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She stretches, still recovering from the trip to and from Inaria. It had been a rough season since the death of the young prince. There was a sadness that seemed to wash over the kingdom, a strange melancholy.  She thought nothing of it at first, feeling sadness herself. Although she hadn’t known the heir, there was something to be said about the insecurity of the people.

She was worried about how newcomers might feel. It was her job to worry about that she supposed. As a whisper. She, as far as she knew, was supposed to give people advice, and help them accumulate. Learn about them, find out their secrets, their stories, their pasts.  A diplomat and a teacher.

She wasn’t a delinquent here, not in the way she had been in her previous life. She was important in her own way.

She wonders, curiously, about if there had been more whispers, than just herself and Warlock since the trip. If there where it would be important to meet them she supposed. She stretches out a bit more, walking briskly through their forest. Where was a good place to meet up. Where exactly was It that events usually happened.

The beach? No. How cliché and boring was that.  She wanders more, through there territory, thinking about the best place. She moves through until she can just see the castle, she didn’t want to wake anyone important after all.

And after that she barks, not like a wolf or a dog, but like a coyote, a weird yap. “Hello!”she yells out. “I’M LOOKING FOR WHISPERS.” She would yell. Quite an oxymoron, eh? She knew that none of the whispers would know her or her voice, so just howling for them would be stupid.

If anyone shows up she will smile politely, looking over them with her only eye, a bit cautious still. She wasn’t a woman who took kindly to letting people know her secrets. It was ok though, lying to these people wouldn’t matter much if she had too.  Her tail, wags once or twice, pleased that people showed up at all.

“Hello.” She would greet. “My name is Margo, and I’ve been a whisper for a while. I just got back from Inaria.” She would tell them. That would be all that was said about this. “I realized, that there might be whisper’s that I didn’t know about, so maybe stopping and talking and discussing our job would be a good idea.” She would tell them.  “Discuss the craft and all.”

She would smile a bit, looking up at the other wolves was more than likely she was so small. “And, if you’re hear and you aren’t a whisper, well, we can discuss that, I’m not in charge, but I’m sure whomever is wouldn’t turn away any hard working wolves who want to learn about this…craft.”

“So, lets introduce ourselves.” She says grinning.  ”And share what we know about being a whisper.
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Re: Self Appointed Hall Monitor (WHISPER MEETING//RECRUITMENT)
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[i a e r a]
ooc; iaera is excited to meet someone else vertically challenged.
The wind was dancing in a lovely warm breeze this morning, and she laid at the edge of her freshly dug den to enjoy it tickle her. Lazy purple eyes blinked, looking around at her surroundings, in the distance the Old Willow stood out. She'd selected a willow at the end of the grove of whisping trees who hung down like those beaded doors in the 70s. One of the longer strands swung down in the wind and slid across her side, caressing her like a lover. The small wolfdog sighed lightly, and tumbled over gently to face the inside of her den before stretching. It was a beautiful morning, above she could hear birds chirping in her tree, fluttering about lighter than air. She made a mental note to plant flowers that might attract hummingbirds to her home as well. All in all it was a fantastic time to be awake, she rolled again, back to face the outside. Studying the dew drops on the grass lazily, Iaera sighed pleased, for the first time in a long time she had a lovely, quiet, home.

“Hello!”she yells out. “I’M LOOKING FOR WHISPERS.”

Or at least, she thought so. The shout startled her, small body jumping, fur on end and ears pinned back against her head. Way to eff up her morning Margo. Iarea gulped and roused herself, adrenaline now pumping in her body. Whomever had called wasn't all that far from her, just over one of the little branches of the river nearby the Castle. Ragged breathing finally steadied and Iaera realized that the call had been for her, she was a Whisper now. The small wolfdog licked her lips softly and shook off a layer of dust from her den floor. It seemed strange to be called for, especially in that manner, but perhaps it was just that Iaera was not entirely used to the ways of the pack wolf yet. So the gray and tan maiden simply shrugged it off and rose to her paws to move towards the summons. The woman was interested to say the least as she moved through the brush in an almost feral manner. The small creature had no lived so long in solitude unharmed for naught.

Iaera was a slinky creature, speedy and to the ground, and depending on the sensitivity of the ear, impossible to detect. A predator that had learned to be smart prey to survive; with all the bells and whistles of a savage hunter. As she approached Margo, she did so from behind, tiny paws taking the most delicate steps in the soft grass and dirt. A perfect time of year to not have to worry about snapping twigs and crackling fallen leaves, the perfect time for Iaera to move. Once Margo was in sight, the little wolfdog grinned slightly, it was lovely to finally see an adult with a stature similar to her's. Perhaps the fellow tiny woman would sense her, Iaera wondered if they had that trait in common. Regardless, she would stay her course cautiously, before pushing out of the brush and moving past Margo with little sound until she turned to offer a friendly smile to the other Whisper. "Hallo," she greeted softly, Latin accent coating the word before she settled slightly distant from the coywolf.

She waited for others, and finally Margo spoke. Iaera nodded softly, she got most of what was said and waited. When it was time to speak, the little wolfdog sat up determined to speak her best English possible. "Hallo, I est Iaera. I ah, apologize for my English. I have friend who said will teach better," she would beem at Margo, and if Iridescent happened to arrive, motion towards her. "Very new to home and Whisper job. Not know much 'cept we teach and sometime go place like ah," what was the word Meissa had used? "messenger." The little woman would look at Margo, trying to avoid the fact she now noticed that the red and speckled was missing an eye. "Live alone for many year, good at travel, good at ah," still didn't know the word 'sneaky', "no be seen." Then gesture at her size, before settling back into her place to allow anyone else to speak, offering them encouraging smiles.

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Re: Self Appointed Hall Monitor (WHISPER MEETING//RECRUITMENT)
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2017, 01:06:52 PM »
Today, the star child was found snoozing on another flat rock beneath the shade of a tree.

Skylar had spent most of the morning chasing butterflies, lizards, and one particularly fast-hopping cricket that wouldn't let him catch up. Up and down they both went, through grassy fields and around trees. At one point the bug had scurried up a tree, the same tree the pup was now under, as a matter of fact. The four-month-old barked up the tree like a coon hound after cornering the prey, eager for the critter to come back down to join him in their fun game. Well, fun for Skylar at least.

Eventually the tired pup had lost interest in the bug, and he sat down at the base of the tree and yawned. "Mmmm, that rock looks nice to lay on..." he had said sleepily, walking over to it and flopping himself on the boulder. Soon he was in dreamland, paws kicking and twitching as he rolled around in his sleep. In a few minutes he was on his back, paw up straight in the air with the others haphazardly spread-eagled around his sleeping form. He normally wouldn't stir for much, but one particular yell reached even his dreaming ears.

"Hello! I'M LOOKING FOR WHISPERS." With a startled twitch, Skylar rolled onto his belly with ears straight up in surprise. "WAH!" he cried out, his body leaning past the border of the rock, gravity pulling him right off his sleeping spot. He landed with a crash into a bush beneath the rock, all a mess of fur and limbs. "Wha'I miss?" he mumbled to no one in particular as he looked around. Well, someone had yelled. Now he was curious enough to go looking to see who it was.

Besides, he was WIDE AWAKE now.

A couple of pelt shakes and twitches later, Skylar was free of the bush and prancing his way over to where the voice had come from. Pretty soon he spotted another wolf also walking in his direction. It was Iaera! He remembered the pretty lady. Tail now wagging wildly behind him, the pup began to follow after her, figuring she knew where to go! With a happy grin he let her lead the way to whoever had yelled out so randomly. Soon enough he saw another female, and he walked a little faster, eager to see what was going on. Always curious to see what was happening around him!

"HI!" he greeted to both ladies, tail fanning behind him. Skylar shone his puppy grin at both of them before walking right up to Margo and settling on his rear a few feet from her, like a student coming to the front row to be right in front of the teacher. "Hello. My name is Margo, and I’ve been a whisper for a while. I just got back from Inaria." Gasp! There was that word again! Momma had mentioned Inaria too! Skylar wanted to ask, but Momma had always taught him to not interrupt. So he waited, albeit with a wriggling rear in eagerness. "I realized, that there might be whisper’s that I didn’t know about, so maybe stopping and talking and discussing our job would be a good idea. Discuss the craft and all."

"And, if you’re hear and you aren’t a whisper, well, we can discuss that, I’m not in charge, but I’m sure whomever is wouldn’t turn away any hard working wolves who want to learn about this…craft. So, lets introduce ourselves. And share what we know about being a whisper." Ooo, introductions?! Skylar loved introductions! The other lady spoke first though, so Skylar turned his head to listen eagerly, knowing he would be speaking after her. Once she was finished, he would turn eagerly back to Margo, so excited he was on his feet again with his rear wagging. "Hi! I'm Skylar! Nice ta meetcha. Well, I met 'Aera b'fore, I 'member. Very nice and pretty lady. I d'nno much about bein' a whis... a whis... whis'pur," he stuttered through the job title, but it didn't faze him from continuing to talk.

"But I wanna know! I wanna learn!" he looked up in a hopeful manner at Margo, tail wagging behind him as always. "I wanna hear more about 'Naria and bein' a Whis'pur." Well, now that he had laid out his purpose at her paws, Skylar waited to see what she would say.

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Re: Self Appointed Hall Monitor (WHISPER MEETING//RECRUITMENT)
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Cygna's ears pricked up at the sound. She slowly lifted her head from its place on her paws, where she had been silently watching an army of ants march to and from an impressively large anthill. Tiny lives, steadfast in direction and purpose, in content service to their master below. Knowing she would never feel such satisfaction in monotony only increased her curiosity in those who lead such lives. She, too, sought the whispers of that which lurked just out of sight.

She rose, giving her white pelt a shake to dislodge any dirt or grass, and allowed her curiosity to guide her steps in answer of such a summons. The voice she did not recognize, and even its sound was foreign. Cresting a hill, she took in the sight of those gathered, studying new faces and fur patterns. She listened as she approached, taking in Margo and Skylar and the one with the strange accent. She sat down as introductions began, and waited until the others finished speaking. "I am Cygna," she said. If a whisper was something to be, not something one sought, then that was even more appealing, she thought. It sounded like a job, one that involved traveling and learning. "I am not a whisper, but I am interested in learning to be one. I want to learn the craft."

She was young, but she wanted to learn all.
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Re: Self Appointed Hall Monitor (WHISPER MEETING//RECRUITMENT)
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Iri yawned and stretched, pulling herself from the den nestled in the northern section of the mountains, a convenient little hole she'd found with uninterrupted view of the fairy pools. It amazed her that she did not yet grow tired of seeing the same sight every morning, but there was something so surreal and otherworldly about this place, it kept her attention captured. As she walked past the pool Anky had played in last she saw him, she wondered if she should track down the male. He hadn't resurfaced since they parted to set up their own dens, but now that she had settled in, and even achieved a rank for herself, it would be so lovely to share it with the first companion she had ever felt so close to.


With not more than a blink of her eyes, she changed direction toward the call. She had been expecting this, and it certainly dictated what she would be doing today. She didn't recognize the voice, but then how would she? She hadn't met many of her packmates yet, not by name anyway. It was probably safe to assume she would be meeting some new wolves today, though. She wasn't the only one who had been given that rank quite recently, and there were bound to be whispers before her and her fellow new promotees.

She arrived at her destination and was mildly shocked to see a very small wolf leading the proceedings. Although for a job like this one, size would not make a huge difference, she supposed. She glanced around, spotting two familiar faces and one she didn't recognize. Iaera, whom she hadn't seen since they had been promoted, and the little pup Skylar, whose hyper and cheerful company she had greatly enjoyed when they met her first day in the pack. She listened patiently as each wolf present introduced themselves. The little wolf who had called the meeting was Margo, and the other, a speckled white female she didn't recognize, identified herself as Cygna.

She dipped her head to Iaera and Skylar in greeting before introducing herself to her superior and potential recruit. "Greetings, family," for that is how she saw her pack mates, more a family than she had known in her life. "I am Iridescent; I was accepted recently, and ranked as a new Whisper even more recently. I am eager to do my part for my pack." She took a seat, her huge tail fanned out behind her, and waited patiently for others to arrive so Margo could begin to explain the more intricate details of the rank.

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Re: Self Appointed Hall Monitor (WHISPER MEETING//RECRUITMENT)
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Bugs. They were the family’s number one enemy as they caused so much distress — that creeping red in the back of their minds, ready to grab on and infect. Maia knew nothing about the horrors of her uncle’s hallucinations or the story of the ant hill, she only knew that they were annoying as they buzzed around or crawled on her with sticky legs. They were gross! Nose wrinkled with little puppy teeth visible as a grasshopper perched on her back, mistaking the girl for a warm rock. Tail thrashed with annoyance, growling as she couldn’t reach! How dare this despicable thing touch the star princess!

She barked and hopped around as the grasshopper stayed put, eyes wide in what was to be fear as the thing it perched on was now running around in circles, giving it a wild ride. Finally, Maia was so fed up she decided to throw herself to the ground. Luckily, if one was rooting for the grasshopper, it would fling off into the grass and live another day. The princess however, huffed and puffed with a growl still on her tongue. She was so frustrated! How could a bug defeat her like this!

I’m sorry daddy, remember me fondly.

Just as she closed her eyes, prepared to fall into the open arms of sleep, Maia heard a screeching of words. Ears perked as she jerked her body to sit up. What on Earth? She forgot about the offending creature on her back, taking off into the direction of talking. She didn’t know what was going on, but it interested her enough to crash into the little meeting. There were faces she didn’t recognize, except for one! “Sky!!” Maia called out, romping over to him with excitement, tail swaying behind her like a flag.

She sat down and listened to the end of Margo’s speech, a little embarrassed that she interrupted the group, but Maia soon forgot about it like she forgot about the grasshopper and chimed in with her brother. “Me too! Me too! I wanna learn!” She didn’t know what Inaria was, but this Whisper thing sounded interesting! And any adventure with her brother Aldebaran was always something she wanted to do. Blue eyes glanced at him and she smiled widely.
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Re: Self Appointed Hall Monitor (WHISPER MEETING//RECRUITMENT)
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  M E I S S A 

The once-oracle, once-child of the apocalypse, once-messenger, slipped onto the scene. To say 'slipped,' however, would be an overstatement of the way in which she entered the scene. She had begun putting on weight and muscle that she had lost during the trek through the wilds to her new home, so she felt like her paws were heavier than they were, imagined their steps shook the ground when in reality they did no such thing. Her fur, which had once been an overly thick, consistently irritating mess of heat in the desert, was now a much more tolerable weight on her back, and was well groomed and neat. While the scent of the long-forgotten desert kingdom still clung with jealous claws into her core, she had taken up the scent of this new land and felt more at peace than she had in a good deal.

However, peace was very relative, especially to her.

She had not yet found her place in this camp. The loud royal who looked like chocolate - or mud - covered by fresh snow had suggested a mixture of Whisper and Peacekeeper, a mixture that Meissa saw the truth within - she had always been a present force, when able, but she had always felt somehow in the background. A watcher, protector, and messenger, determined in her own way to make her way in the world, despite ill-risen kings and their ways.

As she entered the gathering, she took note of the lady in charge and then the smaller lass with the difficulty in speech - Iaera. She couldn't tell why, but she felt a pull to remain by the smaller stranger's side, so she slipped through the crowd to find her place beside the smaller, sitting to lessen her height. Her two tails curled around her side and rested beside her paws, not splayed but also not flush together. She lowered her muzzle to be even with the wolfdog's head and let out a quick huff of air - a greeting without words. Her eyes would attempt to meet Iaera's briefly and, if successful, would give a slight nod before lifting her head to turn her attention on to Margo. Her initial sweep of the gathered few had been brief and so she took this moment to check who was present.

When her eyes latched onto Cygna's white form, her heard froze and churned within her for a moment, before rationality took over. The white child had fur so pure, but splashed with silvery spots. She.. couldn't be a remnant of her past, could she?

No. Asylum was long gone, Osiris with it. She could not dwell on the past.

She took in the names passively, observing each wolf as they spoke. She recognized a few faces from the previous ranking meeting, and if they met her eyes she would give a slight nod to them. When attention fell off of Iaera after she finished speaking, Meissa would lower her head so her muzzle was even with the smaller wolf's ears and would softly say, "I can help as well." Her eyes would not leave whoever of the group was speaking as she said this and she quickly returned to her upright position, body still like the desert soldier she had forced herself to be.

When it came her time to speak, her voice was calm and slightly more formal than she felt was necessary, "I am Meissa, a survivor of the fallen Tjenu - I was gamma, beta, and messenger in my time there. I was suggested the rank of Whisper by Akira." Along with Peacekeeper, but she didn't feel it apt to mention that before she met with Avery to discuss that rank. She felt painfully large in the present company but pushed aside the feeling, knowing the Bacchus blood within her was a key ingredient in her height and the physical appearance she held. She wondered how her mother fared.

"From my understanding, Whispers are information gatherers, of history, stories, and facts. I have plenty of history under my pelt to help build the archive of knowledge." Archive of knowledge was probably not a term they were  using, but she felt it apt, and then she fell silent, waiting for the meeting to progress.

Perhaps as days passed, she would fall into more casual language but she still felt a bit out of place and was trying to make a good first impression.


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