Author Topic: you suck and so does this whole place (prp deidra)  (Read 112 times)

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you suck and so does this whole place (prp deidra)
« on: May 29, 2017, 07:40:13 AM »
It had not taken long for Auklet to conclude that Nardir sucked ass.

With his thick coat, the husky was unused to the hot weather of the valley and his mostly black coat made the going all the more tougher. Just HOW did his brother cope with these conditions? He would not know, for Puffin had not bothered to greet him during his acceptance, instead he had left him at the mercy of two wolf-worshipping dogs. His own brother. Furthermore, just WHO did those dogs think they were? Wolves were a dog's common enemy, every respectable dog knew that. And yet he had encountered two - three, counting Puffin - who were practically best buddies with a pack.

Completely missing - or ignoring - how said wolves had taken him in when he had had no other place to go and was as rude as eff to two of its border guards, Auklet had sulked and drowned in self-pity, refusing to attend any of the recent recruitment meetings and had simply opted to do as little or say as little as possible. Now, he was growing bored and unstimulated, a dangerous combination of emotions for a dog as aggressive and as bitter as he. He still could not believe that Puffin had gained such a high rank in this place. Out of the two of them, Auklet had always deemed himself as the more focused and ambitious of the two. He had viewed Puffin as a dreamer and something of a tryhard. Hardly wolf pack material.

So imagine how pissed off he was to find that not only had his only brother slummed it with wolves for Lord knows how many years, but had managed to get all nice and cozy in their inner circle. Logically, he could take advantage of this news and perhaps show some ambition to climb just as high, except Auklet was too filled with jealousy and resentment to fully accept this place as his home. This place would never be home to him. It was simply a springboard for him to delve into his brother's life and see just how far the well goes. Perhaps he was thinking too much into it. Perhaps Puffin was being humoured by these wolves, and they planned to devour him at any second? As jealous as he was, Auklet could not bear the thought of his brother being devoured by wolves.

He would rather see if he deserved such a fate first.

The husky stopped by a river and, remembering that he could now make use of the water in peace, he began to soak his head in its cold contents, tail wagging lazily as the icy feel of the water swept through his overheated body. Now, this was a way to relax. It would be a shame for somebody to interrupt him.

Wouldn't it?

note: this character meant to be portrayed as an asshole;
all of his feelings/actions are ONLY the character's,
 and do not reflect OOC in any way.

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Re: you suck and so does this whole place (prp deidra)
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2017, 12:04:46 AM »
Nardir was so great and so was the weather!

Sure, the weather was a bit too hot for Deidra's liking, but the sky could not be clearer. On top of that, it was proving to be a wonderful day. The sunny atmosphere easily lifted Deidra's spirits (though they remained perpetually, unwaveringly buoyant no matter the occasion), and as she wandered down the path to the river, she practically bounced on her heels. Little did Deidra or Auklet know that Deidra had set herself on a collision course with the ill-tempered canine that currently wallowed in the frigid waters, oblivious to the approaching storm.

Deidra came to the river because she, too, needed a reprieve from the sunlight and heat. As she stopped at the riverbank, somehow (perhaps engineered solely by sheer misfortune -- or because comedy dictated it) she completely overlooked Auklet with his head half-submerged, maybe mistaking him in her excitement for a big, moldy log or something equally improbable. Brimming with delighted energy, Deidra backed away a few tentative steps, haphazardly judging the distance, and rushed forward, careening into the water with a terrific SPLOOSH.
The splash radius did not douse the husky, but it placed Deidra within Auklet's trajectory, and that was perhaps enough to plop her smack dab in the center of his figurative crosshairs. Maybe the waters, disturbed by Deidra's showboating, would slosh towards Auklet's face in a particularly backhanded bitch-slap, forcing him away from the shore and thrusting him back into reality. It was at that moment , as Deidra shook off the water, that she noticed Auklet and realized her mistake.

Deidra's demeanor likely would not help either -- with an easy and placating grin on her face, the half-dog waved off the transgression with an overlarge paw.

"Whoops! Sorry 'bout that, dude," she laughed. If there was some humor inherent to this situation, this was undoubtedly where their definitions would diverge. "Didn't see ya there."

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