Author Topic: are you on the square? are you on the level? [prp seir]  (Read 69 times)

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are you on the square? are you on the level? [prp seir]
« on: May 11, 2017, 03:58:26 PM »
Are you ready to swear right here, right now, before the devil?

This place had nothing to offer her, other than crooked wolves with crooked teeth. She hated them, any number of them, when they spoke to her and circled her, as if she were some sort of prey for them to toy with before dashing out her life. The blue male, Makara, he had a fondness for her, Rae wasn't that oblivious... though she wish that she had been.  He tried very hard, he wanted a friendship, or something. The coyote was set on the idea that she didn't need friends, especially the time that lived here, unless she wanted them chew on her back rather than scratching it.

She had made a home cleared out an old badger den, she'd reckon it must have been a pretty effing fat one by the looks of it. It was spacious enough for her and that's all that mattered, living here comfortably was an option she had to settle with. There were just some luxuries one couldn't live without.

She'd crawl out that mound of dirt and grass, shaking out her coat and glaring at the overcast sky above. This place hardly knew what sunshine was, she missed the wide open. Where there was either plains or stretch of deserts so vast that it seemed the sun was swallowed up and spit back out by them each day. Homesick didn't even cover it. Rae always took what she had for granted until she lost it completely. A pity. Hunched over, leg up and scratching unladylike at her coat, she seemed to be in an almost trance like state.

Till her eyes caught sight of something, she'd seen their ears first, pointed inward like horns, her brows raised, though... they were large ears, and pointy than that of a wolf's. She'd lurched forward from the brush of her den. They were...large. The smell hit her first, foreign, but definitely from here. "What the eff are you?!" She growled, fur bristling and eyes narrowed. "Who the eff are you?" Not something she was entirely worried about, she'd said more harsher things to those of higher stature than her before.

Happiness is just a word to me
And it might have meant a thing or two
If I'd had known the difference

Emptiness, a lonely parody
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A sign of my indifference

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Re: are you on the square? are you on the level? [prp seir]
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2017, 02:12:59 PM »
                                                            Alteron has left them aimless, and they seethe.

Unrest sits solid in their bones like disease and the scourge tickles the back of their brain like a taunting whisper. A wraith kisses the earth black and they let her go she’s still out there and it's haunting.

They can’t tell if it makes them angry or if it terrifies them.

The end result is a prowling shadow stretching far from their paws. It searches and Seir is tense to what it finds and what it seeks.

They itch.

Their jaw aches and teeth grow long in their mouth, dripping eagerness to the forest floor. Something black festers in their brain and when the ball of fire spits at them from the dark they twist like a cobra. Such heavy stone steps and they stalk closer and tower over such a bright little thing. They don’t speak, don’t even pay attention to the words she tries to cut with such sharp teeth.

Rubies on fire glow from her skull and they find it soothing in some way.

Bright fresh blood pooling in gold.

Their head is low to peer through the door and when the image becomes stale on their tongue they tilt it slightly for a whole new picture. She is very bright, they think, and it soothes the restlessness to see something as dark as they are. Something else soaking venom.

Her scent coats their tongue like a blanket and their attention diverts to the hole in the ground behind her, reeking of the coyote before them. Understanding sinks in and they blink slowly in the sudden calm of their chest.

“Sorry.” The rumbling rasp comes from their throat with slow purpose, slow molten lava spilling from their lips. They hadn’t intended to intrude on her private space. Eyes drag from embers to that pitch black hole in the ground and with a flick of those devil ears they turn away, intending to leave her to her peace.