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I wear the mark of a permanent stain [OPEN]
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:29:38 PM »
Inaria's garden was such an impenetrable knot of foliage - tree branches crisscrossing and interlocked, lush green carpet of grass, thick plumy bushes flowering with bulbous fruit like ornaments -- that it drowned the surrounding environment in greenery. For ages, what Setebos had dismissed as nothing more than a featureless rock wall - a convenient host for creeping vines and moss - had contained a secret that he, and his predecessor, had overlooked. By sheer circumstance, he realized that the cliff face was not merely such, but a cave with the entrance long concealed by branches and boulders. Over time, the barricade of debris slouched just enough to expose a sliver of the cave's entrance, liberating a single shaft of light.

That shaft of light may as well have been the light bulb that appeared over Setebos's head.

Without a clear window into the cave, he could not properly estimate just how much space would be available to him, but Setebos at least knew that there was a cave and it could be utilized. He had been thinking of a place to safely conceal some of their medicine during the winter months, and a cavern within such close proximity to the garden would certainly suffice.

Whoever happened upon the Medic would find him absorbed in this discovery, standing outside the newly-revealed entrance to the cave. He would not notice them until they announced their presence, or made sufficient enough noise to startle him. Setebos blinked, barely even half-interested in entertaining this newcomer -- but the gears of his mind clicked towards a more conducive direction.

"You see that?" Setebos asked, gesturing towards the rock pile. There was still a significant amount of rocks, though they had been loosened from their previously unbreakable formation, and could be maneuvered with some effort. "I'm trying to get inside. Help me move 'em."

That's right, random passerby! You, yes, you, can consider yourself officially recruited to assist in this venture. Apparently expecting no significant protest in the wake of his very authoritarian tone of voice, Setebos resumed his labor, using his head to roll one of the boulders aside.

OOC: hey hey introducing the APOTHECARY, an extension of the Inarian Garden that serves as a hospice and a storage space for herbs

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Re: I wear the mark of a permanent stain [OPEN]
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2017, 04:02:06 PM »
There were, perhaps, myriad reasons for her to come to the garden today. Soothing smells relaxed her, calmed her mind like nothing else, and she needed that mental clarity right now. Her mind kept replaying the fight with Cappella over and over, remembering that brief moment where she'd seen the flicker of something haunted in the other wolf's eyes just before teeth rent her muzzle. It had been a small cut, and was healing nicely, but Sage still wondered if the other girl was alright.

Even now, she didn't doubt Cappella's desire to help Inaria. She just needed to think, and this was the perfect place to do so.

Ambition was never her strong suit. She'd always been the one who stepped in to do whatever needed doing, wherever there was a gap in able bodies. Now, with a new weight of responsibility on her shoulders, she had to figure out how to follow through with her planning. First, she planned on a recruitment, but the new Captain needed to have a training track in place. So many others had stood before her in this spot, and she couldn't fail Ghost and Haven, couldn't fail Inaria as her predecessors had. She wouldn't.

With a groan that was shot through with relief as the vibrant scent of herbs hit her nose, Sage paused in her strides, inhaling deeply of the mingling smells. It was the same as it had always been, the same as she remembered since she was a tiny whelp learning to walk, but it never failed to ease her mind. Sage had always come here when feeling too different from the rest of the Inarian whelps became too much...but that was a time before Ghost's ascension to King had altered the way of things. It made her smile, to remember how much her King and Queen had sacrificed for her and the rest of the pack.

Resuming her walk, her torrential thoughts settled into a pattern, ordering ideas into a linear organization for later use and naming herbs to herself quietly as she passed them. Captain she may be, but she would still continue her Healer's training. As the war had shown, field medics could be quite helpful during triage. Sage tacked on 'general herb knowledge' to discuss with Setebos in regards to her future soldiers.

And think of the devil...a wide grin split her maw as she spotted the orange marked form, her eyes soft as she trotted up to him and noticed he was embroiled in examining what looked to be a hidden cave mouth. Huh. How had she never seen this as a child, when her paws couldn't cease dragging her into wild adventures in the garden? "I guess there's always something new if you look hard enough, huh?" she remarked softly, stepping beside her friend.

"You see that? I'm trying to get inside. Help me move 'em."

Sage turned to look at him, her grin widening and magma eyes flashing with humor. "Oh I get it. Now that I'm Captain you just want me for my muscles." The green girl sat on her haunches, flexing her foreleg comically and waggling her eyebrows. Then, with a feigned, long-suffering sigh, Sage pretended to grouse, though Setebos could see in her eyes if he looked that she was merely teasing him. "I suppose I better get to work then."

And so she did, immediately selecting a large rock and shoving her shoulder into it, attempting to dislodge it and roll it away from the opening. "Watch your toes!" she called out, should anyone be too close to the shifting rocks.

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Re: I wear the mark of a permanent stain [OPEN]
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2017, 05:13:32 PM »
Kieran had taken to staying out of the public eye.

The biting words of his son and Queen, former as he'd learnt from Setebos, still rang in his head as clear as bells. He was almost thankful to pass out on the borders if only to spare him the rest of the speeches they made. He hadn't seen hide nor hair of them, an honestly Kieran preferred to keep it that way. There was a horrendous amount of guilt coiling in his belly like a snake, anxiety prickling at his chest each morning that he awoke. Lying low was his favourite option, and it was made easy by the Healers still tending to his wounds.

They had healed significantly from the time of his acceptance, still visible but less so. The garden of Inaria was a beautiful place, bloated with various plantlife, trees and herbs. It was tended well, and it shown. The Omega spent most of his days huddled toward the back of the dens there, unwilling to go out and find himself a new den. He was a large beast, and yet there was a large part of him that feared what Haylyn and Ghost would do; what wrath he might ignite. He was an Omega, but what did that truly entail? These were changed lands, and he would do well to tread lightly.

Ebony ears perked upward at the sound of voices, the most recognisable being Setebos. The small Medic had helped him greatly when he had first come, despite the uh... incident that happened. They had both silently agreed to never bring it up again. But he pushed his way through the thick foliage, deep blue eyes honing in on the red male.

"You see that? I'm trying to get inside. Help me move 'em."

"Oh I get it. Now that I'm Captain you just want me for my muscles. I suppose I better get to work then. Watch your toes!"

The girl who had entered before him was... the Captain? His interest peeked more so than usual, causing him to step out from the shadows. He had always dreamed of getting back into the Elite guard, of working his way back up in a way that he would matter. That he would atone for his past behaviour. It wouldn't fix things, not by a long shot, but he could try.

Kieran was the largest, the heaviest out of the three but he presented himself meekly behind Setebos and Sage. ”... I can help. If... you need it?” He'd offer, head bowing low again as he waiting for their response. He cursed his own nervousness, his inability to walk in confidently like he once was. Eyes would shift from the Medic to the Captain, both high and respectable ranks. If his offer was rejected, he would nod and shrink back into the shadows.

However, if it was accepted Kieran would straighten up a little more. He took to the opposite side to Sage, muscles shifting and flexing as he placed two paws on a decent sized one to shove it aside. His size and weight were still nothing short of useful, and Kieran would make sure to work hard to shift the excess out of the way to form a small path inside. His shoulder shifted against one of the larger ones, teeth gritting as it crawled slowly across the ground; tail lashing in his wake.

Once the path had been relatively cleared, Kieran panted with the effort; a sense of accomplishment and pride pulsing through him. He offered a smile to Setebos and Sage, though he didn't dare lift his head nor tail high. Air breezed through the cave entrance, Kieran's nostrils flaring at the new scent. The Omega turned to the two others, voice curious. Better him than them.

”I can go first to see if it's dangerous.”
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I hurt myself today
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