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Take It Back! [Tortugan Raid Party]
« on: May 29, 2017, 07:23:49 AM »

It was a hot, stifling heat that they found themselves in.

The Captain led the group south, past Stoneclaw and past Ukoo into the barren desolace. There were rumours flying around regarding the desert beasts, and admittedly Raikov was curious to see. Not that he particularly felt concerned for the inhabitants themselves, no, no. It was the notion of a deep sated greed that drove them. Tunnels, caverns, caves all unattended, filled and bloated to the brim with gemstones and jewels that were practically begging to be saved? It was too good an opportunity to pass up, and the Captain led them with a vigorous drive. 

His own children accompanied them on the trip, always under the watchful eye of their father. Zelos and Eli yipped and raced up and down the length of the party; Raikov's ears keeping track of them the whole way. This whole company was his responsibility, but the children even more so. His sweet boys were still enjoying the world and all it had to offer, despite how much he tried he couldn't shake the feeling of being overprotective. Aysu was also present, and even though she had grown into an adult; he still kept a cautious eye on her. Not his blood child, but his child nonetheless. Trout had been attached to Solomon through the trip, but Raikov was pleased to see her doing things, and not rotting in the floor of her den. Though he wasn't sure what she saw in the crap patroller himself, but perhaps his old, gnarlyand grizzled appearance appealed to her. Gross.

More of his closest came too, Vashe and Richter. While he still adored the golden boy, the Captain respected his space and wishes to distance himself, even if he felt a foreign pang in his chest when Richter's scent came too close. Eros' son also joined them, Aethon, and Raikov made a mental note to keep an eye out for the boy, and his sibling Monty. Eros and Helios had perished, but Raikov would be there to offer support if they wished it. Eros was his sister, this was the least he could do.

Caligula and Kalypso came also, another two that Raikov was fond of. Eremiel's children were unique and precious in their own ways. Cali had worked hard to get his position, and Raikov was still impressed by Kally tending to their Nardir visitors in his absense. They had been raised well. Arma and Destiel's child joined too, Raikov welcomed Violeta's company, even if she didn't quite voice it with enthusiasm and excitement. Baal was a welcomed addition, perhaps the only other sibling that he was able to understand. The Bermuda plagued them both, but they had found solstice, even comfort, in the knowledge that they weren't alone.

Siblings and niblings joined in too, as well as other members of the pack. Electra was greeted by a brush of Raikov's tail at her flank when he walked closer to her, his nose nuzzling into her cheek in a welcome. Kieran was a pretty little thing, his golden tones practically radiating the sun off him. If only he was single... The majority of this company was precious to the Captain, and he dearly hoped their adventure proved fruitful.

Broad paws left indents into the soft sand, blistering bright with the sun. The brute's scarred muzzle lifted as they neared a cavern that led deep into a mountain, sharp sulphur eyes narrowing at the smaller, yet visible entrance. ”There.” He'd rumble, baritone voice commanding them to follow as he led them forward a little farther. It was a long trip, and Raikov's tongue fell from his maw in a pant under the harsh desert sun. At the very least it would provide respite for their group, and hopefully some water.

Scarred nose sniffed at the air as he entered, the rocks above providing much welcomed shade from the sun. Navy ears perked at the sound of running water, a small stream trickling from the ceiling provided a shallow pool for them to drink from. The large entrance seemed to be a 'main room' that split off into different networks, some tunnelling further down while others sloped upward into the mountain. His boys came to mind as he called for Zelos, but came toward to physically nudge Elijah to drink due to his harder hearing. ”Eli, Zee, c'mere boys. Come drink.” He'd usher, nosing the youngest of the group to drink first before kissing them both.

A glittering glimmering shine caught the Captain's eyes. A skylight in the ceiling provided more light in the cavern, enough to shine on a formation of bright gemstones that were half embedded into the wall. Sulphur eyes widened as he made his way over, the glittering golden shards easily falling from the wall in little chunks as his paw swiped against them. A large, devilish grin spread on his maw, the very essence of his pirate blood oozing out full force.


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Re: Take It Back! [Tortugan Raid Party]
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2017, 10:40:19 AM »
Aysu followed Raikov closely, her bi colored eyes scanning the area around them for threats. She wasn't on edge about it; as large astheir group was she doubted that they would have any trouble traveling freely. If the group was smaller, they would be much more likely to run into danger, but some of Raikov's children had come along for the trip so Aysu felt she needed to be extra careful.

As she walked, her mind wandered. She thought back to her family, their faces becoming a blur. She thought she would always remember them, but they were fading away just like her father's scent had faded from the black fabric that she still wore as a headscarf. Sometimes she woke from dreams of them and felt she needed to continue her search before the memory of them was gone completely, but once she calmed down she realized it was useless at this point. When she was younger and believed the world a much smaller place, it didn't seem so hard. But now that she was grown and a Navigator, she had seen so much and yet it was only a small sliver of what was really out there.

Without thinking, Aysu pressed against Raikov's flank, only for a fraction of a second. She sighed from her nose and refocused on the task ahead. They were her family now. Raikov and his brood, all of Tortuga. Once upon a time she felt she didn't belong here with the pirates, but now she was one of them... as if she had been born with them. The tattoos on her body proved as much and the obsidian knife that hung around her neck was her own personal anchor to the pack that was now her home. Her family.

Raikov led them all, panting, into a large cave. Aysu trotted inside, happy to be in the shade. As much as she loved her headscarf and wanted nothing more than to wear it all the time, it was hot. She shook it off of her head, the curly fur underneath was disheveled and the trinket and tattoo symbolizing her loyalty to Raikov, was in plain view of all for the first time. Not that she was concerned. No one but herself, Raikov, and Cookie knew what the tattoo meant and the trinket... well, only she knew it's meaning.

Aysu plopped down, panting, and waited for the princes to drink their fill first. It was only polite. Once they were done she would drink, and even soak her headscarf before putting it back on. Her eyes caught a glimpse of what Raikov spoke of and they lit up. This place was a crafters dream, and she was living it. A smile spread slowly across her face and she was glad to have the saddlebags and sled now. She trotted to a wall and placed a paw upon it's cool surface before turning to Raikov with a look like a kid in a candy store. Then the quiet wolf spoke.

"Captain, this stuff will be easy enough to pluck from the walls. Could I go further in, explore some tunnels and see what I can find?" She was certain he would give her the 'ok' to do as much, but better to ask than assume...

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Re: Take It Back! [Tortugan Raid Party]
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2017, 11:39:13 PM »
trigger warning: alcohol use and alcoholism

Where Aysu proudly followed her mentor like a baby duck in its mother's wake, Triteia tried to make herself inconspicuous in the middle of the crowd. Amidst the procession, she was like a fish in a river current, struggling against the pull of the tide as she dodged haphazardly-swiping bear claws. Slowly, she was becoming accustomed to Raikov's presence, even if she was reluctant to accept that her childhood monster had relinquished his claws -- but on today's excursion, she was forced to share the same breathing space as Aysu and Baal.

Aysu strode with a domineering air, as if she was all too proud to flaunt the prestige that her association with the Captain commanded. It made Triteia want to vomit. Had she been aware that Aysu and Baal were attending, Triteia would have reconsidered coming. Digesting Raikov's new role in her life was enough of a struggle.

Being forced to tolerate both Baal and Aysu at the same time was almost unbearable. Triteia swallowed, dry tongue lapping at the insides of her mouth. She regretted not squirreling away a little liquid courage to fuel her journey, but even she knew that once the fog of inebriation passed, she would be left standing in the sunlight. Fortunately for Triteia, other familiar faces had accompanied her during this adventure, including Caligula, her childhood friend, Vashe, the kindly medic, and the crusty old recruit that she had befriended during her time as a slave. Assuming that Caligula would want to monopolize Baal's attention, Triteia gave him a wide berth, and prayed that Baal's eye wouldn't wander in her direction. Aysu remained preoccupied with her adopted father.

Triteia looked at the closeness that she shared with Raikov, the carefree way that she walked beside him, and the bile that pooled in her throat was twinged with regret.

She forced that down in favor of entertaining her comrade, Solomon, who had inadvertently become her protector - though he himself was not aware. As they walked together, she talked about whatever came to mind, searching desperately for some means to distract herself, her words running faster together as Baal or Aysu drifted into her line of sight. The tropical jungles turned into desert wasteland and that desert wasteland gave way to towering rock formations. Though Triteia's nerves frayed and fractured, their quest passed without incident.

The team sought refuge from the relentless heat in one of the many caverns that littered the landscape. Triteia breathed out, brushing some sand out of her hair, and luxuriated in the shade, grateful for the reprieve. She too allowed the princes to drink their fill first before she gulped down a mouthful of water. She did not have the opportunity to relax for long, however, because as Raikov ventured to the back of the cave, he encountered a rock wall that was illuminated with a starscape of golden shards. He proclaimed his discovery in triumph, the sound quaking in her bones. Still hadn't quite outgrown that latent fear.

Forgetting her own nerves in her excitement, Triteia trotted forward (still placing as much distance between her and Aysu as possible) to inspect the wall, mesmerized by the concentration of glittering golden studs embedded into the lusterless stone. Like Aysu had observed, many of the shards could easily be pried from the rock, and Triteia deposited a few in her knapsack. It was a good find. Triteia made a note to retrieve something that was worthy of Albatross's possession. She had set out with the intention of finding something that could be fashioned into an accessory -- she wanted to repay her for the tail that she had gifted her. Florian could use something as well.

Aysu entertained the idea of exploring the caves, which Triteia had to begrudgingly admit was an enticing proposition. Still, she didn't address Aysu's contribution. She would not directly address the purple bitch unless completely necessary, and even then, it was quite possible that if confronted with the choice of dying of thirst and asking Aysu for a drink, she would have happily waited for rain.

"Captain," Triteia said gingerly, "There could be other caves 'round here. I can split up and check 'em out." She gave Caligula and Solomon a meaningful look, though she suspected that Baal would quickly snatch up her brother. Hopefully, the older man had not yet grown exhausted of her company.

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Re: Take It Back! [Tortugan Raid Party]
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2017, 12:12:36 AM »
He had come without warning; golden trinkets and flashy tattoos strolling right into her cave because he could.  She had been keeping to herself, as always, though for once she was truly alone.  No hallucinations and no brooding anger threatening to spill over the edge.  Her body, cloaked in smoky black chars, only lifted when her brother needed it.  The Kraken was useless in an empire where everyone was too friendly, too lazy to break the law.

They had all grown comfortable.

Swallowing the ghosts that moaned into her throat she swallowed her pride and followed the captain sluggishly, her head lowered and bone-decorated back rattling.  The strong scent of liquor still spilled from her mouth when she breathed, half a forked tongue hanging in the heat.  Her ribcage collapsed, extended deeply with her breaths, the wafting stench of liver disease and absinthe stinging Trout and Solomon's eyes green when her overwhelming scent billowed close.

The soft baritone of the captain pricked curled ears, head lifting with no more acknowledgment than a blink when he told them where to go.  She had been commissioned to find and pick up gemstones, as referenced by the light empty bag carried on her side.  She needed no crafter to do her work; she could do it herself.  Rita had gifted her in a creative talent much more visually pleasing than the organized empire her children had managed to ruin.

Baal remembered how it felt to walk on her toes, anxiety filling the gaps of her days.  Maybe, at first, her visions of Triteia had been terrifying, but now the horrible accent of her sister's voice screamed bloody murder in her ears, stinging her chest with heat despite their shelter in the cool cave.  Sharp red eyes flicked to Raikov's children.  Why on earth had he brought them in the first place?

She swallowed a thick lump of sticky saliva and let her eyes wander.  From the floors to the ceiling the entire rocky cavern had been caked in weathered gemstones.  How dumb luck had pulled the pirate's nose so keenly to the cave was beyond her.  Head whirling around to fight the suddenly close voice of her sister, she spoke in a horrible monotone Trout hoped she would never have to hear again.  "Go."  Hallucinations were beginning to get on her nerves rather than scare her.

She began, first, dislodging sharp wands of clear quartz from the floor while her brother's molten gold eyes met their matches.  Every time she closed the distance between herself and another body, she sighed in irritation.  Maybe a solitary creature should stay to herself, but she could hardly pass up the chance to find more building material.

The sun-bleached bones on the soft floor caught her eye after she stowed away as many points of clear and rose quartz as she liked.  The captain may have brought her along as a pack mule, or as a bodyguard, but the woman had full intention to do what she pleased with this free time away from Tortuga.

By the time Raikov decided to explore further, Baal was already snoring on the ground, the comfortable coolness of the cave lulling her to peace.

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Re: Take It Back! [Tortugan Raid Party]
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2017, 11:18:36 PM »

Ice blue eyes scanned the crowd once more, finding, yet again, unfamiliar faces. He knew Raikov, the Captain, and could only assume that the lustrous blue pelts of some of their comrades were his relatives. His children were accompanying them, even. Some seemed uncomfortable with the heat, tongues lolling out of parched mouths, showcasing dry teeth. The journey was not that long, though, and Adder felt the heat's inconvenience but it mattered little in the scheme of things to him; he'd dealt with fiery plains his entire life, traded one scorching wasteland for another. He wasn't sure why he'd been given the opportunity to come--he was a new sailor, he hardly knew any of the wolves with which he traveled, but he was proud to have the chance. As annoyed as the heat made him, blue eyes narrowed but never closed with agitation. He had to keep watch. They said that the lands were abandoned, now, but abandoned didn't mean safe, and his Captain had chosen this group for the task; everyone would make it back, if Adder had to carry them himself. Raikov had earned his loyalty when he'd accepted him into the pack, and he fully intended to prove that he was worthy of that acceptance.

He let the others get their fill of the water from the cave first; his black mane had taken in a lot of the sunlight and heat, but he was otherwise fine. Long periods of time without water weren't new to him, either. Once the last wolf had gotten their fill, he moved forward to take his own long drink, if only to fill himself with more energy for their exploration of the caverns.

He waited, patient, silent, for the okay to branch off and seek out finer treasures. He'd only just started to understand their obsession with all things shining. It wasn't one he shared, at least, not yet, anyway. His previous pride had no use for such finery--but this was not his old pride, and he would bend to accommodate the new beliefs. Pirates and their treasure.

He ventured down a wide path, the walls sparkling but not holding his interest for long. At the end of it was a cavern--perhaps some sort of shaman's cave? It was painted vibrantly, blacks and reds and yellows splashed all along the walls in no pattern he could discern. Gourds and other dried husks littered the floor and sat in piles along the walls. In the center, a giant, decorated tortoiseshell; nearly large enough that he could fit inside it if he chose. He pulled it from the wall it leaned against, dusted it off to see just how striking the colors underneath were. He flipped it over, the sound echoing with a loud clatter as it crashed into the gourds, but the shell held sturdy. He hummed thoughtfully, looking from his small satchel to the large shell.

He dragged it along with him, picking bright stones from the walls as he went, tossing them into the shell instead of his pouch. He was sure someone had rope with them--surely they could fashion this up as a second sled, and fill it as full as possible?

Once he finally made it back to the main room, he had a nice little stash worked up, and a gigantic shell pushed out in front of him. "Does anyone have some rope?" He asked, speaking to the group at large for the first time since the journey began. "We can use this as a second sled. I'll haul it back myself once it gets too heavy. It'll save room in our pouches for exploring deeper inside the caves." He suggested, gesturing to the gems and nuggets he'd placed in it along the way.

The lion was unaware of the tensions brewing between certain parties in the group; all he knew was that he had a task, and he intended to finish it. If that meant breaking up a fight or two, or hauling 200lbs worth of loot through a desert back to Tortuga? So be it.


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ooc: if anyone wants to do a separate exploring thread with big n' broody, let me know!

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Re: Take It Back! [Tortugan Raid Party]
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2017, 01:21:29 PM »
With the boundless energy of youth in his veins, the boy ended up doing practically double and triple the distance the adults did in the same trip. He had spent most of the adventure running up and down the ranks, blurred vision not decreasing his enthusiasm to see and explore everything along the way. Zelos was not too wild as to venture away from the large party of Tortugans, and only wandered within the watchful gazes of the adult members, occasionally stopping to grin charmingly at one or another of his vast array of relatives.

Treasure. That was what had brought them here today, and Zelos had a pack that his own aunt Alby had lent to him specifically for this venture, with a gentle request that he bring her something nice in return. Of course, if they had as much luck as they hoped, the boy would be able to do that and more. Once they were led to the cavern by his father, Zelos settled a bit, panting heavily from all of his exertion. With age, he'd come to realize the best ways to conserve energy on long journeys, but until then, his enthusiasm wouldn't be contained. As they padded in, his nose caught the scent of fresh water, immediately followed by the summons from Raikov.

”Eli, Zee, c'mere boys. Come drink.”

Padding forward, he  pressed his side against Eli at the edge of the water for a brief moment, grinning at his dad and returning the kiss before drinking his fill. Much water ended up on his face, but it was cool and refreshing. The only thing keeping him from diving in to cool off was the others who might also like a drink before he got it all sandy and gross.

For a moment, he licked his chops free of the moisture gathering there and looked around.


That was all he needed to hear. With his heart beating wildly, he let out a whoop of joy and came to examine what his father had found, seeing the others spread out to discover all manner of things. It was a treasure trove for certain! Gold winked, crystals shone, and he found himself snatching a couple pieces of his own from the walls nearby. The two lumps of gold fell to the ground and he tucked them into a pouch, listening to the joyous sounds of discovery throughout the party. As he eased past the others, careful to stick within sight of the group still, Zelos found something that looked absolutely fascinating. It was a glittering of blue, like starlight, protruding in a decently sized crystalline formation. Beside it, yellow versions glittered almost gold-yellow, like the sun. It took some doing, but he managed to pry it all off the wall and it too went into that satchel of Alby's.

He also discovered a reddish substance that broke off in chunks, nearly a powder, staining his paws ruddy as he dug at it. "Woah." He wouldn't know it was a dye agent, but it too went to his bags. He turned to rejoin the group when the whelp caught the sight of something fluttering behind a boulder. Carefully, he eased around it to discover a jawbone from something distinctly canid, most of the teeth still there, and a deeply dyed strip of red fabric had been caught among the bones.

A grin lit on his face and sparked in his citrus gaze as he neared it enough for his weakening vision to clear. With a bright laugh, Zelos collected the fabric first and scooped up the jaw next, toting it proudly back to Raikov. "'heck ii ou' D'ah!" he crowed around the piece before setting it down. "I also found some red stuff in the walls. Ya think it'd color somethin' good?" He held out his paw, the one with more of Hebe's pale coloration on it, showing where the near-powder substance had turned it a rosy color. "'s over there!"

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