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Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« on: January 23, 2017, 12:12:53 PM »
Mandatory Striker and Siren recruitment and check in!
Mission thread will be up once this concludes!!!!

Reborn Tortuga was a glorious place, the new territory lush with life that was consistently being discovered. Both terrifying, and fascinating. The tropical climate had been a very welcomed change in her own life, spending time off-duty wandering along the warm beaches, building up trinket supplies and decking out the large banyan tree she'd claimed as her shop. As well as the meeting are of her Crafters, the future home of their largest shop.

Yet today her flecked creamy paws moved over the sand toward solid land, blue tongue lapping over her dry nose as the sunlight cast over her sapphire eyes. Causing them to shimmer especially wonderfully. This sunlight was good for Tortuga's Quartermaster, enhancing the stunning woman in every way. The work out of traveling over the terrain had helped some too, giving her legs a little extra muscle she hadn't had before. All in all Brielle. Looked. Amazing.

Trinkets settled on her shoulders as her curvy figure moved farther from the salty Ocean, back free of her supple saddle bags today as she'd left them with Pandora. Reminding herself to ask her Wife about their living quarters that night; Brielle had an idea that she began to long for. Chin tilted upward and it slipped away from her busy mind, approaching the firm area surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and palm trees. The odd coconut laid on the ground from a fall when it became too heavy.

Brielle stood between a few of these lovely trees with her posture tall and dominant, her musical howl loudly calling out to the Sirens and Strikers of Tortuga. Since the move they'd all grown inactive in their ranks, in their adjustment to the new territory they'd slipped. Brielle was going to change this now, in both herself, and every rank around her. As they approached her gaze would fall on each face with a firmness "Sirens, Strikers. We've settled into our new home, it's time to get to work." A smirk crept up her feminine face, searching for any new faces that might appear.

"We're recruiting new blood, if you'd like ta join the ranks state your name, and why you'd be useful to us." In turn her attention would shoot to the familiar faces with pleasure "Those returning, tell me what you've learned. Tell me tricks, tips, and things your co-workers should learn to be successful." Gone are the days of competition in these ranks. If they couldn't support one another, they'd be out on their asses.

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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2017, 05:57:11 PM »
Oh my god, NO WAY!

Sharp ears perked up to the call as Electra instantly recognized the beautiful Brielle's voice. It was so melodic, and it was like a fangirl's reaction to a celebrity appearance. A grin immediately slapped onto the young girl's muzzle (now a full yearling at least!) as she giggled in absolute delight at the summons the Quartermaster was bringing out. It was a call for the SIRENS AND THE STRIKERS. It was Electra's dream to become a siren; and she knew she would accomplish that dream, it was just a matter of when.

Granted, she hadn't made much headway towards impressing anyone. Perhaps she was so caught up with the new territory she simply didn't look hard enough for the rank! (Secretly she had been keeping to herself because of the fire and everything else -- she'd never admit it, but Electra had taken that taste of reality a little too hard.) ANYWAY, Electra now bounded towards the harder ground of their beach, kicking up sand behind her as she darted away from the ocean's crashing surface.

When she was closer she'd stop. Electra immediately twisted around and looked at herself. What a mess! She couldn't go looking like that. Such ATROCITY. What would Brielle think?! (Not that the youngster wasn't fabulous regardless of her daily look!) But she spent a few minutes doing quick but efficient grooming, until her coat shone and every fur hair was in place. Posing in front of a tree, Electra waggled her eyebrows at no one in particular before sauntering off towards the recruitment.

She made it into the clearing with all of the confidence of someone who just walked into their own home and dropped off their keys at the door. Electra would grin at Brielle in greeting, along with a bow to her Quartermaster. "Beautiful Quartermaster!" she exclaimed in greeting, coming in and taking a seat right in the front row. Like an eager student in the classroom, Electra was ready to become one of them! "Sirens, Strikers. We've settled into our new home, it's time to get to work." Yes ma'am! The spitfire girl was ready.

"We're recruiting new blood, if you'd like ta join the ranks state your name, and why you'd be useful to us. Those returning, tell me what you've learned. Tell me tricks, tips, and things your co-workers should learn to be successful." Without hesitation Electra opened her mouth to speak. "M'name's Electra!" As if no one here didn't know, haha! Such jokers! "I'm ready to go out there and bring back plentiful new Sailors so that we remain strong and capable!" Her enthusiasm was clear in the way she spoke and the way those eyes glimmered.

"N'my opinion, Quartermaster, I am a great asset for the rank." Time to lay it out for the lady just why Electra should be a Siren. "I only want what's best for Tortuga, and I won't be letting no Scallywag enter our pack to break our strong bonds." She may not have many friends, but she was fiercely loyal to the pirate ship.
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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2017, 06:00:21 PM »
No matter the season, the weather in Tortuga seemed to stay beautiful. Today was particularly clear, and the waves that lapped at Kieran’s fluffy chest was like bathwater warmed by the sun overhead. He let loose a content sigh, watching a school of fry dart around his legs through crystalline water. He’d struck gold when he was looking for home, apparently, because who wouldn’t want to live in a tropical paradise like this. Tearing his eyes away from the hypnotizing pattern of the fish, he swung his head to watch an approaching figure.

Even from a distance, he could tell that she was both spotted and speckled, adorned with fancy accessories and travelling with her head held high. Brielle, no doubt, although he’d never met her he had definitely heard her name and figured out enough to pick her out of a crowd. She seemed to pay him no mind and he gave a low hum of curiosity as she slipped through the treeline and not too long after, let loose a summons for her underlings. Well, well, well. The blonde pulled himself from the warm water, gave a generous shake to rid his curly coat of water, and decided to follow. What was the harm in that, right?

"Sirens, Strikers. We've settled into our new home, it's time to get to work."

The title of Siren was just as alluring to the golden hound as the namesake was to those poor, pitiful seafaring souls that often fell victim to their song. It was safe to say he’d been intrigued ever since meeting Raikov, back when he’d only introduced himself as Scoundrel. How humble, Captain, downplaying your true position to a new face. Not long after the encounter, Kieran had done some research on his own, admittedly on the Scoundrel and his partner- which he supposed was the freckled girl standing before him now- and their underlings. Strikers and Sirens.

And just like that, he’d discovered what he wanted to do. (Because Sirens sounded fun, and definitely not for the chance of running into Raikov on common grounds again. Absolutely not.)

"We're recruiting new blood, if you'd like ta join the ranks state your name, and why you'd be useful to us."

The hellion stepped forward from where he’d been hiding, a sharp smile splitting his slender face apart. “Kieran,” he introduced himself. “I don’t believe we’ve met before, Quartermaster.” Kieran took a seat at a respectable distance, long tail coiling around his dainty paws as if it were a snake. “I’m interested in assisting the rest of the Sirens, and Strikers as well. I may not have enough muscle to join all of these hunks,” he would half-heartedly gesture to whomever else decided to join them, “but I am… persuasive, to say the least. I wouldn't have lived this long if I didn't have a few tricks up my sleeve.” Garnet-hued gaze trained intently on the Wench’s face, studying her expression as he spoke. “I believe I could be an asset to your crew.”
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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #3 on: January 29, 2017, 02:16:03 PM »
Beneath the afternoon sun Taisho could be found sprawled out on his back napping beneath the shade of the palm trees not too far from the fire. The musical howl echoed across Tortuga and his scarred ear flickered slightly, before opening his lidded eyes. A loud yawn escaped him before rolling back onto his belly and standing upon his feet once again. He shook the stray sand from his pelt and stretched out his body. He started off to the sound of the summons after checking the fire.

Large paws melodically drum against the earth as he made his way through Tortuga's lands, jade eyes admiring the lush vegetation within his new home. A small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he took the pleasant stroll through the jungles before arriving at the meeting grounds where he caught a glimpse of Brielle standing out in the distance. Silently, he filed in along with a few of the others and took a seat on the earth looking. When he caught Brielle's eyes,  Tai's lips curled back and he revealed a large grin before giving her a wink.  It had been a long time since he'd seen her and it was evident that she had grown. How proud he was at her.

"Sirens, Strikers. We've settled into our new home, it's time to get to work. We're recruiting new blood, if you'd like ta join the ranks state your name, and why you'd be useful to us. Those returning, tell me what you've learned. Tell me tricks, tips, and things your co-workers should learn to be successful."

Taisho awaited the new blood to speak before he soon spoke up, a larger grin pulling upward at Kieran's gesture. He cleared his throat after a moment and spoke up next, "Patience. Do not come off too strong right away; however, show great interest and compliment your prey. Bait them and reel them in slowly before making the catch. Start with compliments and speak with body language before making the capture. Be persistent and make sure once you got them hooked, don't let them go." He chuckled heartily, "Giving them a small taste of something they'd want and you've got 'em corner then."

Yet, he wouldn't be against dragging them in a bit more forcefully.

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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2017, 03:08:46 PM »
If there was anything an outsider could feel in Tortuga, it was naked. It seemed everywhere Quill looked, the natives were shining, painted and all kinds of decorated. For some, that decoration even took the form of scars, brands and burns, knowing what little he did about this land those tokens spoke volumes. It didn't take long to learn a great deal about the wolves that inhabited this place, they were proud, hardened, and possessive.

There was a sense of envy in Quills chest, eyeing the gold and the leathers, hard earned, if he had to guess. Jealousy was not common to him, and feeling it only fed his interest all the more. Greed may very well be a large part of being a Tortugan, and it looked like he would have to give in to that green eyed monster should he want to fit in. Luckily, it didn't sound too awful a role to play.

As he stepped onto the scene, his pace was leisurely, unhurried, and even his curious gaze swept slowly, carefully, over those who appeared before him. He listened to each one speak, slowing so that he might absorb their words and their intentions. He hadn't a clue who or what a Quartermaster was, but even a fool could recognize her importance. Certainly a creature of stature, this Quartermaster like many Tortugan was decked out in neat little trinkets, touches of gold, and intricate tattoos. She screamed importance, and if her accessories said nothing, then the way she carried herself still wrote Quill a novel.

Blue eyes flickered back and forth between bodies until he found the time most appropriate, and moved delicately forward to place himself amongst the group. He moved with slow purpose, head high until he made to reach Brielle's gaze with his. "Good afternoon, Quartermaster," He greeted her by dipping his head and shoulders down respectfully. "Wonderful to make your acquaintance." Quill's voice was warm as honey and entirely genuine as he lifted back into a loosely confident pose and offered a kind smile. Warm though he was, it was soft and light, pointedly open and non-threatening in how he presented himself to her and the group.

"I too would like to seek opportunity to prove myself in this role." He based his knowledge on the hellhound that spoke before him. Charm seemed a key component in this position, and it spoke to Quill. A job he felt quite suited to. Confident though he was, he held back detail and bragging, simply offering himself to the Tortugan Quartermaster, ready to play their games and satiate his envy.

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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #5 on: February 05, 2017, 09:20:50 PM »
She was a Striker. Sometimes Triteia could scarcely believe it. It had been weeks since she had first been made a Striker, and yet she was still subject to strange, fleeting moments where she thought she had completely detached herself -- that all of her recent fortune was just another long, delirious hallucination, and she was just one harsh jolt away from awakening in Albatross's den, still a Scallywag, still in a territory as charred and disfigured as her outward shell, still sisterless and still with no hope of going anywhere.

She supposed, however, that if this was just one long dream, the moment Brielle howled for the Strikers would have been one of the trigger points for her to return to the waking world. If this was a dream, then when Triteia arrived, everyone would turn at once to look at her, like they were all heads attached to the same terrible hydra, eyes bulbous and their stares blistering, and they would proclaim in the same dead voice, What's this Scallywag doing here? And then -- thunderclap. Albatross's dark den.

In reality, no one in attendance noticed her, and Triteia was able to slip easily through the crowd, like a shark gliding through tranquil waters. People were starting to become accustomed to her presence, she guessed. Once was a fluke; two, three times, that was the beginning of a pattern, and no one present had the authority to interrupt it. The tail that Albatross had crafted for her had the same weight and effect as her former limb. She couldn't control it as she could with her ears or paws, but it was very much there; concealing the scars that marked her as one of Tortuga's dregs. Triteia met Brielle's gaze, her look unreadable. She wasn't keeping her eyes to the ground like a lowly Scallywag.

Did that anger her? Was the former Captain incensed to know that this tenacious little headache was still alive to remind her of her miscalculations? Did her ego sting with the knowledge that even her precious protege, Albatross, refused to trust her with her family ever again?

"'Hoy, Quartermaster," Triteia said evenly. Not Captain, anymore. She should have found that satisfying, but she didn't, because in the end, whatever betrayal that Brielle suffered paled in comparison to Triteia's punishment. Brielle being overthrown wasn't a downward slide, but a sideways shift, trading a platinum throne for a gilded pedestal. And in the end, Brielle was an incompetent, weak Captain, a pale imitation of all that her mother embodied, but she wasn't the one that sentenced her to slavery.

She had just been the one that stood by and watched.

As a Wench (wasn't that a fitting title, Triteia thought to herself), Triteia could only hope that Brielle would be less dead weight. "Jus' checkin' in," Triteia said with a grin, nodding her head in deference. As if she respected her. As if Triteia didn't know of Brielle's failures. Everything's all peachy keen. They're friends now. Ah, but a response to her question. Triteia thought for a moment. There would be no nationalistic declaration of devotion for Tortuga, the homeland that renounced her before the deadening creep of disillusionment took root; she would, however, enumerate her virtues that were utilized within this profession, and what she enjoyed about being a Striker. She was still a beginner discovering her place within the rank, so she didn't feel qualified giving advice to newcomers - she kept her introduction succinct. "Mm. I'm new 'ere, but... Bein' a Striker ain't always a matter of brute force or wranglin' slaves. If ya wanna love the job, ya gotta like excitement an' takin' risks."
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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #6 on: February 16, 2017, 11:52:34 AM »
Since I've been so sick, I'll give this another week?

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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #7 on: February 17, 2017, 06:20:15 PM »
Kalypso was looking for her father when she heard the call ring out. She hadn’t been able to find him after she’d left Kai on the beach because she’d been distracted by Navigator duties. Which, admittedly was very exciting and great for the pack but the knot that had begun to form in her belly grew every hour. She had looked high and low for the Quartermaster but in was in none of his regular places. Kally worried about her lonesome father figure and hoped that he was just busy on important pack business and that was why she couldn’t find him. He hadn’t left. He hadn’t.

Hoping to run into him by chance she followed the song of the call and headed towards Brielle’s gathering. She was disappointed to find that it was not the Quartermaster she’d been hoping to find but her disappointment was quickly forgotten as she listened to her words. "Sirens, Strikers. We've settled into our new home, it's time to get to work." Oh this was a meeting for the Sirens and Strikers, whoops. Kally hesitated at the fringe of the group as she wondered whether she should turn back around or not. Being a Navigator was great and wonderful because she got to go out in the world and meet their allies, friendly wolves from different packs. How cool would it be to go out into the world and actually bring back more members who could help build Tortuga up?

"We're recruiting new blood, if you'd like ta join the ranks state your name, and why you'd be useful to us."

Her tail wagged slightly and she took a seat out by the edges of the small crowd, patiently listening to everyone as they spoke and offered what they could. One individual in particular caught and held her attention and she watched the violet male with curious blue eyes as he strode confidently through the group to sell himself. She only wished she’d someday have that left of self-confidence. “Hi uhm, I’m Kalypso,” She began nervously, her voice quiet, “’ma Navigator so I’ve been outside the pack before and it’s neat. But I don’t have a whole lot to do when we’re not on alliance trips so I wanna help bring in some more new people.” She rolled her round shoulders and smiled a little, “I like excitement, I like takin’ risks. And I’ma fast learner too.” The worst she could say was no but Kalypso was always ever the optimist.

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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #8 on: February 19, 2017, 09:01:33 PM »
Vashe wandered the beaches, a restless spirit moving within him as his pale blue eyes lingered on the horizon. What lay beyond was a mystery and although there was plenty yet to discover in their new territory, Vashe was still yearning for a purpose. Since the Striker business had been slow following the move, Vashe had set upon learning the new herbs of their tropical territory. Now his stocks were full and he had no reason to hunt for any more plants. Not for now anyway.

Today he planned on gathering some coconuts to make into his own storage bowls for his dried herbs, as it was pretty much the only thing he knew how to make for himself. Unfortunately for him, the coconuts were rather large and he could only fit four total in his saddlebags, which was a limit he had already reached when he spotted the gathering ahead. Ears alert, Vashe trotted over, nodding a greeting to the lovely Brielle. He flashed her an easy grin and a sly wink, as his way to flirt with her. It hardly mattered that neither of them were interested. It was habit, if nothing else.

Vashe slithered into the crowd, finding Trout and giving her an encouraging nudge on her shoulder before taking a seat and listening to the others speak. Once they were all done he would add a bit of what he had learned in his own travels.

[color=#1592c4]"Being able to defend oneself is also highly important. Of course we want to lure the prey away with charm and kind words, but not everyone is interested in that. Stay alert, never turn your back on your prey, and watch them carefully for any changes in body language. Testing your boundaries, poking here and there slowly to see what kind of behavior is best to gain your prey's trust is also an important part of being patient." Vashe nodded to Tai, adding his own two-cents to the other male's observation. It was important that they were all on level ground with one another, as they were all on the same team. There was always more to learn after all.

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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #9 on: February 21, 2017, 12:18:21 AM »
Life after the auction was strange and yet so familiar. Zelos chalked it up to the fact that one of the Quartermasters had swooped in and claimed him without hesitation, and the fish-tailed boy had been thrilled and a little nervous. Of course, the nerves he'd stifled during the actual auction had been starting to simmer in his gut afterwards, worried that his new mentor would find out he was lacking in some aspect, that his eyes were slowly failing him. But still, he'd trailed the one-eyed wolf home and vowed to do everything he could to be worthy of his mentor.

Otherwise, he found himself surrounded by a different family, but family nonetheless. It was a comforting feeling, especially knowing all his siblings had also been claimed by mentors, and he wasn't too far from some of them.

So with the hope to follow through on his promise to himself, as well as to back up his big words at the auction, the boy had been out and about, attempting to figure out what to do, where to start...when a very familiar, beautiful howl rang out through the tropical paradise. His ears perked instantly, and Zelos found himself grinning. Brielle! He had a soft spot for her, just from hearing about her from Auntie Alby, who said the other Quartermaster had raised her and helped her find her own way to success. Maybe Quartermaster Brielle would be able to help him! Following the call to the palms was like following music, and he practically pranced to where the familiar face was surrounded by several others, some less easily recognized. He was the youngest to arrive, but upon seeing Kalypso, he had hopes that at least one sister would be there too.

Padding up, his fish-tail held out and gently waving behind him, and he smiled at anyone who looked his way. Zelos had no inhibitions, or very few, and surrounded by packmates, he couldn't help but feel at ease. Spying Triteia, Zelos marched up and leaned affectionately against her leg for a moment before settling in beside her. Everyone was talking, some new, some experienced, some strikers, and others sirens. He waited for the others to finish, and he chirped up with his own name.

"Th'name's Zelos! I know'm young, but I wanna be a Striker someday, yeah? 'm smart an' willin' ta learn, an' someday I will be useful," he said with confidence, his citrus eyes blazing with determination, even with that charming grin on his face.

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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #10 on: May 08, 2017, 10:44:26 PM »
gentle bump to see if this is gonna be continued?? 0:

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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #11 on: May 09, 2017, 09:17:00 AM »
I'll reply with Raikov this week to close it up! <:

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Re: Bewitching ((Siren/Striker Recruitment and check in!))
« Reply #12 on: May 16, 2017, 04:04:36 PM »
reminder 2 self to get monty in here before it closes goD DAMN