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Love Love Love [PRP] [R1]
« on: June 05, 2017, 09:44:15 PM »
[OOC: This is a pre-approved plot, and this is basically going to be a short "Dayne rps with herself" thread. If somethin' about this isn't right let me know pls alphas!]


She never did pay much attention.

She had grown lax-- or was it just uncaring? When HE had been born, she had already been so far away. He had noticed. While she taught, while she doted, while she fed, she was always partially elsewhere. He had never known where. He had always wondered. She had spat her disdain for her surroundings, repeated warnings to her spawn about the dangers and venom of Saboro. He knew she didn't belong her. Even when he was young, just barely learning, his mother didn't belong.

That wasn't his problem, though.

He had always been curious about her. How she works. Her mind, her body, her fabled black blood. Mother says she's full of tar, clogging her veins and oozing into her stomach. That was impossible, thought the doctor, as blood was red. He had seen it in all of the surrounding fauna, in the corpses of fallen wolves he'd found and so delicately dissected. Blood was RED, the sky was BLUE, water was WET. That sounded too familiar-- didn't it? That wasn't his line.

Today though, something had changed. The sun and the moon interacted. The sky was black. The world was not right, and Buer, though one who was not a wolf of superstition or faith, saw this impossibility as a sign. It was time! The sky was black, black as her supposed blood, and there she stood ahead. Staring off, away, thinking of whatever it was she needed to think about.

He had done it many times before on smaller prey. Rabbits, fish, birds, hogs. Split them down the middle and look inside. They stayed alive, as long as he were precise, and nothing wrong would happen. It couldn't. No one was around, of course, mother always wanted to be alone. If she wasn't with her family, she was by herself, picking her brain.

Maybe today, he'd pick hers.

It was here, right here, with a cage of thorns that had been breached. Pale, empty eyes looked up into the darkness. Distraction was deadly, as he stood behind.
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Re: Love Love Love [PRP] [R1]
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2017, 03:08:20 AM »
The sky reflected how she'd felt for awhile now.

The life had left her pale eyes quite some time ago. Only the smallest hint would peak through when she stayed around her children, when they came to visit her, or just when she saw them surviving. God, she loved them, she loved them with all her effing heart. Time and time again, though, her heart was nibbled by rats who lived in her ribcage, taking out chunks every time one of her loves disappeared into the abyss. She had no more tears to cry. Her heart was small and only fragmented pieces remained. It was hard to feel most things anymore.

Would she want death?

It was hard to say.

Poltergeist wanted a lot of things. They all revolved around her family. She was... part of that family, but, if it meant giving herself up in exchange for them living, being happy--- she'd do it a million times over. She would throw herself into the hungering maw of Saboro and feel every bone snap and every tendon rip and hear every squelch and pop that her broken body made. Sadly, life often didn't work that way. People were liars. Everyone around her was a liar. Any deal that could be struck would be torn apart the moment she was gone. How would she know, right? Her mind would be lost. Corpses had no working brain and thus, couldn't think. Who would honor the dead? Morals rarely existed here from what she'd seen, and as such, no opportunity to sacrifice herself had really presented itself in a way that would make it worthwhile. It would be a waste. Temporary. Her children would cry, and then suffer later on.

So, she lived.

She didn't hear the creeping behind her. Maybe she did, but she didn't. Her ears stayed forward with her eyes, her body unmoving like a statue under the shadows. She didn't know how to react when she felt teeth in her scruff, and her body slammed to the ground. The strength was minimal, someone of similar stature to her. She could smell them. Ah.


Her pale eyes shot to the side to look up to them, to try and speak- but as her maw moved and head turned it was only met with stone. A rock fell from above, not one too large- but large enough and in just the right spot to knock her senseless. Her vision went blacker then before, and she felt her breath tighten and shorten as consciousness fell away.

They could have at least let her say 'Good Night.'
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