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Sunshine and Poppies(RII/Open)
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:48:13 AM »
Well, she'd made it this far, eh? The last few months were little more than a blur to her, the yearling traveling to her favored spot, a place where she could clear her head and finally turn off the auto-pilot that had been controlling her for a while now. She did not look her usual elegant self, her fur was not groomed though, it was clean, the small girl really seemed to have blossomed and grown into a stunning creature, her long tail, that mane falling over her right, at least today. Once properly combed and groomed she would just be.... Well, she'd give anyone a run for their money in a beauty contest. Dual-toned eyes seemed to flicker to life as she neared the edge of the jungle, sunlight pouring over her and lighting her world, she'd spent too long hidden in the shadows, keeping close to the den.

Just before stepping into the light, the girl would sniff about, finding much to her luck, a rather intact skeleton of a rabbit maybe? No matter, it was a small creature and she wanted the ribs. Using the magic of wolf-hands and her maw, she was able to break off a portion of the spine and ribs, walking off with her new comb in tow! She was nearly prince now as she neared the poppies, craving their beauty and their odd comfort. A girly squeal of joy escaped her once her paws hit the flowers, the girl bounding about like a pup again, smiling and looking carefree, least until she found a nice spot to settle in. The girl was a lump of blue among a sea of red, she stood out and she didn't care one bit, it was time to make herself presentable again!

She started with her coat, combing what she could with her little tool and she seemed to really be enjoying herself if the hum that left her lips was any clue, muffled as it was. She was not sure how much time had passed but, she sat up with a sigh, taking the comb with her wolf-hands, pulling it through her fluffy chest and belly fluff, giggling as she did so, she was looking rather pretty again but, now came the hard parts, her tail and her... Hair. Sindarin winced as she pulled out knots in her tail, working the fur and really making it look nice again, there was even a bit more fluff to the underside again! She sat up now, on her hind legs and get to work on her hair. "Sss! Ow!" She'd chirp on an off, hisses and growls of discomfort sounding as she worked on detangling and combing that messy mass of white hair. This, of course, took the longest because wolf-hands could only do so much and wolf-arms do not bend in certain ways but, through the power of RP magic, she managed to get her hair combed.

Sindairn set her comb down and let out a sigh, smiling as she ran a paw over her silky hair, admiring it some, it was a shame she didn't know how to braid it. No matter, Sin was swift to begin selecting poppies around her to weave into her mane, humming as she did so. Soon enough the little Princess was looking the part again and to say she was pretty would be an understatement. Sindarin was absolutely stunning. The way the flowers were woven into her mane looked as if they were floating along a river of white, she was even wearing a crown made of poppies too and seemed to be weaving another, of all the strange, dumb talents for a Saboran born wolf to have.... A noise sounded and the elegant young lady would stop her weaving and crane her neck, looking over her shoulder toward the sound, head tilting some, dual-toned eyes curious as to who would be approaching a long wolf out in the poppies at mid-day.

(Set before Keanu and Co go to Tortuga, lol. Sin was lovingly added to that adventure. <3)
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Re: Sunshine and Poppies(RII/Open)
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2017, 02:33:50 PM »
To say that he’d been watching her wasn’t entirely correct, and he certainly hadn’t followed her here like some kind of weird longdog stalker was objectively wrong, but the facts were this: he was lurking amongst the poppies while a pretty young thing not that far away did her best impression of a wolfy Disney princess and he did his best impression of the questionable gardener who might not even have a name on the credits.

Unnoticeable until, of course, they are noticed. And he was noticed because a harmless bee flew into his face like a man on a mission to disrupt his quiet, PEACEFUL afternoon. Anyone who said bees were harmless were fooling themselves, anyway!!! He was trying with furtive puffs of air to blow the insect away and deter it from its dastardly plan to unmask him AND YET… ALL OF HIS FOOLPROOF PLANS WERE FAILING… and the thing landed right between his eyes and well, by then, as we all know, it’s all over. Might as well put a bullet in the brain.

He rears back. It’d be very impressive, flowers wrapped in his horns, mane whipping in a sheer black sheet, little… stubby legs…. flailing… the majesty. The beauty. What a spectacular creature who is slowly but surely teetering without grace on his hind legs and…. who could have possibly seen this coming… falling…

If there was something impressive about Ciello, it was the way he managed to eff up even the simplest things. He falls, sure enough, onto his back. He flattens a number of the flowers under his stupidly elongated body in the process. Oh, and I guess it was kind of cool how tall he looked for half a second before all of this happened—but regardless of his cool factor as he was fleeing bravely from a small, hardworking insect, he most certainly was not cool at that very moment. He lays, momentarily stunned and staring at the blue sky above, prone and helpless to bees and the worse sort of monster that lurked in Saboro. You never wanted to go belly up in the red sea, and that’s definitely what he’d done. Well, nobody said he was particularly smart.

(The bee buzzes over his body, a funeral dirge for the recently departed. It then flies away.)

Uggggggggggggggh,” moans the stupid boy with flowers in his horns and stars in his eyes. “Uhhhhhhhh….. OW………. I think… I broke… something….

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Re: Sunshine and Poppies(RII/Open)
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2017, 02:27:23 PM »
Saboro had stopped seeming so incredibly big now that Attila had grown. The land that he had so actively explored as a pup had once seemed impossibly vast, beyond the scope of his imagination. He had scurried on little paws around the jungle and the base of the volcano, his dutiful brother Killjoy constantly in his wake as he investigated every nook and cranny he could fit his little body into. But he was no longer a child and the bright wonder that had once filled his eyes had now dimmed some. Saboro was familiar now and his desire to worm his way across every inch of it dulled in favor of a different sort of yearning: one for recognition and prestige, for knowledge and adventure. It was why he had decided to become a Kestrel. He wanted to see more than just the jungle empire he had known since birth (and he wanted to expand beyond the reach of his parents, to prove he could do it all on his own).

Attila itched for new experiences, new excitement, new everything. Luckily, his young life was full of such things, just like it was for any maturing teenager. He and his siblings were finally out of their parents' den and beyond the supervision of the Harpies, giving them more freedom than they were accustomed to. There was no one he needed to report to on a daily basis - beyond the Peregrine, of course - and he could do whatever the eff he wanted with his time.

Now if only he knew what to do. Attila grumbled to himself as he trudged through the thick underbrush between the trees, shrugging off vines and muck as he advanced through the second ring. He had spent the morning collecting a variety of different things - ranging from suspiciously ripe fruits to slimey, fat slugs to seeming rock solid nuts - to try to find something, anything that Killjoy wouldn't eat. The tusked boy was the most... robust of their litter and one of Attila's near constant companions. They'd be stuck at the hip since birth, it seemed, constantly getting into mischief. Over the course of the past several months or so, Attila had come to realize that his brother wasn't especially bright and maybe he was taking advantage of that, if only for a few laughs. (He wondered what specific event had made him realize? Was it when Killy had run repeatedly into several tree trunks during one of their games of chase? Or when he had stared up at the sun and asked Attila why his eyes hurt? Whatever, it could have been anything.) Attila had collected his many gross samples in a little pouch and he was off to go find his boarish littermate.

But instead of Killjoy, Attila soon stumbled upon one of his sisters. Sindarin was out amongst the poppies, busying herself with her hair in a way that was hardly surprising to her brother. Attila had often made fun of her for being particular vain, though they both knew that was hypocritical of him. He did take meticulous care of the curly poof atop his head, after all, and was probably just as concerned with his appearance as his sister. Still, that didn't mean he couldn't rib her for it a bit. The piebald Kestrel snorted as he approached his kin, sneering playfully at her as she turned her head (her hair tossed a bit in the air, how effing dramatic). He opened his mouth to tease her, to suggest that maybe she should put a whole bush or a effing tree in her hair next time, but he was interrupted by a sudden movement at their flank.

Startled, Attila's hackles rose and he took a step back, surprised by the sudden appearance of what seemed to be a strange creature rising from the flower bed. He wiggled about like a serpent before falling to the ground with a thud, making the young man blink, letting out a small squeak of a noise in surprise (a less than manly sound, but he could be embarrassed about that some other time). The strange man began to whine, lying supine on the ground. Even though he didn't look dangerous, he was odd and had large horns that could be... threatening? Maybe? Uh, well.. he did have flowers wrapped around them. Were the horns like hair then? Attila took a few hesitant steps forward before loomed over Ciello, blinking down at him.

He reached out a tentative paw and batted at Ciello's horns - an act reminiscent of when a pup would curiously pat a strange, unfamiliar thing to see what it was. "Yeah, I think you might've," he said after a pause, "your face looks pretty effed up, dude." Or maybe that was just the way his face looked? Attila couldn't be sure. Even though he had substantial hellion blood in him, Attila was not familiar with any traits beyond slightly elongated bodies, long tails and big ears or teeth. Horns and crap was like... effin crazy, man.

"Sinny, come here and look at this," he called over his shoulder, waving his paw for her to come closer. "I think he's dying."



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Re: Sunshine and Poppies(RII/Open)
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2017, 04:57:00 PM »

The willowy hound hadn't gotten much of a chance to meet any of her nieces or nephews. Her brother's litter were strangers to East, a fact that weighed heavily on her heart. She had enjoyed having her family, being close with them and their mother during their younger months -- fond memories. It was strange how quickly things could flip upside down. East frowned a bit, closing her eyes tighlty and shaking her head as though trying to shake those bad thoughts out.

Standing, East decided to do what she always did when she needed to clear her mind - run.

Small paws and long, nimble legs were a blur of cream and brown as the Chemist began to pick up speed. East could feel the tension beginning to fade as she sped through the jungle foliage, fern fronds and hanging vines brushing almost comfortingly against her shoulders and sides. When she was running, she could focus on her individual paws each meeting the ground and lifting off again, feel each toe and tendon and muscle up her legs and into her thighs and shoulders, stretching and contracting repeatedly. The burn of her lungs that began as a small ember and ignited into a blaze the faster East went. Nostrils flaring, tongue lolling from the side of her mouth,
East felt happy, she felt alive.

When the very fresh scent of another crossed her path, East slowed, hopping once or twice before finally halting. After taking a few moments to compose herself and quit panting so harshly, the hound decided to investigate. Following her mottled nose, East discovered quite the odd scene: a long-bodied hellion coated in flowers laying in a disheveled pile, with two younger Saborans poking at him.

".... face looks pretty effed up, dude. Sinny, come here and look at this. I think he's dying."

The Chemist woman's brow rose, long ears pricking forward. "Such foul language" the hound commented rather loudly as she approached with her , her voice smooth and even. Emerald eyes drank in the sight of the hellion and the pair of what East guessed were siblings. The scent they carried on them made her pause for a moment as thoughts swirled in her mind like the beginnings of a storm -- which she quelled rather quickly. Focusing on the lengthy hellion, East began to inspect him. Nothing seemed to be outwardly wrong with him that she could see as she paced around him, stopping near his head. "Are you hurt?" she inquired softly. As a Chemist, it was her duty to aid injured Saborans and ensure everyone was taken care of. More than that, though, East was a relatively compassionate creature that genuinely enjoyed helping those around her.

"And you two, you're both okay?" East asked as she turned to the two supposed-siblings, true concern in her pine-green eyes. Why did they both seem so.. familiar to her? Had she treated either of them before.. ? No, no, she would have remembered - East had a habit of matching wounds to faces. The hound wasn't sure, but whatever this feeling was, she couldn't shake it.


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