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morning stroll. [acceptance]
« on: March 21, 2017, 01:47:50 PM »
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The day was young, the morning dew still being settled upon the ground and giving a faint gleam to the lush spring grass. Birds and insects alike sang their songs, filling the world with evidence of life. Gentle breezes filtered by, smelling of pollen. Rune loved days like this. And it was on this lovely day that she found herself walking forward, her eyes on the blue of the sky though her paws were sure of where they were stepping.

The female wondered, for a moment, what she could do in this land. She had come from a place very far south and travelled so long on some sort of pilgrimage. Perhaps her old family expected her to come back. Perhaps they expected her to die. But Rune didn’t really want to go back. Perhaps it was wanderlust, or maybe some sort of rebellious attitude she held but the white wolf-dog had no intentions of going back. The world she had found herself in was so much more interesting! The idea of what she could learn fascinated her.

And Rune could share her knowledge in kind, of course. On her side hung a simple satchel. Within were miscellaneous seeds and a few tools. You could call her a gardener of sorts. The smell of earth and pollen would never leave her form and her paws may never be fully clean…

The smell of others pulled the female from her thoughts and her eyes glanced upon the lands in front of her, the scent of a pack border just a few steps ahead. It would be rude to walk into someone’s home and so… Rune sat down, electric-blue eyes looking about. “Hello.” Her slightly accented tone would ring about, hoping to pull someone to her. Perhaps this pack could give her the knowledge she wanted? “My name is Rune.” Named that by her parents for the marks on her body.

A simple greeting and introduction on her half. Now all that she needed to do was wait.

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Re: morning stroll. [acceptance]
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Alana had believed that once she returned home from her journey, all she would want would be to sleep for days. Returning home to find Julek waiting for her had lifted the woman's spirits immeasurably, happiness and warmth flowing off of her in waves. Not being able to find her husband in the neutral lands had almost crushed Alana's spirit. With him home, the Queen felt a sense of peace and safety that had been missing in Julek's absence. He truly did complete her. Yet, after only a night of rest, Alana had risen as early as she usually did, departing from her warm den into the chilly morning air.

Small paws tread upon the dew covered grass at a leisurely pace. It was nice, the familiarity of home. While the lands-between-lands held their own sort of beauty, there was something about Nardir that made it different. Maybe that was just because it was her home, though. It was still a very gorgeous land on its own, the mountains surrounding their peaceful little utopia like a giant wall protecting the rolling meadows and lush forests. Inhaling the scent of the lovely spring day in her lovely home, the milky white woman couldn't have been happier. Every blade of grass brushing against her, every fern frond and droplet of water, it sent waves of energy through her that seemed to revitalize the compassionate Queen.

As she often did, Alana took to the borders, footfalls carrying her along the border of her lands. They smelled of Julek, powerful and intimidating; this land is protected well, his scent said to her. For a brief moment, Alana wondered what message her own scent carried.


The Queen gave pause for a moment, ears twitching at the sound. Alana peered through the greenery before spotting a mix of blue and white, contrasting the plant life all around drastically. Be it fate or happenstance, she had happened by just as the non-Nardiri had shown up. “My name is Rune.” It was odd, Alana thought, to just be speaking to no one. The only foreign scent was that of this Rune woman, no other Nardiri were present. Odd indeed, but not the strangest thing the white and dusty golden canine had witnessed. Besides, Alana wasn't one to judge.

Trotting forward and pushing through the ferns, she greeted Rune with a friendly smile, her posture mostly relaxed. "Hello there," Alana said in a velveteen voice that held within it tinges of curiosity that the Queen simply did not care to hide. "I'm Alana. What brings you to Nardir today?" The bag Rune was wearing didn't escape her seafoam gaze; was Rune a travelling trader seeking to barter and sell? An ambassador from an ally, or potential ally? Questions burned within the woman's mind, but she waited patiently still.

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