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attack of the hellgophers [open!]
« on: June 08, 2017, 11:45:07 AM »
pls join]

Every new day was best started with a good long stretch, a scratch, and a plan to find something to climb or someone to bother. That morning Ori was not readily found, and the dilapidated castle had already been conquered, so Viva of course had to find some new adventure or other means to entertain herself. This day was beginning with no plan? That wouldn't do, Viva couldn't survive without company or some source of entertainment, surely she'd fade away on the spot. As she emerged from her lazily dug den, her eyes wide and bright despite the sleep that still touched them, she was scrambling to pull together an idea, a goal for the day. Boredom left her mind too idle for too long, her thoughts could not have free reign over her for even a moment.

Something she'd not done or seen yet- there was a heck of a lot of that in Gemini, she'd barely scratched the surface, it was just a matter of deciding what to set her sights on this particular day. The cool morning breeze brought an answer, blowing in from the ocean that encased one side of her home. She'd never seen it before, and it seemed as good a plan as any, so with gusto, she took off with an unnecessarily wild pace.

There were quite the stretch of fields that stood between her and the rocky walls that guarded the sandy shores below, so the most efficient way to traverse that ground was clearly a full-out sprint. The grass was as times nearly chest-height, and she ran confidently on, her lithe legs occasionally whipped by the thicker more aggressive weeds, reaching up to impede her stride. Fearlessly, she powered forward, unconcerned that she couldn't quite see the ground laid out before her, and the many landmines that littered the path ahead. She'd not fully loosened up her gangly limbs before plowing headlong into the fields, having not a clue what she was literally running right into. All it took was a particularly well formed mound of dirt, catching a white-tipped paw at just the wrong(right) moment, interrupting her gait and sending her face-down into the hole-pocked earth.

Viva tumbled dramatically into the loosened dirt, letting out an unintelligible shriek as she went, for a time staying heels over head before gravity dropped her onto her back. Dazed, she lay, face covered in dirt and staring up at the sky. It took her a few good seconds to go from confused to annoyed. Someone would be to blame and- the young mutt couldn't even begin to rant before she was being... shouted at? Sounds worse than the one she'd made when she'd taken her spill were being directed at her, only inches from one flopped ear. "Wha-?" Whipping her head to the side she caught only a glimpse of... a tiny monster?? The creature dipped right back into the hole it had emerged from, still making an awful sound as it went.

"The hell?" With some aimless kicking into the air and a whole lot of squirming, Viva eventually righted herself and stared down at the weird thing that she was already blaming for her fall. Unable to quite see where he'd hidden, she boldly stuck her face right into the dirt, paws at the edge, pulling away to expand, as though she might follow him right in if she could widen the opening. As wise a choice as she ever made, she was stuck with something VERY sharp and, pointed? Yanking back, she howled in mild hurt and absolute irritation. Again, the tiny monster faced her, rearing its literal ugly head. It resembled something familiar, some benign little animal she'd likely seen and ignored many times before, but this one was bigger, it's nose much more prominent, and one single curved horn protruded from the top of its head.

"What the hell are you?! Ugly little-!" That was just about the time another rose from its hiding place and headbutted her rear-foot, earning another shocked and enraged shriek. The two little devils chattered angrily right back at her, lecturing in their nonsensical, terrible screams.

Viva didn't expect today to start with a fight with... gophers?
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Re: attack of the hellgophers [open!]
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 01:18:27 PM »
[i a e r a]
ooc; because WHY NOT lol



  Iaera had been doing her best to try and fill both roles she'd received, Ranger in some aspects, learning Gemini's borders, patrolling.. Whisper in some aspects, learning names and faces, about the pack, remembering history for recording; when they had a Lorekeeper that was. The little wolfdog figured that until then she would just have to keep it all locked up in that steel trap of a brain. A somewhat silly smirk pulled across her face at the thought, but she continued to push onward, wide awake but slightly drowsy. Even after the time she'd spent in Gemini, slowly acclimating to pack life, safety, a nice home, she still struggled to sleep most nights. Exceptions were made here and there, and eventually she decided the best way to sleep at night-- short of drugging herself constantly, which she didn't like to do-- would be to just spend each day absolutely wearing herself out. Watch out Aela, this little girl was following in the workaholic footsteps despite personal objections; Iaera liked to laze about and enjoy the little things. So she was up and running, still familiarizing herself with the nooks and crannies of her new home, looking for interesting landmarks and safe hiding spots. It still hadn't dawned on her that a pack might be a safe place in and of itself without her having hidey-holes all around.

But apparently Iaera wasn't the only small, slightly upset creature in Gemini with hidey-holes and poor Viva had found some the hard way. (Iaera could sympathize though Viva, she trips over crap all the time.) The screaming of the young woman broke her attention, followed by the ungodly shrieks of something else and Iaera didn't like it one bit. Purple eyes turned sharply towards the sound, sheer terror sparkling in them. WHAT WAS THAT? It was a noise she'd never heard before and a good ninety-eight percent of her was ready to tuck tail and run. Unfortunately there was a two percent left, and it was sheer curiosity, somehow it won out. The little Whisper convinced herself that it was simply concern for whoever was yelping and shouting about, to make sure they were okay. She could still run away. Sorry that your aid is a complete yellow-bellied chicken Viva. The gray and tan tucked her ears against her head to shut out some of the insufferable screaming, tail tucked as she approached. It was clear she wasn't the cavalry. At the sight of Viva being tag-teamed by gophers, Iaera froze.

The eff?

Little ugly noses and curvy horns, Iaera had never seen anything like it, and it seemed like Viva was quite unfortunately outnumbered, especially now that Iaera saw yet another slip out of a hole in the distance. "Oh I uuhherrrrm.. What are....? There's a.." What were sentences? She realized that they might do better with some help and let out a small bark call, looking at the woman who was very similar in size to her. "Here uh," she started, moving against her locked legs towards the gopher trying to stab Viva's back legs with it's little horn. "Shoo! Shoo! Shut up!" Raising her voice slightly, though the timbre was frightened. When you are as small as the pair was, these gophers were actually decent sized creatures. Loud, and chattering, shrieking coldly at her and Viva. It charged forward at the small woman, nailing the side of her leg with it's curved horn, "HEY! OW!" she growled and swung her paw out, smacking it across the face. The hellgopher seemed startled and backed up momentarily.

"Yeah! What now?!" She was talking through her ass, confident on the outside, upset on the inside that the ugly thing had attacked her.


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Re: attack of the hellgophers [open!]
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2017, 08:05:50 PM »
[responding to this soon if anyone else wants to fight hell gophers with us]

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Re: attack of the hellgophers [open!]
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2017, 02:52:30 PM »
Screaming is always a good way to attract attention. The commotion of the two canines and their agressors was a good example of screaming done right and Excalibur could not fail to notice it. What was that noise? She turned her steps towards the sound and arrived in time to see Iaera slap a gopher - If that was what the weird little thing was - across the face. It would have been impressive if the monsterous enemy wasn't about the size of a rabbit - i.e snack sized.

It was kinda comical seeing apex predators getting beaten up by their lunch... It was also vaugley embrassing when it was happening to members of your new pack. Excalibur shook her head. The standards were clearly very low around here. She stepped forwards, into the underwhelming tussle, ears titled back against the hellish noise of the creatures screaming calls. She didn't bother with introductions or pleasantries. "You are being attacked by rodents." Funny looking rodents but rodents all the same. "May I remind you how the food chain works?"

Excalibur slammed her paws down on to the nearest gophers, one that had the nerve to start poking at her with its horns. A very big mistake for such a little morsel. She followed up by sinking her teeth into the back of its neck, picking the creature up and shaking it for good measure, it squeaked a couple of times then went limp. She dropped the corpse and snapped her teeth at another that had begun to approach, that one had the good sense to retreat instead of getting added to her buffet.

"See just -" At which point something sank its teeth into her ankle. She whirled on it, snapping, but it dived back down the hole it had come from and her jaws closed on empty air. "Why you little crap!" She snarled, practically frothing with rage, starting an undignified excavation of the hole and shouting down it as she did. "HOW DARE YOU! I'm going to eat you, you little bastard! I'm going to eat you and your family!"

Excalibur had never been good with level and just responses to slights against her person.
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Re: attack of the hellgophers [open!]
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2017, 09:36:21 PM »
It had been a fairly nice, fairly lazy day. Just trotting around the territory, figuring out where things were, learning the sights and scents of the land. Slender green limbs moved fairly effortlessly as he explored. Nostrils flared as he took in the smells. Grass and trees and the ocean and the mountains and the wind. So many things to learn, so many things to see. And apparently today so many things to hear. A faint sound of screaming catches his attention, causing him to pause and swivel his head to catch the sound better. What in the world is that shrieking about? It seems to be multiple people, along with a lot of cursing. Curiosity getting the better of him, he adjusted his direction towards the sound. Really it wouldn't take long for Strick to find the source, mostly just going until the sounds were getting louder and then there. He could spot three canines and.... Lots of dirt.

What the hell is up with this?

Confused he trots over, and then quickly bolts back a bit to reassess the situation when he spots that they're actually fighting.... weird giant rodents. Well. The hellion wasn't sure what the eff was happening, or why, but he figures it is part of his duty as a Ranger to help out with this. Somehow. There were a lot of holes and a lot of these rodents. Awful little loud creatures. Along with three other Gemini members. He went after the one harassing Iaera first, galloping over and snagging it in his snaggleteeth. It was a bit surprised, letting out a shriek when he tosses it in the air. What a nasty little creature he decides, running over to check out where it landed. Of course he wasn't quite paying attention enough, one of his feet dropping right into a gopher hole and making him tumble over like the gangly awful mess he is.

"Gah!" He yelps, banging his chin onto the ground and limbs flailing awkwardly. Sometimes it's an advantage to have too much leg, sometimes its a massive disadvantage. The gopher meanwhile regains it's composure after hitting the ground and angrily chatters and approaches. Grumbling angrily, he pulls his foot out of the hole and gets back onto his feet. "Alright now, I really do not enjoy playing games with vermin." Stricklander's eyes narrow as he glares at it, and taking the cue the creature dives into the nearest hole instead of deciding to try to fight him. Oh well.

Instead he flips around to make sure everyone else is alright. "Are you all alright? What in the hell is even going on?"
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