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catharsis (departure)
« on: June 05, 2017, 10:47:22 PM »
*set the night after lunar

It was a morning long ago, things he could remember; warmth, limbs heavy with sleep, the scent of milk, the soft hums of a voice now unfamiliar to him, and the scent of what he now knows is salt. He doesn’t know what dawn is, but he can feel it stretch it’s warm, rosy fingers into their mother’s makeshift den on the island.

Tiny eyes finally opened with the invitation of sunrise and he could see the light underbelly of his mother, and what would become Chelae nursing quietly next to him. There were others, most much smaller than himself, but faces and bodies he could finally put scents to.

A soft tongue rolled over the entirety of his body, causing him to squeal, and it was his first look at his mother’s face. First look into her big, milky, scarlet eyes. But her light shone too bright for his little clouded eyes — he was forced to look away from her brilliant radiance.

In the present, he looks out over the sea above the cliffs. Just the night before, the skies were painted red and the ocean was not the ocean — not blue, not even water, but a violent explosion of energy and danger; ferocity on a scale only their ancient gods could summon. Yet tonight, black met black on the distant horizon, the stars alone distinguishing sky from sea. It was calm.

He turned from the edge, tail bellowing behind him like the curtain of a dress. He was not tired, but something heavy lay on his bones. On his mind. It hurt, it stung, and with it instilled a terrible sadness in him. It was grief. It was anger. It was jealousy. It was loneliness, abandonment, fear, it was all things he hadn’t known how to feel but felt SO DEEPLY that it sent him in a fit of rage against his red counterpart.

His mind forced these emotions down until they had nowhere to go except latch onto his bones, his muscles, and FORCE THEMSELVES TO BE FELT. They carried him first to the cliffs, where he could see the island. He was born there, he remembers. Then to the dark beaches where he fought Chelae, and the presence in his bones made itself Known. His bones felt so heavy, he wanted to sink into the sand right there and then but suddenly, they were up again and towards the healer’s tree, where he first laid eyes on his mother after they left the island, who’s life and love was seeping through a ragged crack in her skull. The pain dug deeper. They drove him then to the walls, where he met his King sister and stared in awe at the potential their family carried. Then finally, to the borders where Tauro was slain. Grass had grown over their graves.

The night was silent. There was no chime. No family to call him back.

He closed his eyes, their light still too bright for his own. He would run. And so he did.

In the distance, he could smell fire.

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Re: catharsis (departure)
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2017, 11:18:42 PM »
It wasn’t long ago that she stood on the border, coming home. She returned to her father, her brothers and sisters, to shoulder the hurt and loss of Aeon. To reassure Amen that everything was going to be okay, that life was fleeting and things never turned out the way you wanted it to go.

It was longer when the boy shoved his sister and brother out of the way of a toppling tree, pinned to the Earth with little hope. The girl pushed, the boy screamed, the brother smiled and said his goodbyes. With heavy heart, the girl took the crying boy, leading him to the mouth of their home. Teeth found her flesh, a scar in present time.

It wasn’t long ago that a boy she loved was torn asunder on the border of his home, his brother and mother fighting their inner demons, and lost. They lost their sight, their sanity, their brother and son. The King had fallen, and the Prince would fall to his own guilt. A knight blamed herself, screaming with tears staining her face as she wallowed in the warm blood of her lover. It was when a Valkyrie had been born.

It wasn’t long ago that the Pleiades were born, a blue boy carrying a white flower in concern. She remembered him, smiled in reassurance even as her pups died and lived. Smiled even as she nearly took her last breath.

Loss was not a stranger to the girl, she had many notches on her heart, symbolizing each life lost she could not save. A brother, a sister, a lover, a father, a daughter, a son. Golden eyes watched across the horizon, body standing upon the wall’s edge. She watched the blue star in the distance, a wayward celestial bounding across boundaries. The Valkyr would not stop him, even if she had attempted in the past.

This was his own destiny, as much as Lev Malakh wanted to jump off the wall and venture after him. The strings of fate held her in place; eyes of an angel watching the reel flip through the images. Loss was a beast of burden, teeth only as large as the imagination. The girl had never been a dreamer; she had guarded her heart with an iron fist ever since their mother had been the subject of curiosity and hate. She never lost a mother, and maybe that’s why she didn’t understand. Why the strings of fate had pulled her back like a puppet. She could only watch.

Travel well, wayward son.” 
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Forget my battles;
They are long gone now
I am under the spell
Of the angel's sound
The voice that calls me in another life
Now I can hear her clear and bright
Now, I will go on
I'm found
And I know of strength and love
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Re: catharsis (departure)
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2017, 10:45:04 AM »
The eclipse had filled him with wonder, and so many questions. He wondered whether that changed anything, whether it meant anything was different. It seemed not though. Once he had gone back to sleep with the rest of his siblings and awoken the next morning, it was back to the normal. Mom left for work, and the rest of his siblings scattered to the winds to find their own paths and etch their own stories. Skylar too left the den, prancing off with his usual cheeriness as he welcomed in the new day. He was still too young to understand what had happened the night before, but he had at least sensed something was going on.

Even if he didn't understand what it was.

Eventually he was heading back to the family den, the sun leaning towards the opposite horizon that it had appeared from. A familiar figure in the distance caught his attention, and made his ears perk up. Was that...? "Uncle-Dad-Sitter?" he said out loud, pausing in his steps and squinting in Hyperion's direction. He grinned at realizing it was indeed him. What fun! His Uncle always had things to tell him and teach him. He was the first one who had taught him about borders, after all! Perhaps unknowing to the older Uncle, he really had indeed become more of a father figure to Skylar than he let on.

So why was he now heading in the opposite direction of Skylar? The pup had begun to follow his uncle in the hopes of spending some time with him before heading to bed. Surely Momma would understand. Skylar picked up the pace, unsure why Hyperion wasn't stopping. "Uncle-dad-sitter!!" he called out; maybe Hyperion hadn't heard him? That would make sense. Laughing to himself, he ran after his uncle, already planning on asking if he was losing his hearing maybe. But the star child slowed down with a look of horror when he realized where Hyperion was going.

He was... going past the wall... beyond where it was safe... to the... the borders.

Where the danger lurked. Where Daddy was taken.

No.. no no no nonononono NO NO NO IT CAN'T BE.

"UNCLE-DAD SITTER!!" he cried out in alarm now, rushing on small puppy paws towards the hole in the Great Wall, bent on warning his uncle of the dangers of where was going. "DON'T GO 'DERE!! S'NOT SAFE, UNCLE-DAD-SITTER!!!" The anxiety rushed tears to his eyes as his young mind tried to grasp what was happening. He was new to that chest tightening feeling, finding that his breath wasn't coming to him as easily as it normally did. "COME BACK!! DON'T GO!!!" He darted through the wall, feeling scared and not understanding why he did. All he knew was that he had to get him back.


His paw snagged on a root, and Skylar rolled head over heels in the tall grass, merely a few yards beyond the wall. His mother unknowingly watched from above as the boy landed in a heap in the grass, sniffling and crying over his uncle. "D-Don't go..." he stammered quietly, his voice hitching as he cried in the grass, alone (but not truly alone). "Pwease... 'Peri... I'll be good..." He didn't know how to label the feeling he was having, new to the experience of losing someone he loved. He had never suffered through the loss of his father, after all. Only the aftermath of not having him around. But for some reason watching Hyperion go beyond their lands reminded him too much of his own dad.

Please... don't go... don't go like Daddy did.

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Re: catharsis (departure)
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2017, 12:39:22 PM »
She stood just outside the den, not wanting to go inside just yet. The stars were so brilliant tonight, shining so brightly, twinkling. Some red, some were white, some were blue like the color of Hyperion's eyes. He was the first person she had ever considered close enough to call a friend. He had shown her the stars in a way she'd never experienced before. That night in the pools she'd felt so at peace the darkness that usually wrapped itself around her like a damp fog was lifted and for a the first time in a long time she had felt something other than hopelessness.

A voice in the distance drew her eyes away from the constellations and she was surprised when she recognized the far off voice.  "Uncle-dad-sitter!!" Skylar? The only other person besides Hyperion that she would consider a friend. A young boy who had laid back and watched the stars with her, sharing her love of the cosmos. Was he in trouble? The usually lethargic girl pushed herself to her paws and moved the fastest she'd ever moved in her young life. Blessed with her mothers agility she flew across the land like a shooting star, heading straight for Skylar. She wasn't sure what she planned on doing when she got there but if he was in danger she had to help.

That's what friends did, wasn't it?


The alarm in his voice spiked her anxiety up another notch and she poured on the speed, willing her awkward limbs to go faster as his red and black pelt came into sight. He was heading straight for the hole in the Great Wall and her anxiety climbed even higher. Mother forbid her and her siblings from passing the Great Wall. Unimaginable dangers lurked out there. "DON'T GO 'DERE!! S'NOT SAFE, UNCLE-DAD-SITTER!!!" Lea had no idea who this uncle-dad-sitter was but she had to stop Skylar from going after them.


He slipped through the hole in the wall and her anxiety doubled as she closed the distance between them, slipping through the hole right after him without a second of hesitation. She was just fast enough to see him trip and sprawl out on the ground a few yards outside of the wall, sobbing into the grass.  "D-Don't go..." Her green eyes lifted to the blue figure retreating in the distance and even across the dry grasslands she recognized his pelt. Hyperion. He was leaving.

Her breathing was heavy for her run but it hitched in her throat as tears sprang to her eyes when she realized what was happening. Wait! She wanted to call out after his receding form. Please stay.. "Pwease... 'Peri... I'll be good..." Was.. this her fault some how? Her mother always ran away whenever Lea did something bad, back to work but she knew in her heart it was just to get away from her and her siblings. There was just something about her that drove people away. The heavy darkness folded around her, embracing her and filling her head with fog. Her heart hurt but she couldn't put a name to the feeling, it was too new. All she knew was that she would give anything for him to come back. "Bye, Peri..." She whispered quietly to herself as a single tear rolled out and left a dark trail down her face.

I'll always remember you, will you remember me?

Numbly she walked over to Skylar laying in the grass and lowered herself down beside him as he cried, pressing her side into his. "It'll be okay, Sky." She lied. "It wasn't your fault." She knew all too well her words wouldn't ease the hurt but they were all she had to offer. Comforting someone wasn't one of her strong suits. Together they watched the blue boy run until he disappeared from their sight and still they watched, hoping that he would come back.
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I'm drowning too
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Re: catharsis (departure)
« Reply #4 on: June 15, 2017, 09:11:22 PM »
The stars did not shine brightly tonight. 

In fact, they seemed more dim then the night before, and even the wind whispers were quiet tonight, as if in mourning.  There had been another shift in the bones of Gemini, though surely the news of Kariya's absence hadn't spread yet. After all, his body hadn't been washed up, and after all, he had a brother he was still mourning, he could have been anywhere.  Surely no one thought to look at the bottom of the sea. No one knew of his turmoil, and self loathing, no one knew his thoughts and the empty soul he had carried around for so long.  No one knew.  Except the wind, and the sea.  And they were both very quiet tonight.

However, what was known was that someone was leaving.  Someone close and dear, again.  Someone he had grown fond of, someone he loved.

The sound of someone yelling caught his attention, and usually, Ori would not go towards that sound.  Usually, he'd run away, telling himself it was probably dangerous, it was probably something he shouldn't involve himself in. 

But this time, something pulled him to where the yelling was coming from, something small, but strong, like a string made of iron.  It tugged his chest, and he took those first steps forward, slowly at first, but as the string tugged harder, he moved faster, his heart thumping as he ran.  He ran, and ran and ran and ran-

-Until he saw what he was running towards.

Hyperion.  His brother.  Running.  Away from him.

"H- Hy- Peri?" 

He could feel the pressure in his chest tighten, and he was pulled again towards Hyperion.  His paws hit the ground with such force, with determination, he ran towards Hyperion, passing Skylar, passing Lev, passing lea.  The string of fate pulling him towards his brother, following him right up to the border.

And then suddenly he stopped- his chest pulling harshly towards Hyperion, he thought of Chelae, of Akira, of all his other siblings, Deimos!  Why would Hyperion leave them, why were all his siblings leaving? Tauro had left, though not on his own accord.  Kariya was missing- mourning.  And now Hyperion.  He couldn't leave them also, not when there was still so much hurt.  Hyperion was his brother, and he had told him that he would be like Tauro for him, a big brother.  He told Hyperion he'd be the brother he wanted him to be-  and that meant to stay.  Stay and watch over the others while they hurt, while they were confused.  The pressure on his chest tightened and tightened-  until it felt like a snapping of a string. 

Blue eyes caught the moonlight as it lit up the form of Hyperion as he ran.  His brother.  The knight.  Moonlight reflected off the tears that filled Ori's eyes as he laid down on the border now.  His eyes following Hyperion until he couldn't see him anymore-  And there he would stay. As promised.  He wouldn't leave and follow Hyperion, he would stay, watch over the others, and wait for Hyperions return. 

Because in his mind, Hyperion would return.  He had to. He had to.

And Ori would stay here and wait for that day.

"Be safe, and come back soon..."

And oh!  How he would greet him with love.


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Re: catharsis (departure)
« Reply #5 on: June 17, 2017, 12:24:04 AM »
Corona never stayed in one place for too long. With a mildly short attention spat, his feet carried him quickly; bouncing, trotting, skipping. He went some way or another with laughter trailing behind him like a cloak, longer than the shadow cast beneath his feet. Nothing kept him down, the upbeat boy always finding time to comfort his siblings to the best of his abilities. (Showering them with all the love and affection he could muster, reminding them that no matter what happened he was there for them: their shining light in the night so dark, even the sun couldn't find them.)

So to find the young aurora turned obelisk was definitely an unusual sight. The only sign he still lived and had not in fact been turned into a statue was the gentle rise and fall of his ribs as he breathed; in and out, in and out, soft puffs that slipped through his nostrils. His coat shimmered from the wind's gentle tousle, warm brown eyes gazing out but seeing nothing as the heather swayed by his paws; tickling his elbows, the strong perfume a bitter pill compared to the sea's fragrance. It stirred longing in his soul, but the memories of his family drowned it. He yearned to fix all of their hurts, kiss away their sorrow and hold them until nothing bad happened anymore.

I'm here, I'm here. I'm not much, but I'll do all I can for you. Please don't cry.

His shattered family, fractured to the point of splinters... He didn't even know where to start. Mother, who looked for the happiness she lost? Father, a man he didn't really know? Genji, who listened for the ocean's siren calls? Zenith, who sunk into the ground and communed with the fallen? Family he didn't even know bloomed before him, unknown faces making his ears unconsciously tuck back; Akira, king, Ori, brother, Tauro...

The dead son.

The better son.

Everything Corona could be? Gone, at the snap of a gentle throat.

Tauro, Tauro, Tauro.

The best son.

The dead son.

Who was he, compared to the golden child? Nothing, but Corona. But... it could be enough, right? Just enough, for him to give to his poor mother? To let her know it was going to be okay? He could-


What? Snapped out of it, the aurora twisted his head around to the plea's source. A little boy struggled to keep up... with his brother? Why was-? Was Hyperion okay? The knight raced past him, time slowing for Corona to see his brother's eyes and feel the wind of his passing.

"...'Peon?" He whispered, his brother already becoming a dot.

"D-Don't go... Pwease... 'Peri... I'll be good..."

Honest to God fear suddenly gripped him, every muscle tense as it became hard to breathe. His brother was running, away from him, and away from Gemini. He'd be gone. He was leaving.

Why? Why was he leaving? What had-?

"'PEON!" Corona screamed as he raced after Hyperion, not even noticing Ori already had a head start. He didn't see his pale, older brother. His usual warm eyes, now stricken, were fixated on the knight's retreating form. He pumped his legs faster, faster, faster. He had to go faster. He had to catch him quick, ensnare him in his arms and tell him hush, and shush! It's alright, I've got you! You don't need to go, I love you! I love you so much! You're my brother! I'm yours! We're together in all of this madness, and it's okay! Everything is going to be alright, Hyperion!

I'll say your name right one day, I promise I'll learn how!

Just don't go!

Don't leave me...

Corona didn't see Ori stop, didn't feel if he bowled him over or not. Hyperion was barely in sight now, his much larger brother having always been faster. He didn't know when the tears started streaming down his face, but they erupted from his mouth in a strangled shout of, "'PEON! 'PEEOOON! PEASE! PEASE, 'PEON! NO! NO, NO NO, NONONONONONONO-!" In his frantic sprint he didn't see the rocks, and gravity demanded sacrifice as he found himself face first in the dirt. The wind knocked out of him, he skidded to a pitiful halt a hundred yards beyond Gemini's borders. He didn't care, his blurred vision finally slipping shut as he wailed. He'd driven off one of his brothers into the vast unknown: where he couldn't help him, protect him, save him if necessary. It would happen. Deep down he knew this could be the last time he'd see his brave, brave sibling and... and...

He didn't even get to say goodbye.

The boy curled into a ball, and cried.

"'Peon! 'Peon, 'Peon! M'sowwy! M'sowwyyeeeee! S'nokay! S'nokay!"

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Re: catharsis (departure)
« Reply #6 on: July 12, 2017, 04:45:05 PM »
“This is… Gemini. It’s nice.”

Nice. A place where rust red soaked the ground where love and lives were buried. Nice. A place where the sentries prickled as they hastily walked their routes. Nice. A place where the sky turned red and ocean waters roared. Nice. A place where the King builds up a wall to keep the boogeymen at arm’s length. Nice. Nice. Nice. She’s not fooled.

”For once, I’m where I want to be.”

This place was comfortable. This place smelled like brine and flowers. This place was home to Eve, and she was happy here. But something thrummed beneath the surface of Gemini, something slithered between the roots of its towering trees, something nestled dangerously against the hearts of its people. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it was there. It was at the corners of her eyes and at the tip of her tongue. Why are you so suspicious? her mother might have asked her. You’re being cynical, a brother might’ve decreed. But she knew what she knew. And what she knew most of all was that she had to trust her gut.

She weathered the storm and when next the stars rose, she returned to the lowlands. She didn’t know what she was looking for. The lack of direction rankled her almost as much as the sense of impending dread settling in her stomach, but she pushed on, and she looked. Whatever it was, it was there, and she would find it. She would find it, and she would keep Eve safe. She focuses on it hard enough that she doesn’t have to think about why—is it because your mother died without you, Haize? Is it because your ma—NO, HE WASN’T THAT—left without you, Haize? Is it because when the storms came, nothing you did could help your pack, Haize?

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. This time will be different. This time she’ll find the source of corruption before it blooms. This time she’ll be ahead of the curve. This time, this time, this time.

The children are wailing. The sentrie’s hackles prickle all along their spines. A boy is running.

(People always run. They run for a reason.)

She watches him fly by. She doesn’t know his name. She doesn’t care. He crosses the border as if it were only a suggestion and then he’s gone into the night. The children weep for him. Brothers make promises. Knights wish him safe return. She’s none of those things. She’s just a jaded wolf with her own reasons.

Hyperion runs, and at a distance, she follows him. People always run. They run for a reason.

She wants to know why.

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