Author Topic: A Walk Among the Stars [Open]  (Read 87 times)

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A Walk Among the Stars [Open]
« on: June 07, 2017, 04:41:25 AM »

Evenings were probably Gar's favorite time of the day. The setting sun painted the sky a spectacular mixture of blues, purples, and pinks. The dire stared, mesmerized, as the tiny twinkling stars began to appear across the expanse of the darkening sky. In his mind he ran among them scattering them with dark paws. He brushed his tail along a bright yellow ball. A bubbly feeling rose up within him as the specks that collected in his fur. Releasing a bark of laughter he began to run, puffs of light flowing freely, light and delicate. Constellations formed and re-formed with each paw fall. He imagined the creatures below all watching the events unfold, either terror or amazement gripping them to their cores. Amusement fluttered through him. Seeing a wolf fly would certainly frighten him quite a bit. Quieting his laughter, he descended down to the ground once again. When his paws touched earth again he twirled tightly enjoying the feel of it underneath him once more.

Sighing, Garth began to walk. The sun had officially set and the darkness of night had ensnared the world around him. His eyes burned with the need for sleep, and the male cursed himself for not finding a secure place before now. He wasn't entirely sure how long he had been out of it, but a slight chill had begun to settle in as he pushed through the underbrush.  Very few places would be available now and sleeping out in the open was dangerous. Grumbling to himself about his own misfortune he settled down against the closet tree. The rough bark dug into his back through his thin fur. The dire flattened his ears against his head and curled tighter. He burrowed his nose deeper into his tail and scanned the darkness with his sharp yellow eyes. The male hoped there wasn't anything dangerous lurking just out of his range of sight under the shadow of the night. Suddenly, just as his eyes had begun to droop closed, a small ball of light appeared in front of him. It flickered out quickly after catching his attention and he lifted his head. Straining his already exhausted eyes, Gar managed to make out a small bug. He jolted his head back as it flashed again causing it to flutter upwards and out of sight.

"Perhaps to steal more light from the stars," he whispered to himself. Garth fought back a feeling of jealousy as he tucked his nose back under his tail. If he could claim some of there light for himself, he doubted anyone could wrench it from his grasp. Huffing and pushing his back against the trunk once more. The comforting dig of the bark slowly lulled him to sleep.
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