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toys for the local boys [PRP Schnee] [RII]
« on: June 12, 2017, 11:54:43 PM »
ooc: TOOK ME LONG ENOUGH!!! sorry RJ! Here it is. @RJ. @Schnee. (RP)

Chrysaor had not wanted to admit it, as was her approach to most things that troubled her, but she had been avoiding her responsibilities. During her last conference with the Harpies, she had been assigned a protege to personally mentor, and while caring for children had been a task she had embraced with gusto, supervision of adults was another matter entirely. Adults expected things from their own kind that children did not. So Chrysaor postponed and procrastinated and conveniently "forgot," allowing that scheduled introduction with her assignment to slip further and further down the calendar.

It was not until Chrysaor's heart to heart with Croatoan, and her unexpected promotion to Raptor, that Chrysaor strapped on her proverbial big-girl panties and confronted the great mess she had been pointedly ignoring. Perhaps the sudden weight of her responsibilities and the need to not disappoint her new matriarch served as a well-needed reminder to awaken Chrysaor to what needed to be done. Anglachel languished in the Temple, recovering from a life-threatening wound inflicted by their own sister, and Rine mourned a sibling he never connected with. The changes in the monarchy, the way her parents were becoming scarcer, and the cavalier way in which her understanding of Saboro's system was being rearranged by their successors -- the eruption that decimated not only the forest but the dreamworld playground of her childhood. Sappara's disappearance (not her desertion! her father's trusted would never abandon them!), Rifle's escape from the jungle. All these minor calamities were building towards something greater, and Chrysaor knew -- knew deep inside herself, more powerfully than ever, that she had to do something. Someone out there needed her, and maybe it was Saboro Herself that needed that savior.

Chrysaor swiftly walked through the forest, brain buzzing with rehearsed greetings and pleasantries perpetually rearranging, like her skull was swarmed with a cloud of flies. She struggled to remember Schnee's exact appearance, not necessarily because she was unmemorable, but because Chrysaor struggled to recall anything at all. She had taken the memory and tried to stuff it in her closet, and when she had at last decided to take it out of storage, it had been aged and smudged beyond recognition. She traced vague recollections of a white wolf (stupid -- you can't even remember a white wolf) to the riverbank of Lake Bethskyme, delaying the introduction for one more integral second as she tried to reassure herself that she had found the correct white wolf.

"E-Excuse me," Chrysaor said, her soft voice issuing almost unintelligibly from between the trees. She shyly approached, head held high, but her tail dragging on the ground behind her. "Are you Schnee? We've um-- met before. I'm Chrysaor, a Harpy, but you p-probably already know that-- I'm, uh, here to tutor you and... teach you how to be a Harpy."

She drew aimless circles on the soil below, the earth providing a helpful canvas on which her idle consciousness could project. "I know it's been a while and I was supposed to go to you sooner but I've been, um--" she trailed off. Tried to think of an excuse. Nothing came up, so she hurried along, hoping Schnee would disregard that tangent.

"Anyway, I hope we can-- get along and be friends," Chrysaor said, earnestly. She took a deep breath, ignoring the self-conscious, humilated flush that heated her face, and swallowed. "Why do you-- want to be a Harpy? I-Instead of something... else, I mean."
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