Author Topic: this week on hoarders [prp mara; r. ii]  (Read 45 times)

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this week on hoarders [prp mara; r. ii]
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:19:40 PM »
He hated whenever his stuff got all wet. His makeshift tarp usually helped keep the majority of his belongings dry, but there was always some rain that came in at an angle like a little effer as his papa might say. What Bracken really needed was a bigger den. His was small and he could hardly fit anything beyond his rock collection, a couple of fun looking sticks he had found, and like. . .only two pelts. His tarp was made from the hide of a massive boar, its rough hair touched with what looked like silver. Bracken had found the beast already died, either having passed from old age or having eaten something poisonous by accident. Either way he had a deep respect for animal for having survived for so long. However it's pelt was still hideous and that was why it was the designated rain guard for all his prettier stuff.

And his flying contraption of course. Right now it was just a collection of sticks and feathers all bound haphazardly together. It was skeletal in its structure, although to the average person it probably looked like nothing more than an absolute mess.

He grabbed his long stick and stuck it under the boars hide to lift it slightly and drag it back down to the ground. It fell with more of a squelch than a plop, still covered in tiny rain droplets. Bracken grabbed one end of it in his teeth and walked backwards out of the trees, stumbling quite a few times, before he came to a small clearing beneath the sun where he laid the piece out to dry. He then darted back and grabbed another pelt that had gotten a little wet during the rain. It was a tattered jaguar pelt that looked like it had been through quite the ordeal, as though it had been ripped apart by an angry mob or something.

Still it was a really neat find, and so the young slab laid it out to dry next to the much larger boarskin. He laid down next to the pelts, intent on guarding them with his life in case someone wanted to take them, but after a few seconds got entirely too bored. Bracken stood up, shook himself and trotted off to the poppy field to collect a bundle of flowers to bring back to the clearing with him. Slowly and methodically he wove the flowers together in to a crown while he waited for the skins to dry. He fumbled, the tip of his tongue stuck out between his front teeth as he worked. Bracken was so entirely focused that he was incredibly unaware of the presence of another at first, unless that presence might choose to speak at which point he would continue working for just a couple more seconds before looking up with a wide smile and a wag of his tail.