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ruin together [prp Maera]
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:56:17 AM »
Nights when the crackling static of his mind was just too much to take, his hunger too deafening and head too full—the boy walked. He haunted Saboro like the reminiscent of a tyrant, like a sanguinary prince no one ever requested. Hodge had asked him once, how does it feel to be someone else’s copy? But Abyss was only Abyss, and he was incapable of being anyone else. He was not the rise of Coven II, and he certainly was not anyone else’s clone.

If anything, the boy was an enigma. He was a child birthed from the mother volcano during Saboro’s time of need, and when his false parents saw him and his supposed siblings, they saw an opportunity.

He was the pinnacle of other people’s jealousy. The foundation of their trouble. He was an unintended instigator that would break families apart because he had gotten what they and theirs had not. Because… they were envious.

And it kept him up at night.

It roared in his ears, and the shadows they whispered. This is what power can do. This is power.

As the boy turned, he saw it. The vibrant white of her pelt which glowed like the tattoos over his eyes. Pretty. Dangerous.
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