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As I Live and Can't Breathe [Help/Healers!]
« on: April 06, 2017, 01:06:11 PM »
OOC: So Moonachie's running into the main territory for help.  So far, I'm guessing only Moons, Rhys, and Cockatrice directly know about her, but others can know rumors of a bear saving a younger Rhys who's living in the outskirts of Inaria.  I know it's a risk bringing her, but I want to shake things up.

When spring came, the black and brown mother worked to find food for her  and her cubs on the Outskirts.  It was tough as the previous year, but they did just fine.  While her two kids were smaller than average, they were still healthy.  Now they were foraging.  The girl kept close to her mother, squeaking to get her to bring her food.  The boy pushed himself further in his search for food.  There was a lot of yum.

His search for yum led to trouble.

And now Moonachie was running with her child hanging across her back into Inaria's packlands--with a snare cutting his air supply.

Moons helped her understand pack life.  Moonachie knew some things about wolves and living.  Wolves did and thought things bears didn't bother.  Wolves knew how to get out of things.  Wolves knew about the man.  Moonachie smelled the man all over the thing killing her son.  She was able to chew the snare from the tree it was attached to, but not the rope taut against her son's neck.  Her mouth was too big, her claws, clumsy.  She was helpless.  The wolves could help.  The wolves.


Her breath caught up for a moment before she focused on panting as she charged.  Her little girl was ten paces behind her, but she was running as fast as her year-old legs could carry her.  When she fell over with a shout, Moonachie skidded to a stop.  She couldn't endanger two cubs.  Her sweaty body lumbered to her daughter, gently sliding her son next to her.  The mom paced a few seconds to get her breathing together.

"MOONS!  WULVES!  Help, my cub is dy--*cough cough cough*"  She kept pacing.  It hurt, from her mouth to her legs.  The little boy writhed on the ground, gasping for air. "Please help!  Man trap, my cub, he's choking!"  She made one more try to tug the thin rope on her son's neck, but it wasn't working.  Her racous had to have brought somebody to her soon.  And if so--

"Please get it off him.  Save my cub!"
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Re: As I Live and Can't Breathe [Help/Healers!]
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2017, 07:59:58 AM »
The maroon marchioness was nosing through some flowers, idling through the garden where the healers frequented. She often came over whenever she felt anxious or restless in general; since the war, Moons had found those emotions followed her frequently. She wasn’t new to the after effects of a soldier thrown into combat, but that experience didn’t become easier the second or third or even fourth time. All she knew was that she had to ride out the wave, and hope she wouldn’t drown in the wake of it.


Her head shot up, ears perking straight. The roar was different than a wolf howling for help, but the sound still made her pulse quick with adrenaline. There was only a moment hesitation before Moons launched into motion, running out of the garden towards the voice calling to her. There were numerous possibilities running through her mind, but she couldn’t latch onto one particular one as she sprinted to where the call was made. All she could hope was that Saboro had not returned.

When she appeared in front of the massive bear, mouth open slightly to catch her breath, she immediately recognized Moonachie. The bear lived in the Outskirts with her cubs, but seeing her deep within Inaria surprised her. What surprised her more was when she took in the situation, her gaze homing in on the son writhing on the ground in agony. “MOONS! WULVES! Help, my cub is dy—” her voice was lost in a fit of coughs as she paced restlessly.

The concerned mother continued to plea for help, but Moons was no longer paying attention. Instead her attention was solely focused on the cub with the rope around it’s neck. She circled around him, looking at the angles of the rope. A glance was sent to Moonachie before she approached the son and put a gentle paw near his neck to tilt him to look at it better. “Shhh, I need you to hold still,” she said softly to the cub, her nose inches from the rope. If Moonachie came near to protect her son, Moons would react accordingly then, but right now, there was no aggression in her form.

Only determination to save this boy’s life.

She found the knot where the rope was tied into a noose, and her jaws parted to enclose around the rope. Her jaws and paws were smaller and more flexible than the bulky ones of the mother bear, so it would help. Moons began to gnaw on the rope, meanwhile she attempted to shove a paw in between the rope and the cub’s neck in order to provide a gap in which the child could breathe even just a fraction. Anything would help at this point. If a healer showed up, she hoped they would find something sharp to use to cut the rope or to at least bring or do something to calm the cub. His struggling wasn’t going to help. Precious seconds ticked by, but all she could do was work on the rope with her finer limbs and hope it was going to be enough.

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Re: As I Live and Can't Breathe [Help/Healers!]
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2017, 06:58:47 PM »
He heard what sounded like a bear yelling at the border and immediately started heading in that direction. As a sentry..or part-time sentry the borders were part of his responsibilities. When the yelling seemed to be moving if it was heading past the border he doubled his speed. A bear intruder, even one whi seemed to be..calling for help? from the Marchioness? was nothing to take lightly. It was nothing to ignore. A bear could do serious damage and one that was in trouble, that was afraid or in pain, was very likely to do just that. The scents he started to pick up being carried on the breeze were much worse though. It was the scent not just of one bear but two at least and bears he knew weren't prone to traveling with company which meant, considering the feminine scent, that there was most likely a cub. That was so much trouble, more trouble than he wanted to deal with or wanted anyone else in the pack to have to deal with. Mothers were extremely protective and would fight to the death, either of themselves or any percieved opponent, in defense of their young. Yes a mother bear with a cub, in trouble, was definitely not a good thing.

Then he started did the bear know the Marchioness? All he could think of was that they'd met before and with the bear calling to her for didn't seem likely they were enemies so..a friend? Or..maybe even an ally? He groaned inwardly. This was going to be one of those juggling deals where he was apparently going to need to balance doing his sentry job with his job of being a Page and maintaining diplomacy. So he checked his speed, his posture and tried to adjust his expression, if it was an ally he didn't want it to think it was under attack but didn't want it to think it could just charge past the borders any time it pleased either, before he arrived on the scene.

What he found was even worse than he'd been thinking. It wasn't the mother that was in was the cub. The Marchioness was apparently already working on helping it but..he wasn't sure how much good it was doing. He did know that he didn't want to further upset the mother who was pacing anxiously not too far away. He wondered if he should say something but..he didn't know what he could say that would help. He didn't want to promise that they could save the cub if they couldn't and telling her that it would be alright..well that hardly seemed appropriate given the circumstances. There was calling for more assistance but that would once again cause the issue of crowding an anxious mother bear and her cubs which could cause things to go very badly very quickly unless he knew who to call but..he didn't. Which he supposed left trying to help Moons get that thing off the cub which..looked rather like a vine. He'd dealt with those before. They were a pain to get off..literally but they could be gotten off quickly but..well there was bleeding involved usually and even though it wasn't much he didn't know how well..anyone here would take to causing the cub to bleed even though it would mean it breathing again much faster.

He supposed he would find out though. "I have experience with things like this..I know a way to get it off quicker so he can breath but it might cause the cub to bleed a bit..especially if he struggles". Then, as stupid as it probably seemed, he would wait for an answer of whether the mother and also Moons, was okay with that because he wasn't about to cause the cub to bleed without permission. 

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Re: As I Live and Can't Breathe [Help/Healers!]
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2017, 10:31:42 PM »
hey, I know this is old and I'm sorry for bumping it, but I'm gonna throw Setebos in here since y'all still need a healer. Would you guys be okay with that, and also if I had him get the snare off?

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Re: As I Live and Can't Breathe [Help/Healers!]
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2017, 10:43:32 PM »
Ooc: yes please!


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Re: As I Live and Can't Breathe [Help/Healers!]
« Reply #5 on: June 14, 2017, 11:18:35 PM »
OOC: propelling this along by taking some liberties with the noose, so that way we can proceed with this RP. Hopefully, that's alright! If there are any objections I'll happily correct my post.

A cry for help echoed from the borders. By circumstance's merciful design, Setebos was not terribly far from the disaster zone. He looked up from the basket of berries that he was filling - it felt as if, and it certainly was an accurate interpretation of reality that Setebos spent most of his waking hours at work - and he proceeded for the borders with the determined pace of a man accustomed to answering the call of duty. He had not heard a howl, which made his close location especially fortuitous, otherwise, he would have completely overlooked it. That in itself did not immediately pique his curiosity, or clue him into his potential patient's new identity.

He first took in Moons, who he was familiar with, and Aeolus, who he had encountered before, but was not his concern. Both seemed intact and healthy, and they were standing over a fallen bear cub as its distraught mother bellowed inconsolably for assistance. Setebos realized with a jolt, doing some mental addition: oh, crap, it was the bear that called for me. Bears were predators, not typically acknowledged as packmates or equals.

Nevertheless, Setebos was prepared, unafraid, and businesslike to a fault. Moonachie cried for her son in the same way that any wolf mother would for her child. The bear cub was young, and his plight - the manner in which he struggled for breath - troubled him. Humans had apparently been lurking around Inaria, and the cub had the misfortune of bumbling into one's trap. Aeolus plucked at the rope and talked of severing it; Setebos ordinarily would have snapped off some unnecessary and hurtful remark about how there was no time for useless blather, but Aeolus was spared solely because he fell outside the periphery of his tunnel vision. He was focused on Moonachie's boy, who was gasping and wheezing for air.

"No time for that," Setebos said brusquely, snatching a sharp instrument from his saddlebag which he then passed to Aeolus. He wiggled a toe under the rope so it was lifted from the cub's neck, giving Aeolus enough separation to slice the ligature without cutting the boy's throat. Moons's assistance helped widen the gap. Ordinarily, a wolf's teeth could easily chew away the rope, but Setebos did not want to risk injury to the child, and he could survive a careless cut to his paw. "Get it off of him, quickly."

Once Aeolus did as instructed and the cub was freed, Setebos leaned back, giving the cub opportunity to collect himself while he made sure that he had not fallen unconscious. He checked for movement, breathing, and other signs of life. If the cub stopped breathing, he would commence chest compressions, but that was only if he was certain. "Are you alright, kid?" he asked gingerly, hoping the boy could speak his language.

If he didn't receive a response, then it was on to Plan B.
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Re: As I Live and Can't Breathe [Help/Healers!]
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2017, 02:24:44 PM »
(OOC: Trying a limited POV for Moonachie showing how she views the wolves and the unknown situation she's experiencing.)

Moons came, but the wait for her was agonizing.  Moonachie tried calming her son, who only responded with a whine and a rasp.  Her friend went to work on the trap with her teeth.  The bear herself took a few desperate breaths.  It was all she could do to not let instinct tell her to move the wolf's jaws from her boy's neck.  Moons knew what she was doing.  Moons knew what she was doing...

A second wolf came.  Moonachie stood up, growling, but realizing his lack of aggression, she rumbled and sat with a huff.  Of course Inarians would want to know what a bear was doing here.  Just how many knew there was a bear and her family staying on the outside of their core territory?  And how many would know she was friends with Moons and the giant Cockatrice?  At least he didn't see her as a threat.  He even offered to help.

" bleed a bit..especially if he struggles"
"NO."  She clicked her teeth, catching herself.  Even if he knew how to break out of it as he claimed, would it hurt or kill her child?  It had to be why he hesitated in his speech.  Too much thinking.  She warily eyed Moons.  Wasn't she done now?

By the time the third wolf arrived with some cloth hanging off him, she huffed.  There were too many.  Moons was still chewing.  The second one needed to explain his plan.  This third one...he carried himself like Cockatrice.  She stood up again...

"No time for that...Get if off him, quickly."

And just like that, his work was set.  That sharp whatever-it-was would be used by second one to cut the trap and the third one readied the place for him to cut it, thanks to Moons' chewing.  For a moment, Moonachie was shocked.  He commanded the situation so effortlessly...calculated.  Undaunted.  Duty bound.  Stiff.  He was like Cockatrice.  Were they related?  Or was the pack more like them and not the exception? 


Moonachie snapped out her thoughts to her child's first full breath.  He made it!  A whine escaped her throat as she tried to get nearer.  Her daughter pushed through first in an effort to hug her brother, but Moonachie tugged her back.  They were not done yet.  The third one examined her cub in ways she didn't quite understand.  The cub protested at first, but he was so tired he flopped onto his side and continued getting his oxygen.  He was dizzy.  He smacked his mouth.  Moonachie came closer to the wolf, placing her paw on her son's back.  At his mother's touch, the cub calmed significantly, now sputtering and smacking.

"He has not swallowed," she said in an effort to help.  "His neck looks very raw."  Normally, she would lick his neck and face, but this wolf essentially saved her son's life.  He was so sure of himself.  Moonachie then eyed the cloth where the sharp tool came from.  "Is there something in there that can help him?  To make it easier on his throat and neck?"
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