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Whirlygig. [Prp]
« on: February 21, 2017, 05:51:12 PM »
Kore had concluded that Nardir was a very interesting place. All bright and light. Fresh air and cool breeze. She quite liked the atmosphere so far. There was much to explore and even more to discover and decipher. She'd spent the whole evening after her encounter with Ticonderoga investigating every nook and cranny along it's tall ridges. Failing to rest up and recuperate from her long journey like she had originally planned.

Sleep was bound to catch up to her, and sleep had.

Kore spent the next morning making her way through the wood and weed. Picking and prodding at plants and branches, upturning rocks that gifted her with new bugs and wriggling worms - all while her eyelids grew so heavy she couldn't explore any more. Eventually she made her way farther inwards. Finding a nice spot to settle at the bottom of a span of rolling hills, near the bank of a babbling creek that led to a clear pond. Sprawling out along her spine with her bright creamy paws extended up to the warm sun above, basking in it's midday warmth.

"What if I were a worm?" She asked with a drawn-out yawn. "Dirt is nice and all, but there's so much above all that earth and mud to see." A smack of her lips and a few slow blinks of her glittering brown eyes. "How unfortunate it must be. Not a clue that there's more than just the bottom of a rock."

Fortunate to be a wolf rather than a worm, indeed.

Her tail swayed happily this way and that against the soft grass - alternating from left to right so often it had created a matted patch of green like the carved arms of a snow angel. Content with her own outward pondering, Kore couldn't help but to muse. A breezy tune turned to a whistle between her pearly whites and pink tongue. She sunk into the tall grass and finally closed her eyes - relieved that she could rest without one of them open.

Nardir had a calming atmosphere about it that dulled the anxious rambling that often buzzed between her ears.
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Re: Whirlygig. [Prp]
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2017, 03:14:03 AM »
The chill of autumn and winter had long since given way to a new spring in Nardir, and the world was lush and green once more. A deep breath moved through Kestrel's chest as she overlooked the territory beyond the apiary. The gentle hum of life buzzed behind her within the large cave, and while most would turn tail and run at the sound of swarming bees, Kestrel found the subtle tune relaxing. Winter had come and gone, and the bees she'd spent so long nurturing for their honey had slowly been coming back to life.

And it was just in time, too. The Moonflower festival would be on them shortly, and she was sure the concoction she'd discovered last year would be in high demand! Plus she'd been running out of her honey supply from last fall, before everything went to hell. Kestrel was just about to doze off, blue eyes slipping closed as she slowly released the air from her lungs, when a loud buzz went whirring past her ear and a three pairs of tiny legs stopped to sit on her sensitive nose.

"Hm... ah!" Kestrel's eyes snapped open to see the little bee perched on the very tip of her snout, busily grooming itself. She almost darted away, just by instinct, before calming herself and giving a little snort to shoo the bug away. 'I guess that means I should be moving out, huh,' she pondered, smiling as the worker bee buzzed off into the nearby flowers. "Have a nice day!" She called out to the busy hives behind her, tail flagging merrily as she moved to her next destination- water.

The rivers behind the apiary fed into Lake Deephaven, and were always so cool and welcoming to drink from. Instinct and familiarity moved her to the babbling water even as her mind wandered far, far away from the place she was going. It wasn't until her mismatched paws hit the water that she heard a voice from across the river. It wasn't as familiar as her knowledge of this land and the wolves within it- it was new. Curiosity sparked to life beneath her ears and she followed the sound to it's source, blue eyes falling upon the relaxing female.

"What if I were a worm? Dirt is nice and all, but there's so much above all that earth and mud to see. How unfortunate it must be."

"I wouldn't say that it would be unfortunate. Worms have a big job to do!" If Kore were to look up at her visitor, Kestrel would offer a wide and kind smile. "They help plants grow, and break down old plants so new ones can grow in their place! They also keep the birds happy," she added with a shrug.

She dropped her eyes to the water for a moment to judge its depth and speed, luckily realizing it wasn't quite a bad place to cross. Picking a shallow place, the Quasar moved forward to wade through the elbow-deep stream, startling a few fish on her way through. "I didn't mean to bother you if you were napping," she chimed, breaking through to the other bank and shaking some water from her fur. "My name is Kestrel. Are you... new... here?"

If Kore were to approach, Kestrel would raise her eyes to stare in surprise and... confusion? Save for the white halo framing Kestrel's face and the dark stripe along her back, it was like she was looking into a mirror! How odd! How... interesting!
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