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coulda used a basket [prp| lorelai]
« on: April 27, 2017, 09:45:47 PM »
[t r a v e l e r]
ooc; crapty start but its here

He'd decided he was going to be the good helpful son/brother/follower/companion and help Lorelai with her witch stuff by bringing her some flowers. Though Traveler didn't know much about flowers, so he wasn't sure how many of them were helpful, but it seemed Lorelai always knew what to do with them. So the boy picked as many as he could possibly shove up into his mouth, now chipmunk-cheeked with the amount of flora in his jaws. He had to admit it wasn't the most pleasant taste, and he certainly didn't consider that they might not be all that useful for the little witch covered in spit. No, all he thought is that he was desperately trying to help out the Bosslady in any way he could.

The tall Fringe dire male trotted back towards base camp, drooling profusely over the spoils of his hard work. Traveler ambled simlar to a tottering child, flailing his head about as if he was dancing to a song. Long unkempt tail flipping around behind him, a nondescript hum resonating through his nostrils. There were others around but he paid them no mind-- that was typical really-- as his body traveled towards where he had last seen Lorelai at. His mother, sister, leader, companion, ward? Hell if he knew what to call her, though most people would be apt to call her his 'mother' since she took him in as a dirty child. But he wasn't sure that was accurate, he didn't really think of her a maternal figure. If anything, he felt some sort of strange obligation to protect the little damsel. After all, all her magic and witchery was just nonsense, no spell she could cast could protect her, except perhaps the one she'd cast on Traveler.

Finally he arrived at the last know whereabouts of the little witch, "OOOORRHH BERRSHHLUUDDYYY!!~~~" Screaming through the flowers before he realized he could just put them down. Depositing them in a somewhat throwing-up type manner before smiling from ear to ear. "I GOT YOU SOME FLOWERS FOR YOUR WITCHY crap." Absolutely beaming at Lorelai. "Aren't they pretty?" Tell me I'm a good boy.
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Re: coulda used a basket [prp| lorelai]
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2017, 01:27:01 PM »
They had found a place to rest for a bit before they would be on their way again. It was a quiet little patch of forest, thick with trees although the canopy felt more sparse than what it should have been in relation to the trunks that reached upward to touch the sky. This did, however, allow plenty of sunlight to touch the forest floor which meant a variety of plant life could be found in the area. Lorelai had no issue in letting her little family meander around so long as they let her know they were going to be doing so. This left her alone for the moment while she waited for them all to return from their wanderings for the evenings. She had intentions of picking up again the next morning, but as she watched a pair of bright blue butterflies flutter over a patch of wildflowers, she supposed she wouldn't object if anyone else wanted to stay for an extra day.

She hummed lightly as she approached the insects, raising a paw to hold it out by the flower in the hopes that one would decide to land on it. Instead it fluttered upward and then down again upon the crown she wore upon her brow. It was made of mostly twisted wood and in the center, trapped by the branches, was a chunk of fluorite. The crown itself was ever changing as she would occasionally remove it to weave flowers around it, or vines and leaves, but the fluorite always remained. It was a decorative thing mostly, rather than a status symbol. Lorelai thought of herself only as either a teacher, or a sister to her little band, not so much a ruler.


The butterfly flew away as Lorelai turned her head in the direction of the scream, thinking for a moment that something bad had happened. One of their younger members trotted forward, his cheeks puffed out as if he were holding his breath or had something stuffed in to them. She took a few steps forward to meet him, stopping as he deposited his find at her feet. She resisted the urge to grimace at the bundle of crumpled and spit covered flowers that Traveler had decided to give her. They were a gift and she wouldn't turn her nose up at a gift.

"I GOT YOU SOME FLOWERS FOR YOUR WITCHY crap. Aren't they pretty?"

She looked from the flowers over to him with a smile. "They're very pretty," she agreed with a light laugh. "A little wet, but still pretty. Thank you Traveler." She reached up and ruffled the top of the boys head with her paw. He was so tall already despite his age, but she couldn't help but feel he'd only get bigger with just a little more time. "Would you like to learn about what they're for?" The boy so far didn't seem to have much of an interest in learning about her art, but she didn't want to ever deny him the opportunity.

Just in case he ever changed his mind.
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