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cracking open a cold one (violeta, open*)
« on: June 05, 2017, 10:52:33 PM »
((this post is so bad im sorry but this is open to anyone in the tortuga raid party!!! let critter post with violeta first, though!))

It was hot. Even in the recesses of caverns that stowed away beneath the sun and sand dunes, it was hot. The golden hellion was no stranger to travel or extreme weather, but after finding asylum in the tropical paradise that was Tortuga, he’d begun to prefer the fern and palm-lined den he’d made himself back home to sleeping in a ditch on the way to a new destination. He supposed it’d been worth it, though, because one cavern after another had been more than fruitful and all of them would come home with their bags overflowing with the glimmering treasures they’d taken for their own.
That was, if they’d even make it home. Perhaps any prying eyes had kept their distance upon the group’s arrival, too afraid to harass such a large number alone, but greed is a devious thing- a devil that drives you mad until you get what you want. He was no stranger to greed, either. (A golden ear twitched as he heard the Captain’s voice echo once more in the distance, and he snorted.) The promise of riches could be enough to prove someone’s own moral radar insignificant, even when faced with so many targets at once. They would have to be more than careful on their way back.
Those thoughts aside, Kieran pressed his nose back against the stony floor of the cavern he’d taken up searching for more treasures in. He wouldn’t call himself a “detective” by any means, but there was definitely a specific tinge to the earth that he could smell whenever a vein of those glittering jewels lay beneath the surface. Gold was the easiest. It’s metallic tone left sour notes in the back of his nose, and he knew to start digging until the small nuggets began showing through the surface.
His exploration this time had lead him to a wide shelf of rock jutting out from the solid wall of the cave. The short journey up wasn’t the simplest, usually nimble paws struggling for a moment to catch balance on the loose rocks and boulders that formed a makeshift staircase to his destination before he could comfortably continue on. Nose to ground, nose to wall. Eyes scanning for any shimmering surface that lay before him. It was bare for a bit, and honestly beginning to look a bit grim for the room he’d taken to searching, but then it hit him. A vague twinkle calling out to him, begging to be fetched and rescued from the crevices of boulders piled treacherously around it.
White paws begin digging at the pile. The hellion wastes no time in adding to his growing collection, pushing the heavy rocks out of his way to reach the gem-ridden rubble in the center. There are a few green and blue stones in the mix, but the treasures that caught the hound’s eye were the shimmering pieces of a deep purple stone and were strewn in abundance beneath the boulders. He turned them over in his paw, examining the shiny surface before a grating sound caught his attention. Oh… crap. Kieran turned just in time to see the rocks he’d pushed from their carefully situated location rolling toward the decline in the cliff he’d found them on.
Dropping the gems back to their pile, Kieran skittered to the side to look behind him as the rocks rolled imminently forward, calling out a panicked warning to anyone who had wandered in after him. “Look out below!” The momentum he picked up while hurrying after them almost sent him over the edge as well, pulling to a halt just soon enough to peer over and see if any damage had been done. “Sorry! Wasn’t paying much attention.” He pins his ears and gives the person below a grimace, and while he knew to apologize, his tongue longed to lash out in his own defense. ‘Watch where you’re going. Keep your eyes open. You should expect something like this to happen.’ But he stays civil. Catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, right? “You’re not hurt, are you?” He asks, and the words are there, but his attention has moved on, because lying scattered in broken shards at the base of the cliff were the boulders that had taken their spill, all cracked open to reveal their glistening purple insides.
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Re: cracking open a cold one (violeta, open*)
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2017, 05:40:38 PM »

Adder moved without real purpose through the expansive caverns. He had no real calling towards any of the shiny things they were bringing back--they were nice to look at, they'd make nice jewelry, but why did anyone need jewelry anyway? Maybe he would understand it with time, but for the moment, he thought the entire venture was unnecessary. Raikov wanted his treasures, though, so Adder would find him more treasures for his horde. He'd already found that giant turtle shell from before, hopefully it would be useful in toting back their haul.

He wandered through the tunnels with vague disinterest, blue eyes watching for anything that sparkled or appealed. No one seemed to want to venture around with him, which was fine; he understood that not all wolves liked his kind, and he was new to the pack, so there was a level of distrust that he would have to work to mend. Knowing himself as he did, it would be a tough bridge to gap.

The sound of falling and crashing rocks drew his attention from the corridor he'd been exploring, brown ears perking and eyes following the sound with interest. He strode toward it at a lope; not running but clearly interested. When he came upon the cavern the sound had come from, he found a pile of broken rocks, all jagged and sparkling on the inside. He looked around for the source of them, wondering if more would be dislodged--ah. How in hell did that wolf get up there?

"Trying to kill your packmates?" He called up, amusement clear on his features as he followed the rocky wall to the place that Kieran had climbed up. There were more rocks up there; perhaps they could work together and shove more down, break them open to find more geodes or gems. He leaped up, following Kieran's path, but stopped just short of the ledge he was on, front paws upon it with his head peeking over. "Well, you definitely look like an angel. I wouldn't have pegged you for an angel of death, but..." He shrugged massive shoulders; looks could be deceiving.

"Wanna push some of those bigger boulders down and see if they're full of treasure too?" He asked, eyeing them with interest. Adder wouldn't say that destruction was one of his favorite things... but it tended to run alongside his interests, yes. "Could be fun. We'll just make sure no one is within range next time, huh?" He gestured a head to the wolf on the ground that had nearly been flattened by the falling rocks, or at the very least brained. Luckily they seemed to be neither.

"Whaddaya say, sweetheart?"

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