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diplomatic immunity sort of [open]
« on: February 07, 2017, 02:06:13 PM »
This place was new to him, new to all of Saboro. Hircine didn't know much about the tribe of wolves that had been hiding right under their noses, other than that the place they lived in was very dangerous. Perhaps that was why they had gone unnoticed for so long, as most Saborans tended to try and stay away from this part of the jungle due to its hazards. The kestrel was curious, and frightened all at the same time. The wolves of the Tribe weren't supposed to hurt him, although that didn't mean that they wouldn't if they really wanted to. He wasn't there to start any trouble, so hopefully the day wouldn't come to any sort of violence. He made a mental note to use caution until he knew more about them.

The crocodiles were a definite concern. Tall ears were perked as he slinked through the jungle, hopping over fallen logs and using his slender frame to slide beneath exposed roots. It was all fascinating to say the least and he was curious to know how these wolves had managed to create a life for themselves here.

He kept his ears perked, trying to remain aware of his surroundings - where he was at and where he had just been. For a brief moment getting lost was a concern, but as he was still within Saboro he supposed he could pick a direction, walk and eventually find himself back within familiar territory. He felt a strange sensation, similar to the one he had whenever the jaguar attacked. He felt like he was being watched by something. It could have been another jaguar, or perhaps a crocodile? Or even so it could merely be something entirely harmless that was more afraid of him than he would be of it. It could also be one of the Tribe.

It was this uncertainty that unnerved the boy more than anything. If there was one thing he feared the most in this world - other than disappointing his parents - it was the unknown. "Who is that?" There was a slight waver in his voice, subtle but it could be picked up on. "I'm not gonna hurt anything." His tone was a bit stronger now, as he inhaled slowly and collected his courage. "I just wanted to look."

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Re: diplomatic immunity sort of [open]
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2017, 09:32:13 PM »
Historia had, much like the rest of the pack, been extremely interested (and suspicious) upon hearing news of the little Tribe living within Saboro's grounds. Fascinating how there was a secret group of wolves who lived within the jungle, right under the noses of the vicious, aggressive denizens of the red jungle. The woman's lip curled in disgust, a soft 'tch' escaping through teeth slick and shiny with spit. Pitiful, just disgraceful.

The Swallow trotted through the thick jungle flora at a brisk pace, athletically toned body weaving between trees and large bushes. Soon the vibrant green of the life around her began to grow darker and murkier, the indentations of her paw pads filling up with water. It wasn't often that Historia came to the Deep Marsh - she preferred staying away from alligators and leeches.

Another Saboran's scent became stronger suddenly as a soft breeze touched her face, alerting her to Hircine's presence. Maybe they were as interested in these Tribe wolves as she was - why else would they come this far into the Marsh?

"Who is that? I'm not gonna hurt anything. I just wanted to look."

Historia rolled her eyes and scoffed, trotting over to the other Saboran and slipping into view. "I don't care if you wreck this whole place, dollface," the Swallow teased, an impish grin on her muzzle. He'd likely be able to tell that she was Saboran by scent alone, as Historia could tell of Hircine. Honeysuckle yellow eyes danced around Hircine and the area around them. It felt different there, in the Tribelands; the atmosphere had some kind of pressure within it that made Historia uncomfortable for reasons she couldn't place. Did the handsome gentleman feel it too? The fringe mix grinned.

"I wonder if they're savage.." the fringe mix mused in a thoughtful voice, golden eyes darting around almost suspiciously. Then, drifting closer to the blue boy, she offered up a smile with too many teeth and introduced herself. "Historia.. and you are?" Did the boy have a handsome name to match his handsome features?

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Re: diplomatic immunity sort of [open]
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2017, 02:58:07 PM »
nudges this up a lil

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Re: diplomatic immunity sort of [open]
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2017, 02:56:50 PM »
[ I can toss a child in here when Iget a chance c:]

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