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fish heads fish heads roly-poly fish heads [ OPEN ]
« on: June 03, 2017, 12:41:09 PM »

His first year of life had been eventful, to say the least. With usurpations, fights, sharks and wars, he was enjoying the fast-paced world that was Tortuga. But now, almost an adult, he was beginning to feel the pull of service: he needed to do something. Make his mark on the pack, the territory, history. He would not fade into insignificance. He was the son of the Captain, he was a pirate.

With that in mind, he'd built his first boat. Inspired by the human raft he'd found a few months ago with his siblings, he'd forged a make-shift sail from palm leaves, atop a collection of floating driftwood, pulled roughly together with vines. He had been quick to learn that the wind dictated where the boat went. That, in itself, made sailing dangerous. It would be difficult to control, hard to avoid being pulled out to the hungry sea by a particularly violent current or blustering breeze. His solution: an anchor. It was a rock, really. Just a large, heavy rock. To drop when the boat began to veer off course, or to cement it in place above a particularly bountiful shoal of fish.

He stood atop it now, staring into the depths below, practising keeping his balance on the unpredictable waves. It wasn't easy - like standing on a bucking horse, but he was getting better. Noticing movement from the shore out of his peripherals, the young man lifted his head, peering over to the beach and perking up his ears in curiosity. Oh, he had company.

"Oh, hey!" The sailor shouted, voice drifting along the sea breeze. He turned unsteadily on his raft, focusing on the individual on the horizon. "Swim out! Let me show you this!" He gestured with an amicable tilt of his head. He wasn't sure how well the raft would hold more than one wolf, considering his already rather substantial size (Mama said he wasn't fat, he was just 'well-grown'), but he was determined to try.

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Re: fish heads fish heads roly-poly fish heads [ OPEN ]
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2017, 01:47:18 PM »
ooc; sorry this is so crappy, i really wanted to have grim hope in there!

He had a new home. Again. So far, Isengrim was taking Tortuga in with a rather unimpressed gaze. Sure, the landscape was nice. And then what? Rocks, plants and water were everywhere. Nothing extraordinary about that. Fancy adornments the wolves around here seem to found desirable, a mark of wealth, left him indifferent, mostly. He liked the ideas of having skulls as decorations though. Thumbs up for good taste? Eh. Maybe. All in all, Isengrim was far too new to Tortuga to really feel apart of this bunch of pirates yet.

But he did itch for some action. Isengrim had departed from his island not long ago, and he was already regretting the intense fight he had with the shogun. He wanted something that’d make his blood pump like this wonderful rush of adrenaline. He wasn’t very lucky in this pursuit — probably thanks to his own rustiness at social interactions. And there was no way he could keep up his old habits here. Ambushing and trapping your pack mates for a thrill was not very well regarded as a way to say hello.

He’d figure he’d have more chances to find his fun on the coast line. Storms and nasty fishes were said to roam these parts. And even if he didn’t find any of those today, well, he needed the exercise.
So his muscles began to fire up, and his legs carried him on the beaches, his pawpaws fighting against the sand with obstinacy.

He was about half-way through his jogging when he heard a shout.
"Oh, hey!"On an impulse, Isengrim changed his course, heading toward the voice. It sounded young, and that alone stirred his curiosity. When was the last time a kid addressed him? He couldn’t even remember — it felt like a lifetime ago.

As he came close, a strong breath escaped from his nostrils. His fiery violet eyes examined Sinbad in a heartbeat. Ah, excitable youth. So typical.. but refreshing.
"Swim out! Let me show you this!" He blinked, stopping at the edge of the shore, taking a long good look at the raft the other was standing on. Uh. All this for this? He’d stare at the kid, wondering if he was truly serious. Did he even looked at him? He was even more massive than the brindled wolf.

''Show me what? A bunch of floating wood? Cause’ that what’s this thing is gonna turn into if I step on it.’’ Birdbrain was already a nickname he found befitting for Sinbad. But what the hell? He was so bored he could die right now. As stupid as was the offer, it was something at least.

''Eh, alright kid. I’ll bite.'' Without another warning, he jumped into the water, splashing loudly, moving a decent amount of water from his sheer size. ''Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.'' He said, as he began to board the construction, and he swore he could already feel the wood sinking from the bottom of his toes. He smirked. Either way this was going, it was not going to be a quiet ride.

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