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i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
« on: May 14, 2017, 12:28:35 PM »
COME GETCHUR ARMOR-er, i mean rANK kudosifyougetthereference

Aela winced as a lance of fire went through her shoulder and gritted her teeth against the pain. Her shoulder had never really healed right after she'd fallen on it and then that pink bastard had sunk his teeth in so deep during the battle with Saboro that his fangs had hit bone and left a crack. It didn't always hurt but some days it gave her a fit, radiating pain in pulses that made her want to snarl and made working extremely difficult.

She wasn't as young as she used to be.

She slowed her patrolling pace to a crawl and lifted bright blue eyes to peer across the border. It had been so long ago that a lost, young wolf had stumbled upon Gemini looking for a place to belong. Somewhere she could fit in, do something good, something meaningful with her life. Serrate had welcomed her in, accepted her into Gemini as one of their own without hesitation.

The Strider had never experience such kindness before, not out in the Inbetween and especially not out beyond the Fringe where every soul was out for themselves. It was survival of the fittest unless you banded together with other like-minded individuals. Countless times she'd tucked herself hidden away in bushes and hollows of trees or between boulders to avoid detection by roving bands of vagabonds or hellions that would as soon as kill, eat or enslave you as help you.

How many souls had she accepted in her time since joining Gemini? How many kids had she saved? Not enough. If there was even one flickering light of life out there that was in need of help or shelter from the viciousness of the wild then her work would not be done. It seemed like in recent days more and more lost souls had flocked to them and she was finally reaching the point of exhaustion. Aela missed her son terribly and wanted desperately to stay by his side until he woke up but she had a job to do. She consoled herself with the fact that he was alive and held onto the hope that he would wake up soon...

Aela wasn't sure how many more patrols she could do, she was fatigued, stressed, and felt on the verge of breaking. With some of her rangers out of commission, others gone off to help on the Tjenu expedition her ranks were stretched pretty thin again. She needed more paws. She considered her options, would Serrate mind her taking the initiative and calling in and ranking brand new Recruits? Thinking about the Queen and the state she'd been in when she'd last seen her made her mouth pull down into a grim line. The red Queen wasn't in any condition to care about anything at the moment.

The golden grass swayed against her legs as she threw back her head and released a long call to summon those lost or wandering without homes. Come to me, her message read, join me. The Strider took a seat to rest her aching paws and sighed heavily, did she look as tired as she felt? She tried to paste on a warm, welcoming smile but she worried that it did not quite reach her eyes. This was her first time doing something like this but she took a deep breath and calmed herself. It's going to be just like the Ranger Recruitment, she told herself. Though after she remembered how terrible that went after Shroxx showed up she thought better of it and decided that this was not going to be like the Ranger Recruitment. Hopefully. Please, stars, Aela prayed fervently, don't like me eff this up.

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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2017, 05:05:17 PM »
Kaden trailed behind Aela, noticing as she stopped to rest. He had been there when she took the hit from a Saboran wolf, trying to drag them in. Serrate had warned them of such brutality, and he had been content on losing his life if it meant Aela could survive, to help those still in need. That was the day they started to appreciate each other. When that spark started to ignite.  His own sore paws needed a rest, so as Aela paused in thought, he came up beside her and sat.

Yah been workin’ too hard, love.” Aela had always worked hard, that determination more than what he expected of anyone. She had a lot on her plate, but Kaden would be there for her to pick up the slack if she needed it. She had things to worry about like Falon and the other children. Work was not the most important, even if she felt like it was. Kaden would support her though, no matter what.

She howled then, calling those close to the border to come, and perhaps any of the other remaining rangers. The brown ranger would help his mate with recruitment of course, as he was under her wing. “I’ll help yah, Mrs. Strider.” he’d say as he nudged her leg with his elbow. He was a lot smaller than his mate, but he didn’t want to bump that bad shoulder of hers. “Maybe someone else will help w’t t’task.

One could only hope.

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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2017, 12:20:04 AM »
Exhaling strongly through his nose that was currently pressed up against the ground, Echo sneezed through the dust that had just joyously been sucked up his nose.  He shook his head, clearing his face of the particles, and his ears pinned forward as the call broke across Gemini.  A slight smirk crossed his face as the sound of Aela howl echoed, he liked the minty green lady, she was a fighter and incredibly gentle, two things he respected.  He had admired her when they came across the feline that had mistakenly taken Equinox for a deer, which might have been understandable if deer had fluffy tails and weird whimsical, musical horns.  (PS they DON'T). 

Snorting the last of the dust from his nose, Echo took off in the direction of the call.  He hadn't been far, he'd started the day trying to give most of the other Rangers a break, Aela in particular.  Though Echo wasn't actually ranked as a Ranger, he was a Peacekeeper, but most of the Rangers were out of commission at the moment, or, out on a mission somewhere, so it left the Rangers a little dry for recruiting, he'd show up and help Aela out any way he could. 

Padding up to the spot where the Strider had made her call, his frowned a bit to see that only he, Kaden, and Aela were there so far.  Maybe more would show.

Wearing his killer smile, and seeing just how worn the poor minty green lady was, he'd try to put a smile on her face, as well as her mate (he had eyes on someone else anyway, but who's to say he still couldn't flirt.) 

"Miss Aela! A pleasure as always to see such a beautiful lady as yourself..." He said, before quickly addressing her mate before he would get his throat ripped out (if he could reach it). "And Mr. Kaden, wonderful to see you too sir." He smiled, and plopped his ass down a slight ways away from the couple.  "Quite the turn out." He said, nodding softly, overlooking the vast amount of no one that was currently there.  Maybe a few crickets chirping, or frogs croaking. Licking his lips he turned to the couple, turning serious for a second, "I may not be able to offer much, but I'm here to help if I can, tell me what you need me to do."

Then, back to normal, without missing a beat, "...Like go find you some recruits, I doubt crickets and frogs will do."


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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2017, 09:47:23 AM »
How cute. The butt-kissing brigade was in town.

Liv would have responded to the call with gusto, except such emotions were not really conjured by the word 'recruit' and 'gathering' for her. If anything, the lack of Rangers was quite depressing. And pathetic. Whilst Echo frowned, Liv only raised an eyebrow. She walked forward, noticing that a Peacekeeper had stumbled in like an hopeless substitute teacher but as long as he could deliver a 'nay' or 'aye' answer on what recruits would cut the mustard, who was she to judge? Well, she was an actual Ranger, so she could judge quite well, actually.

Echo and Kaden seemed ready to wet themselves with excitement, which provided a suitable contrast to her own feelings on the meeting. She certainly hoped that the two hellhounds she had recently accepted would show up, if they had not attended one of the other many recruitments that were in progress. She had not accepted layabouts, and never would.

"Four's a good number," she commented sarcastically, nodding to Aela with nothing more than controlled professionalism, she did not believe in kicking the dog whilst it was down. "In all seriousness, chin up, Greenie, more will show up. It's not like there is a shortage on subordinates around here."

Unlike Rangers, anyway. But Liv held her tongue on that front. It was admirable that, despite her clear discomfort and stress, Aela was holding a recruitment at all.

It was also rather nice that she had a support network around her. For a moment, Liv felt a tinge of envy. She had effectively isolated herself from others in a bid to spare her own feelings and dedicate herself purely to work. For a while, it had worked but, as she had become more accustomed to Gemini and its inner workings, she was slowly suffering the early symptoms of loneliness.

Such a feeling would not become evident for some time, but the foundations were already forming. 


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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2017, 10:33:53 AM »
[i a e r a]
ooc; i lied. i came much later than planned. short but here. I figure she can watch if nothing else.
She had heard the call, Rangers, Aela, recruitment? She wasn't sure of that last word but she certainly knew the first two. The first two were part of the recommendation made by Akira that she consider double ranking as a Ranger on top of her new promotion to Whisper. So the small woman nodded and moved towards the call, she wasn't entirely sure who she might see there, but was excited to see Aela again and tell her that she had already gotten a rank and was already learning better English. Hopefully her acceptor would feel she'd made the right decision in allowing the small Latin wolfdog in. Iaera could only hope at least as she tried to walk a little bit more confidently, still somewhat terrified of being around this many others. She gulped cautiously as she arrived, this go around she wasn't sure what to expect or what she would be expected to say or do and her English was better but certainly still lacking some major gaps in proper communication.

Iaera imagined that Rangers shouldn't mime at the borders. She also imagined it was important to know every word someone coming in to the pack was saying with confidence.

But the lady in charge (Akira) had told her to try so, and Iaera wasn't about to not. She could learn, she could at least get a grasp on what all she'd need to be able to do, perhaps focus more on that in the lessons she was supposed to be getting from Iridescent soon. Yeah, she'd do that, the anxious woman affirmed to herself right before coming out of the brush towards Aela and the small group already there. She knew none of them, and they maybe looked faintly familiar from the gathering but were otherwise, strangers. At least some of these people were more Iaera's size and less giants than what she'd typically come across, with the exception of Echo. The small wolfdog skirted his presence obviously, and moved to a position nearer to Aela, the only one she knew in the group. Though she beamed a warm smile at everyone else as she passed, her body language was that of one very nervous.

"Hallo Aela! Est good to see you." The Whisper began softly, those listening would pick up the subtle nuances of her Latin accent, typically strong sounding, it had a mesmerizing quality when mixed with her delicate voice. "Got Whisper job, but was told to come to for see if any good at Ranger job too. So ah, came to see what need to know," she'd look at Aela, embarrassed still of her broken English around others, "so that can focus on for in English lesson from new friend ah, Iridescent." Livid might recognize the name. Then the tan and gray woman would simply nod shyly and sit back a little bit, still somewhat cautious of this encounter.

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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
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The day had started out well enough for the hellhound with a fluke for a tail. He'd swam in the ocean and enjoyed a meal on the black sand beach, even had a visit with the beautiful female Sea Wolf. Their interactions had become a daily occurrence, something he thanked the Mother for every time. The female was huge, in comparison, and it amazed Anky how gentle such a large being could be. Often they would porpoise along the surface together like old friends, it truly seemed that way to him, that he'd known the matriarch his whole life. Surely their souls had known each other in another life. This day was no different, after some time the female would 'speak' to him, bidding him farewell, using the call she only used for him before she disappeared into the depths.

Just like most days, Anky had left the beach to explore the grasslands above, today he followed a stream to a small pool of crystal clear water. The bottom was littered with smooth stones that glittered in the refracted light of the sun. As he stood, chest deep in the water watching the light playing off the stones, he noticed small bugs hiding in crevasses, their tiny front arms moved as if they were dancing. It was only this movement that gave way their position, once Anky had spotted one it seemed like the whole pool suddenly filled with them, or perhaps he simply hadn't noticed them before. They blended in perfectly with the palette of browns and grays, as he watched he realized they weren't bugs at all but small versions of the lobster he'd seen in the ocean. How odd, they were so small, maybe only as big as one of his toes, colored in a mottled grayish pattern that mimicked the play of the light. Curious as always the hellhound drove his face into the water, mouth open in an attempt to snatch up one of these tiny lobsters. He made contact and pulled his face free of the pool, using his tongue to analyze the thing he'd caught... a rock. What a mighty hunter we have here. He spat out the rock and tried again another rock, blue eyes looked through the water, his quarry was still there, directly below him, how did he miss it? This time he decided to go for a stealthy approach, sliding his nose below the surface, keeping his eyes on the target, slowly he went until his entire face was in the water. In this fresh water, it was easy to keep his eyes open. Opening his mouth slowly, as to not scare away the prey, he was about to lunge when the call touched his submerged ears.

A call, somewhere nearby, Anky ripped his head from the water and listened, his quarry forgotten. It was coming from behind him, it was the first time he'd heard a summons from his new home. Unsure if it was for him, he was not about to give up the chance to meet more of his new pack and perhaps prove himself useful as the Lady Livid had instructed him to do. Water churned around him as he trudged to the bank, taking off at a brisk lope when he hit dry land, in what he hoped was the right way. He held his tail fluke straight out behind him and lifted his eyes to the shapes that were forming in the distance, a shiver ran down his spine as he recognized a familiar blue shape, the Lady Livid. The other five bodies were unfamiliar to him, a smaller female, two males and... his eye widened as he took in the large female. She too carried an unusual coat, a stunning shade of blue, or was it green, a few days ago the colors would have floored him but after being introduced to a female who glowed in the night, her coloring was simply a happy surprise.

The black hellhound slowed as he reached the gathering, trying to decide if he wanted to park himself near the Lady Livid. He reminded himself he wasn't here for a social call despite his desire to speak with the stunning female again, instead, he sat near the smaller female. She seemed to be foreign and unsure of herself, his ears perked as he caught the end of her sentence, Iridescent, he knew that name. Once she was done speaking, Anky calmed his nerves and added his voice to the gathering.

My name is Ahklut, Lady Livid was kind enough to allow my stay in this land just a few days past. He nodded to the female as he said her name. I have no role yet but I would like to be useful and lend my services where they are needed. His heart beat faster as he spoke, he didn't speak in groups very often and he wanted to make a good impression. Tell me what need you have, I may be small and not much of a fighter but I shall do my best. Anything for the Lady Livid, he wanted to add but didn't.

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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
« Reply #6 on: May 17, 2017, 08:16:29 PM »
Wandering was really the only thing he'd done for... ages. It felt like an eternity. Especially for him, who wasn't exactly as young as he used to be. Middle age could do a number on the body, and living without a pack around him certainly did not make it easier. His banishment still clung to him, like a sour taste in the back of his throat. Now he had nowhere to go, not really. No, and he knew it was his own fault. Pride and ignorance that weighed him down like stones tied to his neck. Ghosts that nipped at his heels at he walked, constantly clawing at his thoughts. Where had he gone wrong? Where would he go from here?

The hellhound's long legs made it easy to travel through the grass, although it still tickled his skin through the thin fur on his chest and stomach. He'd grown much skinnier over the last few months than he'd like. And the way the sun shone made his sight even worse. Squinting as he slowly plodded his way through the grassland, he notices a faint scent. It takes a moment to process as he stops, slitted nostrils flaring and mouth opening as he tries to catch the scent better. Wolves, his mind fills in. A pack. Raising his head up, he glances around to try to get a better gauge of where things are. But because of how bright it was, he just couldn't seem to see very far. Unfortunate. With a sigh of frustration he keeps walking, picking up the pace slightly. There's a hill nearby, and he heads there just so he can try to see a bit further.

A sound catches his attention before he can make it there. Pausing, it takes him a moment to process it. A call, a howl, from someone who wants people to come to them. Was there anything to lose by investigating? Thinking about this, he runs his tongue over his teeth. Was the pack looking for members maybe? He obviously could smell them on the wind, and he must have wandered within hearing distance of the border. A breeze rustles the grass and blows through his fur, ruffling his long and somewhat curly fluff around his scruff and neck. The message from the call was clear though. Join them.

With nothing left to lose, he trots in the direction of the sound. As he gets closer, his posture changes from low and hesitant to more upright, more confident. Stricklander would not present himself as being unconfident, because that would get him nowhere. Doubt always bites at his guts, especially when he hears voices and can see several wolves gathering. He puts on his best and most charming smile, slowing down his trot to a walk. Yellow and red eyes were still somewhat narrowed due to the brightness, but he would do his damnedest to look friendly. Strickler honestly had no idea who they were, or where this is, but with a little conversation he's sure he'll figure it out.

"Ah, greetings." He says, pausing just far enough away they can see and hear him, but not getting too close. One can never know who might be unfriendly, or pulling some sort of trickery. "I heard a summons, and came to investigate. Curiosity has gotten the better of me in this case it seems." A chuckle escapes him. The hellion's voice is a bit rough, but it's been a while since he's actually held a conversation with anyone. Hope for the moment is quietly contained, because he refuses to allow himself to fall into the trap of hoping for something good right now. Hoping for good is what gets him into trouble. Instead he'll expect the worst and prepare for it.
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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
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                                                              ooc: sorry this is short and not that great, I just wanted to get something up before I forgot!

Vincent's many days of wandering the lands had taken him to see many different sights and sounds, had allowed him to meet many people and see many things--but they'd yet to lead him somewhere he actually felt like staying for any length of time. The packs he'd encountered were kind, yes, but they knew all the same things his old pack had as far as healing went, and he needed to find a place where he'd be able to learn and grow as a doctor. He'd done his own fair share of experimenting, sure, but there was only so much one could do when you also had to be watching your back for larger predators or otherwise hostile animals.

He'd heard rumors of a newer pack toward the seas, one that had originally been run by hellhounds, vicious beasts from beyond the fringe. Vincent took the rumors with a grain of salt, aware that life beyond the fringe was not nearly as terrifying as they'd said, nor were the hellhounds they so feared. They were normal, for the most part, if a bit odd looking. Still, he thought they sounded promising, so he headed towards where he thought they were stationed, following along the coast as much as he could. He wasn't used to the salty sea air, or the sand underneath his black-speckled paws, but it felt good to have a destination in mind other than the vague place he'd been looking for before.

Vincent's confident that he's getting close when he hears it--a howl, long and loud and calling out to whatever passers-by. He heads towards the sound, since it's a call to arms, a welcoming. By the time he arrives, several others have already shown up. They're gathered around a green and black girl, a tan male at her side. Golden eyes assess the situation; she's favoring one leg, she seems tired. He runs over all the possibilities in his head, all the roots and herbs he could use to help her, what part of a kill would be the most nourishing to help her regain her strength. Vincent shakes himself out of his stupor, closing his eyes briefly as he takes a moment to gather himself. There are other wolves, too--brown, greyscale, a mixture of both, and even a few of the hellhounds the land was infamous for seemed to have joined the fray. Everyone seemed friendly enough, though he was too far away to really hear any of the conversation.

After a brief pause, he came up towards them, stopping just a few feet short of the black and white wolf with the strange tail. "Hello," He said, his voice rough from disuse but no less soft for it, "I'm Vincent. I heard your call," He explained, pausing for a moment to flick his ear at his own redundancy. Clearly he'd heard her call; why else would he have shown up? "If this is Gemini, I think I'd like to join your ranks. I heard that there's a wealth of knowledge here, and I'd like to share what I know about healing and learn more myself, if you'll have me." He'd said his piece, and now he'd wait to see how he was received.

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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
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Excalibur peered tentatively over the edge of the cliff, her claws scraping on the edge, dislodging small pebbles that clattered away, tumbling and bouncing, before spinning out of sight. Her grey fur was fiercely blown back by a rush of sea spray laden wind that surged up the cliff face from the growling ocean below. Unable to keep her eyes open against the blast she pulled back, fur ruffled and salty and shook herself to break the sudden chill that had gripped her. So this was it. The edge of the world. She has come as far as she could go. Narrowing her eyes against the wind she looked out over the expanse of wind tossed waves. Here and there the monotony of grey blue was broken by a dark and hazy jut of rock, but mostly it just stretched on, unending, until it vanished into the horizon. The edge of the world was not quite what she was expecting, though she didn't really know what she had been expecting. Darkness perhaps? The world to just fade into twilight then blackness? Perhaps this was not the end of the world then? Not that it mattered in the end she thought bitterly, she could not cross it so it was the end for her.

This was also her first time seeing the ocean, she had to grudgingly admit it was breath taking beautiful. Before this the largest body of water she had seen had been a large lake back in Albion. Her lip curled as thoughts of home assailed her. It wasn't home any more she reminded herself, that lake was the place her beloved brother Arthur had been drowned by her other dear murderous, power grabbing, vajayjay of a brother Camlann. How she hated him. Aside from killing Arthur he had thrown her out, humiliated her, forced her to wander wilds as nothing, just a lone wolf and she used to a Sword! One of the brightest and best in the pack, answering only to her King! Now look at her. She had been forced to grub around for enough to eat, sometimes resorting to carrion and insects. She could still remember the first beetle she had been forced to crunch down, a great big shiny black thing that had waved it's legs piteously as if for mercy. Camlann had shown her mercy by not killing her he had said. Ha! She was better than this, all of this! She growled in rage and slammed a paw down on a wandering ant that had the misfortune to be where it was, crushing it.

Smooshing the ant did little to improve her mood and she sat down heavily, staring out at the expanse of water, her jaw clenched as she chewed over the problem of what to do next. She sat there for sometime, wind whipping around her as she brooded. She should go back to Albion and kill that bastard! She wanted to, her revenge would be so sweet, she'd make it so slow and painful... But she knew she'd never get near him, she would be killed on sight. She was never going back.

Come to me, join me.

The howls message was clear even if a little muffled by the wind. A pack nearby and an invitation? How timely, suspiciously so. A first she just ignored the call; not her pack, not her problem.  Though... It had been a while since she had been in a pack. It wasn't that she was lonely per se... But a pack did mean certain luxuries... Security and rank being the main ones that came to mind. She didn't have either of those things right now so it would be a step up. The only problem was she didn't know anything of this place, or who this caller was, and she was well beyond offering out blind trust and just hoping for the best. Besides, what did they have to offer her? That's what she wanted to know. They should be glad to have her - she was convinced anyone would be - she was Excalibur and she was just better. It couldn't hurt to ask she supposed, presuming this wasn't a trap to see who was sulking around close to their borders. Getting to her feet she trotted in the direction of the sound, ears up and cautious all the time.

There was quite the gathering going on already by the time she got there and she slowed as she approached looking for any sign of guile or aggression. Seeing none she picked up her pace again, and approached the group head high - a fine a worthy specimen sure get noticed, she thought. "Hello," She said, politely enough if not in a particularly friendly way, eyes sweeping around the gathering, unsure who was in charge here. There seemed to be quite a few locals by the smell of them and a couple of outsiders as well. She didn't linger on the oddity that was the Hellion, such beasts were common in her home lands, less so in these parts. "I am Excalibur. What is this place?" Just a blunt question. Not bold overtures about joining and loyalty and all that piss yet she thought, if they seemed worthy of her, or at the very least not completely crazy, then she would consider it but not until.
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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
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OOC: Sorry it's a little short, wanted to get this up x.x

A gentle breeze swept through the grass under black and white paws as the female sucked in a breath. The ground beneath her feet felt soft and welcoming, and even the air tasted good in her new home. It was a good feeling, to have achieved one of her goals. She'd made it to the place she'd wanted to call home since the first whisper of the pack had crossed her ears and was welcomed on the border. After a brief tour of Gemini from Echo, she'd wandered the land again herself, picking up on the smaller details that the Ranger hadn't pointed out.

Now she stood above the beach, watching the tide sweep in along black sand. She had been curious about the huge fish that strange old wolf had babbled on about; so far, she'd seen black fins sliding out of the water, but they had come no closer yet. It had only been a few days, though, and nothing if not patient. But there were other things she had to do today; just because she was new did not excuse her from doing her duty.

It was as these thoughts crossed her mind that she head a long summons lift into the air. Perfect! she thought, heading for the call.

As she approached, the first wolf she spotted was a sea green female, clearly leading the gathering. It was safe to assume she'd made the summoning call. The only other one she recognized was Echo, the brown male who'd given her the honor of joining Gemini. She gave him a nod before awaiting her turn to speak. While she waited, she looked over the others who had showed up. It was quite an eclectic selection of creatures. There were several wolves who appeared normal, but there were also some strange wolves. A black male with what appeared to be a fish tail and an oddly lanky, horned green wolf with teeth that seemed to point every direction. As rude as it was, she couldn't tear her gaze away from the strange pair until the gray female who arrived right before her started talking. When she finished, Zura stepped forward.

"I am new here, but I would love to offer my assistance. It would certainly please me to help the Rangers on the borders, if you could use me."

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Re: i'm giving it all i've got[MASS ACCEPTANCE/RANK]
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Aela was deeply grateful for her mates presence, drawing in his scent and his warmth like a protective shield than calmed her nerves and centered her. She gave him a quick, affectionate lick on the cheek before turning to watch the recruits file in one by one. The first of which was Echo, a familiar face she'd worked with in the past and she gave him a friendly dip of her head in acknowledgement.  "Quite the turn out." Her blue eyes dazzled with amusement at his dry sense of humor.

"Oh yeah, it's crazy." 

"I may not be able to offer much, but I'm here to help if I can, tell me what you need me to do." Her lips curves in a gracious smile when he shifted his tone and became serious for a heartbeat. But then it was gone within the next breath.  "...Like go find you some recruits, I doubt crickets and frogs will do." Aela chuckled and shifted her paws, chin lifting a bit she pinned him with a knowing stare. "Patience, my friend."

"Four's a good number,"

Sapphire orbs turned to see the new arrival and she smiled to see that it was Liv. Her Ranger had an attitude but if Aela was one to bet she would have bet on their being a soft core to the dark girl. "It is. But more than four would be even better." Aela sighed. Echo and Liv were great individuals but she wanted new recruits, not ranked members. Still, their support was appreciated and it was always nice to catch up. "Hallo Aela! Est good to see you." The Strider turned with a wide smile to see the dusty gray brown girl approaching them. "Iaera!How are you my dear?"

The blue-green fringe listened attentively as she explained how she was a Whisper now and wanted to be a Ranger as well. And someone called Iridescent was helping them along with their speech lessons. "What wonderful news! The Rangers would love to have you." And then one of Liv's Recruits stepped forward and Aela couldn't help but to stare at his strange anatomy. He looked relatively normal for a wolf all except or his tail which was not like a normal canines but much more like a fishes. How... unique.

"Well, Ahklut, you seem straightfoward and confident enough to be a Ranger, if you find that it suits you. If not, and you're not a fighter, you could always see about joining the Acolytes? They're more healers than fighters."

"Ah, greetings." She lifted her eyes to a creature that was definitely a descendant of hellions but she no longer feared hellhounds or hated them as a whole. Her surprise and delight at finding someone new showed on her face as she gestured him closer to their gathering. "Hello there! I'm Aela, the Strider of Gemini. Welcome!"

 "I heard a summons, and came to investigate. Curiosity has gotten the better of me in this case it seems."

She answers his chuckled with one of her own, "Curiousity usually gets the better of me as well. Would you like to join us and see all that Gemini has to offer you mister.. uh? ?" Her eyes drifted over his shoulder, towards the hidden dangers that lurked in the chaos of the neutrals. "As a Ranger you would be patrolling a lot, you'd get to keep our borders safe and bonus, you'd get to see how beautiful this place is."   She let him think about it for a few minutes before moving onto another new face.

His markings were asymmetrical and he had a pair of glittering golden eyes that caught and held her attention.  "Hello, I'm Vincent. I heard your call," Oh good, she was worried she hadn't been projecting enough. "If this is Gemini, I think I'd like to join your ranks. I heard that there's a wealth of knowledge here, and I'd like to share what I know about healing and learn more myself, if you'll have me." She wondered for a moment how he knew Gemini had a wealth of knowledge here. Blue eyes shifted to the birds fluttering overhead and she narrowed her eyes in annoyance. The only thing those feather brains were any good for was gossiping. Tweeting away.

But still. If he really knew a thing about healing.. "We'd love to have you Vincent, welcome to Gemini. Find Hawthorn or Jasmine, they're our Medics and they can help you learn more about herbs." Excaliber's soft voice brought her eyes to the small grey shewolf and Aela smiled warmly, "A place of safety, happiness and shelter to those in need. Do you need safety, happiness or shelter? Then you've come to the right place!" [gameshow host voice]

"I am new here, but I would love to offer my assistance. It would certainly please me to help the Rangers on the borders, if you could use me."

Aela turned this time to see a dazzling blue girl standing in front of her, also completely unfamiliar to her and she nodded once. "I'd love to have you as a Ranger, uh, blue.. stripped.. lady.." I am so nailing this, she thinks as she screams internally.

aela tells echo to chillax
haha liv u funny
Iaera becomes a Ranger
Anky becomes a Ranger/Acolyte? [whichever you prefer? both?]
Aela looks at Stricklander and goes who u? wanna job? be a ranger pls
Vincent becomes an Acolyte
Aela invites Excaliber up to spin the Wheel o Fortune
Azurella becomes a Ranger

new people you can still post also <3
just wanted to keep this moving

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