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Seeds [PC | Umbra x Deimos] - [P]
« on: May 11, 2017, 03:05:30 AM »
[02:33] -- quantumNihilism [QN] The sky was blackened with clouds. Rain had been pouring down for a solid hour into the evening, creeping slowly to a fever pitch. The air crackled, threatening lightning any moment. The princess had tucked herself into one of the hollows of rock that existed near the boundary of beach and forest. Being alone as the thunder gurgled hungrily in the distance did not make her lonely. But perhaps there as a dangerous boredom to it.

 [02:49] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] Was walking along one of the paths, delighted by the flowers, the life, the flowing breeze, the green grasses and sturdy trees, until the rains came. She found shelter quickly, and it was not particularly good shelter, under a sapling. Rain dripped on her nose as she stared out, blue eyes sweeping over the shore. She thought, for a moment, that she saw something in the rocks, but... –

[03:03] -- quantumNihilism [QN] caught a glimpse. Something brown and cream amidst blue and black and thunderous. It ducked beneath a small tree. Well, that wouldn't work at all. Deimos took one graceful step from cover, a few droplets landing on her fur. Nearly white eyes stared out into the darkness with a sheen of reflection. --
[03:03] QN: You'll be safer in here.

 [03:11] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] grows stiff when she sees something stepping out from between the stone. She dips her head shyly, examining the stranger from under her eyelashes. --
[03:11] DM: Is there... room?

 [12:48] QN: Yes, I think so

[12:49] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] she creeps from her little shelter and then darts to the girl. Passing a look to make sure the invitation was real, she enters the cave. –

[12:54] -- quantumNihilism [QN] moves slightly to allow the silver girl room to enter --
[12:54] QN: I think it's going to get worse, before it gets better.

[12:55] DM: Thank you.
[12:56] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] she watches the storm for a moment before glancing up at the girl. Her nose feels hot. She likes the strange patchwork of her fur. --
[12:56] DM: My name is.. Umbra.

[12:57] -- quantumNihilism [QN] gives the girl a distant smile in response. She's unfamiliar. Best be guarded. --
[12:57] QN: Deimos. And are you from Inaria?

[12:59] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] shakes her head and sits down. She draws her forepaws over her head, drying off. --
[12:59] DM: Oh. No. Alteron.

[01:00] -- quantumNihilism [QN] the princess' pale eyes slide over the stranger curiously. She'd met Alteron children, but this girl was not behaving like the others she'd met. --
[01:02] QN: I see. I'm afraid I don't know much of Alteron. Though I suppose we have time to talk, now.
[01:02] -- quantumNihilism [QN] the storm outside groans ominously. A flash of lighting happens somewhere in the far distance. –

[01:03] DM: Are you from Inaria?

[01:03] QN: No. I come from Gemini.

[01:04] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] tilts her head. She inches to her, just a little, coiling her vulpine tail over her paws. --
[01:06] DM: What's Gemini like...? I've only met one other person, and he was very loud.

[01:08] QN: I feel the same about Alteron. Your representative was a boy named Aspen - perhaps you know him? As for's nice. Though there aren't as many flowers as there are here.

[01:08] DM: Oh... condolences. Aspen is my brother.
[01:08] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] she ROLLS HER eyes because aspen is SO DUMB. –

[01:09] -- quantumNihilism [QN] gives a look like she has trouble believing that the girl is related to....that obnoxious boy. –

[01:10] DM: The one I met.. he had a long tail. Like a cat.

[01:14] QN: You must Kekkai. Though there are many hellions like him in Gemini.
[01:15] -- quantumNihilism [QN] adjusts a bit, her tail curling around her toes just like Umbra's, though the princesses feet were just ever so slightly pigeon toed. She always liked to hide that small imperfection. –

[01:18] DM: I've only seen one person, with parts like that. My best friend, Eira, has horns. Like a deer. But there's no one else like her in Alteron. She's all alone.

[01:20] QN: That seems unfortunate. Many of my siblings have horns like that. But they aren't alone.
[01:21] QN: Why are there no others, like your friend?

[01:22] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] blinks her pale eyes, almost as pale as Deimos'. Her head tilts the other way and she regards the rain. --
[01:23] DM: I never thought about it. I haven't seen any here either. In Inaria. That.. aren't from somewhere else.

[01:25] -- quantumNihilism [QN] watches the girl with newfound interest. What /was/ Alteron, really. And why indeed were hellhounds so noticeably absent from other kingdoms? –

[01:26] DM: One time...
[01:26] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] launches into a story that she maybe shouldn't, but when you're nervous and want to impress pretty girls, sometimes you say stupid things --
[01:27] DM: A wolf grabbed Eira, by her horns. Then he broke it.
[01:27] DM: That's maybe why there aren't other hellions.

[01:29] -- quantumNihilism [QN] Umbra's attempt to interest the girl was successful. Her pupils dilated in the shifting stormlight. --
[01:29] QN: And that was...allowed?
[01:30] QN: Was he punished?

[01:30] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] brows furrow. --
[01:30] DM: Why wouldn't it be allowed?

[01:39] -- quantumNihilism [QN] stares at Umbra as though she is seeing her for the first time. She reaches out a paw to the girl to wipe some water dripping from her face. --
[01:40] QN: Your customs must be different than mine.
[01:40] QN: Can you...tell me more about Alteron?

[01:48] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] goes RIGDED. Intimacy like this is reserved for her family, for Eira. She eyes her with those baby blues, nose growing hot. --
[01:48] DM: Um. Well...
[01:48] DM: I'm not sure what to say... I've always lived there. I don't know.. what to compare it to.
[01:48] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] she thinks of fire, of bones. –

[01:50] -- quantumNihilism [QN] looks away, disappinted. Hm. –

[01:51] DM: It's a forest, but the trees aren't like this. They're so much bigger, and it's very dark.
[01:51] DM: The leaves fall almost all the time. There's a lot of fire.
[01:52] DM: And.. bones.
[01:52] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] frowns. --
[01:52] DM: You're not allowed to.. go over the border. Like you are here.

[01:54] -- quantumNihilism [QN] turns back. Now that Umbra is giving information, she's much more interesting. --
[01:55] QN: That's a strange rule. Who rules your Alteron?

[01:58] DM: We have Prince Gideon... our Sovereign.
[01:58] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] blushu so handsome very prince –

[01:59] QN: A Prince, but no King?

[01:59] DM: There's also... Lady Azuhel... and Miss Anya. They help him. Because he's still young.

[02:00] -- quantumNihilism [QN] gears churn. Power lies where people believe it lies, she supposes. --
[02:02] QN: I see. My brother and sister are the heirs to Gemini. My mother is teaching them.
[02:02] QN: It must be much the same, with your Gideon.

[02:03] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] gasps... softly... she whispers --
[02:04] DM: You're a princess...?

[02:06] -- quantumNihilism [QN] gives the girl a small, dangerous smile --
[02:06] QN: Yes, I suppose so.

[02:08] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] gives a wispy, airy, --
[02:08] DM: Wow...

[02:12] QN: There are many princes and princesses in Gemini. But it will be Akira and Tauro who rule.
[02:12] QN: It is only a title, except for them.

[02:13] DM: I don't know... it still sounds cool...
[02:13] DM: We just have Gideon.
[02:14] DM: He was... the only prince, for our King. ...He's gone now.

[02:17] QN: The King is gone? Hm. Is Gideon a good prince?

[02:18] DM: I... of course.
[02:19] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] What an odd question. How could you be a bad prince? --
[02:19] DM: He's our hope.

[02:23] -- quantumNihilism [QN] gives a wry smile at Umbra's confusion. There's a naivety there, and yet she said she'd seen bones and fires? Gemini would have to keep its eye on Alteron and its prince. --
[02:23] QN: I understand. That is what Tauro and Akira are to Gemini.

[02:24] DM: Isn't it hard when... there are two heirs? Won't they fight?

[02:31] QN: They might. But Gemini has had two leaders before.
[02:32] QN: My mother and my aunt ruled together for some time, before my aunt left.

[02:35] DM: Oh... that must be better...
[02:35] DM: Than being ruled only by boys...!
[02:35] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] boys are SO DUMB. –

[02:39] QN: What do you think would make a good ruler?

[02:42] DM: Somebody...
[02:42] -- dustyMoonlight [DM] frowns --
[02:42] DM: Who doesn't hurt my friend's horn.

[02:44] QN: But your kingdom DID hurt your friend's horn. I thought you said your prince was good?

[02:46] DM: Well.. I don't know.
[02:47] DM: I can't... tell them that. 


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