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just breathe [prp]
« on: June 12, 2017, 05:05:35 PM »
Kalypso had worn a small path in the wet sand as she paced back and forth on the beach. The waves always soothed her and calmed her nerves but not even the song of the ocean could ease the knot of anxiety that had formed in her stomach. She had been rehearsing what she would say to the Captain all morning and it just still didn't fee right. Kally wanted to make the right impression on the formidable Captain of Tortuga.

She'd always admired him from a distance as a child, when she was a little pup she use to feel intimidated by his strength and the air of command that hung around him. But she'd grown up seeing how close Raikov was to her father and she'd realized that though he may be rough around the edges, deep down their vicious Captain hid a heart of gold. His own buried treasure that he hid and hoarded greedily, sharing it only with an honored few. She worked hard to be among them.

Ever since she was a young pup she had been drawn to their borders, to the lands that laid beyond. There was always a burning curiosity that she couldn't satisfy with her father's shallow answers. There was a whole world out there, who knew how many packs, what were they like? How did they live? What did they value? She hungered for this knowledge, never really knowing why. Being a Navigator had been the best thing that she'd ever done, the travelling, the journey, meeting strangers and learning more about them. It was beautiful to her.

But with Morgan gone the Navigators were sailing aimlessly, lost and just ambling about with barely a cause. They'd only been on a single trip outside the pack since they'd come to their new land. Sure they had had visitors but it was important to know who their neighbors were and if they were friendly or not. Especially if they could be useful. Alby tried her best to lead in Morgan's absence but it was clear to anyone who paid attention that her heart wasn't really in it. Someone needed to step up. And if none of the senior Navigators wanted to do it than she sure as hell did!

Gathering all her courage she lifted her chin and stalked towards the Captain's quarters. Hopefully he was there and not out hunting or busy with important business. The thought of embarrassing herself by interrupting the Captain during a meeting was almost enough to make her turn tail and run but she persisted. Kalypso hovered nervously outside his den before murmuring a soft, "Aye, Captain? Ya home?"

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