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He was older; not that old, maybe a little bit wiser. This became clearer as he matured, and one such “thing” was his old man’s reasoning for his son-specific show of affection. It stung a bit, but never too much. Wave after wave, bite after affectionate bite, there came a time when the sensation melted into something easy. In Bane’s adulthood, the methodology made perfect sense, and he commended his Father (as always) for being so forward thinking. Pain sucked. It certainly wasn’t something which the royal got off on…unless it was being forced upon someone deserving. However; more often than not, the prickling of nerves was simply an annoyance that he could push through.

That tolerance varied depending on the wound. When his leg popped free from the socket Bane remembered letting out a high yelp that reverberated through the ravine. There was no masking the effect of such wounds. They were horrid, and felt just as bad as they’d looked. That said, he’d still gritted his teeth and staggered up the incline leading back into his pack.

The wounds from his fight with Hecate, the jaguar that’d attacked the Sabora’s son, and whatever else he’d gotten himself into paled in comparison to what he’d received during the eruption. It was hardly a challenge for him to push them out of his mind. He consulted no healers. The ones he trusted were caught up with their own lives, and again, with injuries so seemingly minor, what difference would their aid make? He was not a helpless babe. Bane washed his cuts clean on his own, best he could, then moved on to address more important things.

There was quite the list after returning to Saboro with Keanu. Rank meetings, tending to Cult, the matter involving Dexus, and his Father’s departure just to name of few. His mood had taken a turn after the latter event. Even more reason for the Wing not to care…

There was one last big issue to deal with now, as well. It was time to meet with his King and Queen, to discuss with them his personal discovery outside. He’d chosen to wait. To keep the information secret until things died down a bit. They’d had guest from another pack as well, possible allies who would’ve been no good to them if they were scared off by the site of a severed leg. But that was all settled now. Slaves were in their place, the visitors were sent home, the issues within their homeland all appeared to be wrapped up. It was time. He’d waited long enough and would not keep his findings quiet any longer.

Even if his body was working against his every ambition and trying to force him back to the ground.

Shivers ran through his shoulders as Bane hoisted himself up with a grunt and all but staggered out the mouth of hid den. He moved with a muted swiftness in the direction of the temple, and frowned a bit as he stepped towards the stone staircase. Hardly looking forward to the climb, but— Up he went. Maybe they heard him coming, picked up on that shaky breathing as he made the assent, but to Bane’s credit, he put on a good mask once he appeared at the summit, and took a slow step past the guards.

He cleared his throat and then spoke, “Sabora. Sabor." The Right Wing gave an expected bow. "I would like to speak with you, and show you something pertaining to someone I found while outside of Saboro—” A shaky inhale followed, but his composure remained. His posture still regal. He’s perfectly fine as usual, of course. Invested in his newest task. “Our guests from Borogrove have gone. Things have settled. I hope you can…forgive the delay. I thought it was for the best. However, if I could have a moment of your time now, it would be much appreciated.”

He paused, waiting for some sort of approval. When it came, he replied, “I found Hecate.” But clearly, she was not here. Still, he’d not returned completely empty handed, at least, if the counted for something? They would see for themselves after he beckoned them to follow, if they agreed to walk him just across the border.

But first, their initial reaction to the news.
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Re: Debt Collection. [rIV, rI, & Neutral Territory][prp//Ori & Nate]
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Sorry I'll try to get to this soon
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Re: Debt Collection. [rIV, rI, & Neutral Territory][prp//Ori & Nate]
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Traitors were something Crenate had learned to hate.  Beware the gray, a monochrome spectre that held the throne and the trust of the elites surrounding it.  The gray, who had both the favor and abhorrence of the redbone herself.  He wouldn't chalk himself up to be as great as Katar and Tyrfing (though admittedly, their demise had been gory and brutal, branding the men as traitors while their spawn now sat on the throne), but the silver gargoyle perched atop his cathedral alongside the golden queen with confidence.

Until Bane came, he had quietly roamed his surroundings, the kingdom he hailed.  The dark greens of the swamp, scarlet poppies, auburn lilies that poked from the clear lake; it came all together in thick layers of gouache to create a symphony of nature at its finest.  Crenate loved his empire, ears swiveling to listen to the cicadas sing their loud chorus, the jungle's orchestra offering some background noise to their meeting.  The king's grisaille form came before Oriana -- his right wing was first and foremost his beta, his second-in-command.

And oh, how the man looked haggard.  As if he had seen something awful.  “Sabora. Sabor."  He bore the wounds of a most vicious battle, blood caked onto his form and a tiredness in his voice.  And despite that evident exhaustion, his voice carried urgency that made the sabor clench his jaw tightly.  "I would like to speak with you, and show you something pertaining to someone I found while outside of Saboro—”  Someone outside of Saboro sounded almost threatening -- not from Bane's voice, but from that rising bile in his throat.  A fear that those who escaped many months ago still roamed around, barking his home's secrets to passerby.

Saboro couldn't keep its secrets.  It was unacceptable.  Bright ruby eyes slowly slid to meet those of his counterpart.  Did she feel the same? "... Go on, Bane," he urged, his skin crawling.  “Our guests from Borogrove have gone. Things have settled. I hope you can…forgive the delay. I thought it was for the best. However, if I could have a moment of your time now, it would be much appreciated.”  Crenate could dissociate all he wanted, but Bane's regal appearance despite his wounds would go unnoticed for now.  Crenate could barely keep his breath in his lungs.  “I found Hecate.”

Gravity dropped in that moment.  Every fiber of his being weighed tons and tons and he could barely keep himself from shaking -- Hecate, a woman he had loved long ago.  A woman he hated.  For her betrayal, her abandonment.  She was a TRAITOR.  "You found... Hecate?  I -- show us."  Composed, always composed, held together tightly.  Never coming apart at the seams, the gunmetal king moved to follow his right wing.  He almost feared the answer (or maybe he urged it, maybe he wanted her skull to sit aside the dark hearts that had been so jejune to believe they could do anything against Saboro).  But he asked, pushing down the embers that flared from a long-abandoned fire in his belly.

This was the start of how it all ended, wasn't it?  They were all dirty, disgusting mongrels that successfully dragged their diseased bodies across those borders.  And what did they do?  Let them?  He'd let his gaze wander to the queen.  Was it time to tighten the leash on their dogs?

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