Author Topic: I am Not Your Nightmare (Vidar)  (Read 36 times)

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I am Not Your Nightmare (Vidar)
« on: June 05, 2017, 06:59:13 PM »
(OOC: Ernst and Celestine quote...such a good movie).

Rarrr, came the growling squeak of Beatrice.  Once again, she was foiled by the puppy pile!  Rapture flopped over her and her brother and she was stuck on the bottom.  With humongous effort, she pulled herself out.  She sat.


Not that she was free, she curled up and began to sleep, until she heard footsteps.  Daddy was at the door.  She heard him say the word work before his presence was gone.  Beatrice stood up.  She looked back at her sleeping family.

Work.  She had to see

She trotted after Buckshot, catching his tail as she tried to follow him.  She wasn't fast enough.  She tried to squeak.  Say words!  She could try!

"D-  D-"

Something rustled in the ferns.  And charging at her, about as tall as she was, but much bigger, was a badger.  That was danger!

Daddy I need you!


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Re: I am Not Your Nightmare (Vidar)
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2017, 06:37:04 PM »
The large bacchus had been enjoying a leisurely nap when the strange noise roused him. A quiet mewling squeak that just barely caught his attention, Vidar's brow creased as he lifted his head - glancing about for the source of the noise.  He scowled slightly, irritated at being disturbed - a raspy snarl sounded out of the underbrush followed by a second louder squeal of distress.

Vidar was on his feet in seconds, breaking into a sprint. He darted forward with surprising speed for such a bulky and large wolf. He leapt over a low lying brush, paws hitting the ground heavily on the other side. He took stock of the situation with the sort of speed only a trained soldier could. Just ahead of him was a small pup, across from her a badger who bristled and growled.  Without hesistation Vidar dashed forward, long legs carrying him there in two strides. He planted his feet on either side of the young wolf, standing directly over her so the badger could not get within reach without also being in reach of his teeth.

Vidar lowered his head and answered the badger's charge with a snarl - preferring to scare it off rather than fight it. Though if it came in reach of his teeth he'd snatch it by the scruff and fling it away as far as he could. Badgers had a tendency to pick fights with things much larger than them, they were foul-tempered little things but they typically wouldn't pick a fight with a full-sized bacchus. After the badger situation was resolved, either by a show of force or more liberal application of it, Vidar would look down at the small puppy who now stood between his paws. His demeanor shifting immediately as the snarl was replaced with a less aggressive taciturn frown.

"You alright?" He asked, his voice soft but somewhat gruff.
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