling the need to interfere just yet.

"Hibiscus... is toxic, yes. Cider says, never eat. It makes you vomit blood...but you don't have to eat to wear..."

Then, something hilarious happened. The purple eared wolf put a flower into the girl’s hair — without even being asked to — and just as fast as he mustered the courage to do so, he started to leave. The adult acted like a flustered little child rather than the real brat. A world gone tipsy turvy, literally. The mood change was unexpected, but Isengrim couldn't care less, and followed it eagerly.

"HA HA HA HA!"A great, thundering laugh echoed through the air. The sound wasn’t warm, but it was born from genuine amusement, and it felt in its tone — a rusty quavering voice, not used to such reactions anymore.  In a swift movement,  he moved toward the other male, his voice unusually light.

’’Now now, don’t run flower boy."He blocked Veruah’s path, putting himself in front of him, clearly teasing. His stance wasn’t menacing, but his mass would certainly dissuade his fellow to proceed in his hasty exit, if only for a few moments. "Afraid she’ll eat you?"He glanced to Sindarin then, an almost playful expression on his face. The question was a dare in itself. Was do you say, girl? Do you eat wolves fro breakfast?

ooc; don't mind Isengrim, he's being clumsy/embarassing and supportive to Veruah.

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