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we'll also throw in a set of steak knives [NARDIR-INARIA VISIT]
« on: January 26, 2017, 09:48:36 PM »
After scouring the Neutral Territory for weeks on end to minimal success, Anika decided that she and her charges needed better accommodations than the In-Between could provide. Out of Nardir's allies in the Straits, Inaria was the closest, and she knew that Alana and her team were exploring the shoreline. With assurances to her team that they would resume their search after they had rested, Anika steered them toward the legendary amaranthine forests. Besides, Anika rationalized to herself, as reluctant as she was to delay their mission, she understood that they needed outside assistance. There was a possibility that Aylie, Mercury or Julek, recognizing that Inaria had been Nardir's allies in the past, had decided to stop there, and maybe one of the locals remembered harboring them.

She had her reservations, of course. She wasn't a diplomat, and this was her first time approaching an allied pack as a representative. Anika understood her weaknesses, and she knew she wasn't a particularly political or sociable sort.

What made the task more familiar to her was that she had set foot on Inaria in the past, although she had secretly hoped never to return there. When she and her search party arrived on Inaria's borders, she half-expected to see the grasses still soaked with blood. Instead, the mood was deceptively calm, reflecting none of the violence that transpired on these ancient grounds. The bodies had been cleared away. Grass bloomed green and the Jacarandas were, once more, whispering with birdsong.

Anika flexed her shoulders, ostensibly to clear away some of the travel fatigue, and barked for a border patrol. As they waited for someone to arrive, she gave Hera, Hudson, and Alue a knowing glance. Eventually, someone did come, and when they did, Anika offered them a pleasant smile. Maybe she would recognize the sentinel that answered their call, depending on who did. "Hello," Anika said, settling for an inoffensive introduction. "We're from Nardir, looking for some of our people that have gone missing. We've been searching for a long time, and we need a place to stay."

So far so good. She didn't feel as if she sabotaged Nardir's delicate political relations. "I'm Anika, Nardir's Centaurus. I fought here as an ally during the war. This is Alue, Hera, and Hudson." She indicated each of them with a dip of her head. "We were hoping you could help us with our mission."
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Re: we'll also throw in a set of steak knives [NARDIR-INARIA VISIT]
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2017, 01:09:46 PM »
    For some reason he hadn’t expected them to go to allies, even after they talked about it in the neutrals. He was keeping the rear of the group, silently following everyone while keeping his senses alert. He didn’t know if everyone knew the missing members, but he knew two of them. It made him feel special that he did, but he wasn’t worth that much. He could confirm scents and appearance but wasn’t much of a tracker. Alue had joined in on this search mission for the purpose of being a healer, just in case anyone got hurt while outside the packlands. It was a safe idea, he thought. But he hoped he wasn’t slowing everyone down.

   When Anika seemed to give them signal that they were on the borders, Alue sat down with a thump, tired. When Anika looked them all over, he took it as a hint to not get involved unless he had to. He was totally okay with that; he didn’t know how allies and the such worked. He was here for healing and identifying. But damn, was he amazed by the purple trees. It was something he had never seen before, and it felt calming, somehow. Of course, his anxiety spiked when the Inarian(s) showed up on their side of the border, most likely all of them bigger than he.

   Alue listened to Anika’s words, and tried to listen as best he could to words spoken by anyone that came close. When Anika would introduce each of the Nardirians in the group, he’d perk up and try to let it be known that he was Alue. He’d try to sit more sophisticated, more polite like, but his back seemed to naturally hunch over, and he felt like he didn’t fit in the area of official businessy stuff. Well, he didn’t, that wasn’t his job. But it still felt awkward.

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Re: we'll also throw in a set of steak knives [NARDIR-INARIA VISIT]
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2017, 06:25:05 AM »

     As a Page, it was kind of Haylyn's job to greet diplomatic emissaries - even if they were more of a ragtag group of different ranks than actual ambassadors. Heck, she hadn't been able to do anything as a Page yet, so maybe it was a good thing she wasn't going to be pushed headfirst into a super-official meeting. The scents clustered along Inaria's borders drew her attention before the call, paws moving the powder blue woman in the direction of the Nardiri.

When she arrived, she greeted them all with a respectful bow and a smile, friendly and welcoming. These people didn't seem to have ill intentions, their energy positive and as welcoming as Haylyn herself was.

"Hello. We're from Nardir, looking for some of our people that have gone missing. We've been searching for a long time, and we need a place to stay. I'm Anika, Nardir's Centaurus. I fought here as an ally during the war. This is Alue, Hera, and Hudson. We were hoping you could help us with our mission."

Nardir! There was a name the woman recognized. They had fought alongside Inaria against Saboro, as the dog had said. A visit from one of Inaria's good allies who were seeking information on lost Nardir pack members. Of course it had to be a sad occasion that brought them knocking at Inaria's doors; a dull throb of sadness rang out in her chest for them. Losing loved ones took its toll on the mind, the heart, the body - everything. Haylyn knew that first-hand.

"I'm Haylyn, Page of Inaria, pleased to meet you all!" Maybe her positive mood could lift them up a little! Then again, they looked tired. How long had they been travelling? Where was the Nardiri territory even at? Realizing she was getting a little off-track, Haylyn cleared her throat and forced herself to focus. "I'm sure it would be no problem for you guys to rest here for a bit!" They had been the only ally to aid Inaria in the war, after all. "Let me call for someone a little higher up and we'll see about getting you all situated." With that, Haylyn raised her muzzle and let out a howl that rang out over Inaria's purple-treed territory, hopefully summoning someone a little more helpful in regards to the situation.

As someone new to her rank, Haylyn was super nervous about making a wrong decision and being reprimanded. She was still kind of walking on eggshells after having lost her crown - the experience had shaken her up a little more than she'd expected. Still, leaving the worn out Nardiri on the borders also seemed like a wrong move, so Haylyn went with her natural, friendly instincts. "If you guys want to follow me, I'll show you to a place you can rest for a while." If there were no objections, Haylyn would turn and lead them into Inaria's territory, their destination a small clearing by a riverside, shaded and secluded - perfect place for the Nardir search party to gather their strength for the trek ahead of them.

shoving Haylyn in here for rank training/to ICly establish these dudes were tended to lol
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