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knickknacks and doodads. [border, merchant]
« on: March 28, 2017, 05:08:36 PM »
ooc.  Short, but I hate starters. Anyone is welcome to join!

Her journey had taken her far and wide. She still remembered how clear the sky was the first day she had left her home, burlap sacks of goods from her homeland strung across her back almost looking like the saddlebags you would find on horses. Coming from them was the smell of dried herbs and fresh flowers, the sound of seeds rusting being heard.

Her bags contained other goodies, of course. Little artifacts she had been fond of, or items from her homeland she intended to trade. Sure, Sakura could have chosen any other profession to follow but the adventure of a merchant was something the female wolf could not pass up! Less fighting, more little knick-knacks she could return to her home… If she ever wanted to return, that is.

The sun’s warmth washed over her as she excitedly approached the mass of smells she was nearest to. Large packs were likely to have a lot of fun stories and a lot of friends to make. Sakura could get the items she wanted and give some of her culture to others.

“Hello, friends!” The pink female called out into the territory, stopping just before their borders. “I am a traveling merchant, come to exchange goods, stories, or simply chat!” Whatever they felt like doing.

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Re: knickknacks and doodads. [border, merchant]
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2017, 02:05:22 PM »
Puffin shook out his coat, strands of fur coming lose and flying into the air. A cloud of shed fur lingered briefly in the air before slowly settling, leaving a tricolor trail for any tracker to follow.

It was shedding season. His winter coat was coming off bits at a time, readying him for the warmth of spring and summer. Another year had passed, their third in this new territory, and things seemed to be going pretty well! The sickness had been rough, and so had the winter in its usual way, but the pack had done okay. Buckshot and Sarajevo had had their first litter, even! Things were good. Nardir was good.

He took to his patrol along the border with a renewed strength he had not felt in what felt like ages. The sickness had took its toll on him, its effects lasting longer than the illness itself, but he was finally back to his usual energetic self. For more reasons than one, actually. As he made his way along the border at a trot, slowly working up to his usual run, he thought on Kestrel. There was a lot there to think about, actually. A lot to smile about, too.

“Hello, friends!”

With that silly smile still on his face he steered toward the sound of the voice with a spring in his step and renewed vigor, wondering what surprises today had in store for him. He was ready! And as a pink wolf with a burlap sack came into view, he was even more ready! He loved trading! He nodded to the stranger in greeting as he pulled up and settled down before her.

“I am a traveling merchant, come to exchange goods, stories, or simply chat!”

"I'm Puffin, Viceroy of Nardir, and I love all of those things! Although I don't have any goods on me right now. I do craft sleds, though! What's your name, and how was your journey here?"

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Re: knickknacks and doodads. [border, merchant]
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2017, 09:18:22 AM »
(ooc: hope you don't mind Auklet joining in to spice things up. xD)

Auklet had been sticking to the borders of Nardir recently. It was a habit born mostly out of wishful thinking. He wondered if there was a place out there for somebody like him. A place where he would be appreciated, where his hard work would be appreciated. Like his brother, his coat was also shedding in large clumps, causing him to scratch and bite at himself without mercy. It was quite gross. The biting and scratching had caused bald areas to appear across his back. He had neglected his appearance for as long as he could remember, and the stress of being in a wolf pack had not helped matters. He felt like crap, so it was therefore reasonable to look like crap.

Upon sighting the merchant, his nose twitched with obvious curiosity. He had not been aware that wolves travelled alone or had any kind of merchant system. He had deemed wolves as brainless and barbaric creatures. The merchant herself appeared harmless - she was a female, after all -  and he would have considered her pretty if he was remotely interested in that sort of thing. He wasn't. He got closer, and he saw that his brother had already greeted her. To any outsider, Puffin would have been doing a great job of sounding official and all professional but, to Auklet, it all just reeked of trying to impress a cute girl.

"I'm Puffin, Viceroy of Nardir, and I love all of those things! Although I don't have any goods on me right now. I do craft sleds, though! What's your name, and how was your journey here?"

After waiting for the girl to reply, Auklet would then move forward and nudge Puffin with his elbow, a cruel smile playing on his lips as he decided to offer his own input on this business transaction. "Are you sure your crafting skills are suitable currency, Puffin? From what I recall, your stuff would fall to bits within days," he sneered, before turning to the girl and shaking his head sympathetically. "Do forgive my brother, his mouth runs away with him when it comes to girls. He's socially awkward like that."

Why did he always have to do this? Because it was fun, of course.

note: this character meant to be portrayed as an asshole;
all of his feelings/actions are ONLY the character's,
 and do not reflect OOC in any way.