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coarse sea salt | open
« on: May 15, 2017, 02:53:56 PM »

     Nimble legs pushed the oriole assassin through the vast woods, greenery just shadowy blurs in her peripherals. Dried blood caked her cheek fur and muzzle, a few spots on her white chest stained a dull pink; leftovers from a previous meal. Practically soundless as she moved, it would have been a miracle for anyone to have noticed the timber streaking through the darkness. There was no threat chasing her, and no prey animal fleeing before her; this was exercise, nothing more. The assassin might have left the old regime of Alteron behind, but her body would remain finely tuned and muscled, so very well muscled; perfection, in a sense of the word. The perfect weapon, but alas, there was no wielder to be found. Blade's worthlessness had been more than apparent, and the rumors of Scimitar's kingdom in the Red Marshes had led her only to one more dead kingdom amidst the swamp flies and murky water.

The nomads' lands had become her home, passing the seemingly endless days with exercise and thought. Much like in Alteron, her talents went used only on unsuspecting prey and the occasional aggressor. It was peaceful, but it reminded her entirely too much of her days in the dying forest. She was as listless now as she had been then, and it brought about an odd, uncomfortable feeling, like a cold rock in her stomach. Of course, things were different too - she bowed to no unworthy master now, and took steps towards her own goals instead of focusing on helping another achieve theirs. Was that selfish of her, to feel happy because she could focus on herself? Dagger certainly didn't feel guilty about her joy. After following Blade for so long like a brainwashed little puppet, it felt.. freeing, finally being able to know herself.

The dusky golden wolf slowed to a stop as she came upon the mossy bank of a gently babbling brook. Her lungs and muscles were burning; a short rest and a cool drink sounded perfect. After lapping up her fill of water, Dagger laid down, crossing her forepaws in front and curling her hind legs beneath her. A soft breeze ruffled the new growth of the forest, and her smudged gold and white fur.

Dagger had to admit, spring in the inbetween was far more beautiful than it ever had been in her old home.

Vaguely, the viper began to realize she could smell salt on the air. Was she close to the ocean? Dagger had been running for a long while, skirting carefully around the purple kingdom of Inaria. The scents of their leaders changed, but the land had a permanent smell to it that Dagger would recognize anywhere. Like the Outlands, Inaria had been an enemy of Alteron - and for such flimsy reasons, too. Perhaps that unjustified hatred had died out along with Rapier. Still, better safe than sorry; Dagger didn't want to take chances.

The assassin had been to the ocean a few times, on rare occasions whenever she had been allowed outside of Alteron's territory. The ocean made her feel so small, the power of the crashing waves and rising tides awe-inspiring. Maybe she would keep pushing forward, and try to find the shoreline. It would be nice to see the ocean again.

open to 2-3 others. i haven't played her in a while and want to start getting her active again, so bear with me as i try to get back into the groove of writing with her!! ty

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i am, i will, so no longer will i lay down, play dead, play your doe in the headlights,
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when push comes to pull comes to shove comes to step around this self-destructing
dance that never would've ended till i rose, i roared aloud here: i will, i am.

i am, i will, so no longer will i lay down, lay dead, play this. kneel down gun-shy martyr,
pitiful. i rose, i roared: i will, i am.

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Re: coarse sea salt | open
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2017, 05:08:09 AM »
nudging this up

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Re: coarse sea salt | open
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2017, 11:45:20 AM »
I'll throw Krauss or Kojak in soon

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Re: coarse sea salt | open
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2017, 10:13:54 PM »
[t r a v e l e r]
ooc; heeeere's traveler, with his typical charm. after a little release of his hidden history. I decided to do it here and there when things trigger him in threads.




          More wandering about in the neutrals, he had half a mind to leave his little nomadic group... But no. No, he couldn't, they were his family now. The only family he had left now... The boy shook his head, realizing how much he hated being alone, a shiver ran down his spine. Suddenly he felt paranoid, and honey eyes turned to look over his shoulder on each side with a grimace. As big as he was, Traveler was a complete and utter chicken, and the thought of being alone without his family made him frightened. Not that he'd ever admit that, ever, after all he was their guard. Self-appointed but that didn't mean it wasn't somewhat accurate. Well... "Not really..." the young Fringe scoffed at himself before drawing his shoulders in in a self-conscious shrug. The ruddy red male cleared his throat and began to walk forward again, he'd recently heard of a new thing called an 'ocean' and was curious to see it. 'Water that never ends' he was told, but that seemed to be impossible, at least in the eyes of a child who had barely seen anything in the world (and even less good). He moved too, with less speed and tenacity than Dagger, but hours ahead...

When he arrived the strange smell of salt water hit him for the first time, his face contorted into a scowl. Eyebrow perked as he edged out of the tree line, cautiously, onto the sand ahead. He looked down, wiggling his toes in the substance, grinning playfully,  he'd felt sand before, once...

...coarse sand was soaking in the blood off the boy's paws, muscles trembling worse than leaves in a tornado, eyes stinging wet with tears. Those too falling, darkening the substance underneath them, had this been a happier occasion the boy would have kicked the golden dirt around but... this was... horrific. Words caught in his throat, body aching, blood everywhere, but it wasn't his, none of it his. COWARD COWARD, some demon in his head screeched, he turned then, from his sandy resting spot, fleeing into the river...

When Traveler's eyes finally cleared up, it dawned on him the look that must be in his eyes, agony, fear, terror, guilt, longing.  He wheezed out a startled yelp and drew his feet back from the sand, staring hard it for a long moment, eyes wild. His breathing was wrong, his heart palpitating, lips quivering, ears tight against his little tuft of head fur. "I-I-I-I-uh... Uh. I. Uh.. And, Oh god. I, I... I'm so sorry." The COWARD sputtered into the nothingness in front of him, having completely forgotten the notion of the ocean until a wave crashed hard against a cliff somewhere nearby. He jumped then, startled, finally looking up, seeing the endless blue in front of him; as if the ocean curled up into the sky, almost no definition or distinction between them. Something still ate at his body, making his limbs feel numb and alive at the same time, but he ignored it now. Fascination tickled him, head cocked to the side with a child-like wonder, tail wagging slightly.

Apprehension still tethered him in place, the first step was rife with hesitation. A soft step down followed by an immediate withdraw, lip twitching again. "The ocean you stupid eff, it's right there. Just. Just. God go effing look at it!" Fangs bared, COWARD. Anger fueled him forcefully out into the sand, eyes pinched tightly shut, running, running, feeling the coarse grains of sand under him. Traveler ran until he felt the sensation of water on his legs and smacking against his chest. Honey orange eyes snapped open, a ragged breath escaped him, fangs bared as he looked down at the water lapping greedily at his ankles as it drew back out to the ocean. "You gonna leave me to?" The boy laughed painfully, licking his lips, watching the tide draw all the way away and then return. "Baby come back!" Snickering as it came back to him, rushing into his legs and hitting the underside of his chest. The Fringe boy stepped back a bit, to avoid getting smacked in his chest again, still standing in the water.

Behind him a golden and obsidian woman would appear, as silent as ghost, not that Traveler expected anyone anyway. Instead he sat silently for some time before feeling his hackles raise up. At first he thought he was just being paranoid again, getting worked up again and ignored it, affirming to himself that he was fine; alone. But nobody really means it when they say that, and as much as he tried to fight the urge, eventually he looked back over his shoulder and to his surprise someone was there. An immediate jump, fullbody, followed by his rising and turning to face Dagger happened after he choked out a yelp. Damn. DAMN. "effing idiot!" A whispering curse to himself, but he'd get it back, he had to, "Heehmmm," he cleared his throat at the pretty woman, "nice day huh?" A boyish grin crept onto his face, he snickered lightly before rising to awkwardly make up whatever gap was between him and the woman, "You come here often?" And like any man, he did that typical upwards nodding motion that always went with that phrase.

Was this how Traveler died? Flirting with an assassin?
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.played by eclipse.

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Re: coarse sea salt | open
« Reply #4 on: June 13, 2017, 03:09:02 AM »
The dragon and chaotic huntress had more in common than met the eye; he almost backed away from the very awkward situation upon hearing a jumble of words molded by the same throat.  The vowels and consonants swam in his mind and muddled his thoughts into an annoying alphabet soup and he curled his lip taught against his teeth, flicking his tongue in irritation.

He gurgled offensively at the babbling one, ushering a decisive snort that tore his bloodshot gaze away from Traveler and to the just-as-likely uncomfortable woman.  He slowly worked his cogs around the two, the mosaic slowly forming into something he could see without wanting to vomit.  He weeded out the meaningless reds and whites to yellow, some brown color that insulted his eyes.  The insane nomad clamped his throat hard with an unfinished swallow, a little choke bubbling up purposefully.

"You come here often?"

"Yes," Krauss answered in place of the woman without giving her a chance.  He jabbed a cream-tipped paw in Traveler's direction.  "Never seen you around these paths, though."  Unfamiliar faces weren't exactly rare in the forest, but this particular one really hurt his ears and he immediately wanted him to quit talking.  Had they been alone, maybe the red-brown male would have been slobbering more, screaming his own hymns (praying to himself, always himself) and spitting white foam onto the floor.  Today was a more docile day, maybe.

He wasn't so full of himself to attack anything on sight, but the way Traveler made his head buzz was simply... disheartening.  "You talk a lot," Krauss pointed out gruffly again, blinking in reflex to the sight of Dagger.  She looked like someone he used to know.  Ah, Kross, was it?  He didn't really care to remember.  One would probably like to think he was charming and even, and maybe he was for a few seconds.

Krauss was harmless in all senses, yes?

Lean, spindly form shuddered and his snout wrinkled tightly, gums bleached white with the pressure he applied to himself.  Flinty muzzle pointed to nothing in particular, an indiscernible growl offending the dainty and hardy ears alike, "A whooole loooooottttttt."  Maybe the lack of social interaction for years had changed a socially awkward anarchist into something ugly, shivering, and irate.

Krauss always made the headlines whether he wanted to or not.  It was a talent, really.

Muzzle pointed at Dagger.  "Wanna run or somethin'?"

Might get ugly, he didn't really know how to predict himself.  Little ladies knew to stay out of trouble~ But he felt mischief running through this one.