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"Children!" came a voice through the trees. "Hercules! Oleander~ Sarissa!" she calls out, "Ragnarok, Anzu!" The leopard sweeps to the court of the log, ignoring any and all damage the tremors may have brought on.

"Your Headmaster calls you," and although words are painful, words are harsh and she cherishes silence, she seeks their peeping little mouths for today. "I have an.. adventure.. for us to go on, today.." she stands tall on the log, head high, waiting for the little buggers to approach as she commanded. Regardless of their status, their name, their blood, they are her students, she their mistress.

"We are going on a journey.. to find another half, to find.. a friend.. unlike the friends you have beside you," a smile is offered, warm and awkward, but her tail thrashes about. "You will learn.. what I mean.. shortly.."

She steps from the log, lithe and fierce, commanding their attention and obediance. "Follow close, be quiet.. and it is.. first come, first serve. I will not.. tolerate your squabbling," not as your mothers and fathers do.

Familiar Quest
We want to utilize the resources the dying forest has to offer-
Through the trees they’ll venture together, following the glittering emeralds that wind up and away from the smell of man to a place where the canopy is so thick you can’t tell what time of day it is. In the darkness with nothing but each other and the companions that choose them, they’ll create and strengthen bonds that will last a lifetime. They’ll sow the seeds needed to become a force of nature- together.
Disappointed you couldn’t participate in the Raids or wish you could have gone to Inaria’s Puppy Gathering? It’s all right new Alteron babies, now it’s your turn! Headmaster Lynx and girlfriend friend, Koko, will lead the kiddos on a special journey of self-discovery as they follow its bisecting river and venture the backwoods of Alteron where no light comes through the canopy. Each group will have its own thread.

There is no posting order; however, if you play any of these children, you are required to post. I'm not asking for beautifully, handcrafted masterpieces! Bullet points or even one liners will suffice! For example: Maera bares her fangs at Lynx, but notices the Headmaster looking, and nods obediantly, "O-okay, I'm ready," and so she goes.

Our friendly, local Narrator will be accompanying us on this journey, and it is not necessary to wait for him, so please interact in between their posts! It is encouraged to get to know your group better while we wait for Lynx or Koko to decide which direction to head in.

For reference, this is occurring DURING THE EARTHQUAKE PLOT. Have fun, make up a rumble or two!

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Re: whiskers on kittens (PUPPY QUEST!) (MANDATORY)
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She comes to the call, it's unfamiliar, but she listens. Sarissa weaves through the forest with ease and stops at the log, red eyes glancing up at the large cat. A journey, she says, a journey just for them. The girl smiled and obediently followed the lion. "Coming~"

No, no, don't let her smile fool
Don't let her eyes confuse
Red lips always lie
Cause her red lips have a filthy prize
That's murder in her paradise

No, no, red lips have a filthy prize
That's murder in her paradise
Played by Gothy

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He tottered after Sarissa because there is familiarity in doing so and he…liked that. It is a constant within this; albeit short, interval of irregularity that has been cast over his existence now.

Nothing has changed. Nothing at all, except everything. Everything he thought he knew about himself is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Oleander still felt all too weak and pathetic as he moved through his own home. The promise of “adventure” does nothing to uplift their mood and, devoid of curiosity, the sharp-eyed child met his Headmaster with an empty stare. She needn’t worry about any misbehavior. Lack of participation though…hmm, well, we’ll just have to see. No, he’d work with his little group of siblings and peers, even if his interest was lacking during the whole questing event.

Participation was a must.

Enthusiasm was never a requirement.

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