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thanks mom, you're the real MVP [PACK MEETING!]
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:27:28 PM »
Eremiel's promotion was as quiet as he was, a reward for kindness and dedication rather than any other trait, as a ruthless killer or a leader. But even with his quiet promotion, he would not stay in the shadows for longer than he had to. Eventually, all of Tortuga had to find out about their gentle Quartermaster officially, instead of through rumor and word of mouth. So there he was, standing tall not too far outside of the Devil's Doom, taking in the empty scenery in front of him before pulling his head back to let out an even but echoing howl.

The call was for all of Tortuga, from slaves to the captain himself. The had hoped for their Masters to join especially, since they were always and would always be heavily relied on. The one-eyed Quartermaster shifted from foot to foot while waiting for members to begin to show up, licking his lips and hoping his words would not fail him. Sure, he had spoken to groups before, he had been a leader before, he had raised children, healed wounded, calmed down the worst of their members. But this was different, he had never spoken to anyone from so far up.

He waited for the crowd to fill up, eye flicking from one members to another, checking if he could recognize at least most of them. Once everyone settled, Eremiel straightened himself up again. "Good evening, Tortugans, thank you for coming on such a short notice." he briefly wondered how many of them thought he shouldn't be standing in front of them. The thought passed as soon as it came, and a soft smile graced his lips.

"I have gathered you all here for several reasons. Some are more housekeeping than others, so bare with me." he wondered how many he pulled away from daily tasks. "As some or many of you may already know, I am your new Quartermaster, serving next to Quartermaster Brielle under Captain Raikov. That being said, everyone is still welcome to come to me for any issues, especially medical ones." after all, he was still just a simple healer at heart.

"I intend to create balance within our empire. Balance aggression and patience, create more options, see only the clearest plans through." and it was a promise he intended to keep until his dying day. "I have lived most of my life now in Tortuga. I have seen it rise and stumble and rise again. I have witnessed changes in leadership, I have raised children and I have lost family. I have been through the disasters that struck us all and took from us in the past years." took his son, eventually his mate, scarred his children and his friends. "We have gotten through it, together. You are strong and resilient, but so much more together. You have not only gotten out of the worst, you have grown." most of the older members would know that he was not giving them idle compliments.

"But that is what I will stress, loves. We are stronger together, we survive by relying on one another. I have been protected by those stronger than me, and I have healed those who are strong but wounded. The fast keep our borders safe, and the artistic keep our culture alive. Together we are everything we could ever hope to be, we are as strong as our weakest link, but even our weakest link can be made strong if it has help. So help eachother, dear Tortugans, rely on eachother, trust eachother and don't betray eachother's trust."

Anyone who knew him would know he meant every word, and when he went silent he thought over what he had said. When he concluded there was nothing else for him to add, he would smile again, muscles relaxing in front of the others, inviting, friendly. A father to all, as he always was. "Many of you are like children to me. The Captain is often as much my son as the Coxwain." he chuckled, knowing it may sound ridiculous to most of them. "That being said, I want you all to share your thoughts with me, your concerns, your ideas. If you need to scream, scream."

"Tell me what Tortuga is! Tell me what it is meant to be."
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Re: thanks mom, you're the real MVP [PACK MEETING!]
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2017, 01:25:02 AM »
As always when Eremiel called, Albatross answered. It seemed to be a habit of hers, from her days as a whelp attending Auctions to impress him with her work ethic. It had, apparently, paid off in his eyes and the eyes of her Captain and Quartermaster as she found herself fulfilling his old role as Loan Shark. Her heart had soared at their trust and belief in her, and as she appeared to the gathering of the crew, her smile was wide and her mercury eyes glinted with pride as she looked on the face of the Quartermaster. He was as close to an uncle as she'd ever had, and if asked about it, Albatross would have claimed him as family, if only for how he treated her own sisters and brothers, their crew not considered though she saw exactly how much he cared for the rest of them as well.

The Captain's Deck held the three people she idolized the most, though the incident with Trout left a bitter taste in her mouth for Brielle and Raikov, redeemed only in part when they had conceeded to her demand for Trout to be released from her bonds as a Scallywag. The former had caused less vitriol in her heart than the latter, who would have to work a little harder to earn her trust back. Certainly, she trusted Raikov as Captain, but with Triteia's safety? She was less sure about that.

So as Eremiel spoke, she listened with her whole heart, willing to work through the challenges of trust, willing to be strong with the rest of her crew as he suggested, ever the most forgiving of her bloodline. It spoke volumes that the newest Quartermaster held those values and was keen to encourage that in the rest of the crew. As he went on, Albatross let her eyes wander over the faces of the rest who gathered, silver eyes taking in the reactions of the more hot headed pack members. At mention of weak links becoming strong, Alby's eyes would search for Triteia, pride and love shining out at her if the still healing sister was present. The newly minted Striker had come a long way from the slave cavern where she'd been mentally absent and reeking of ammonia and feces, and taking charge of her sister's care was something Alby never once regretted, no matter how many sleepless nights she found herself battered by the sleeping wolf in her night terrors, no matter how many days she spent pensively worrying over the future of her sister...Taking her as a member of her posse had been an excellent choice.

And then as Eremiel spoke of trust, her eyes slid to Raikov, should he be among them. Malice absent, but coolly observing him, her eyes thoughtful. Albatross was not unwilling to forgive him for the crime against her sister, for he was blood and family just as much, and she truly loved Raikov. She wanted him to learn from this, just as much as she had. All the pale porcelain wolf had ever wanted was family, and he and Brielle had been there when her own mother hadn't, before Shark had decided to change even a little and act like the dad she's always dreamed of having. If he stood in the crowd, her head would incline slightly to him if he noticed her pensive study of his face, before giving her attention back to Eremiel.

She kept herself silent as he asked for the crew to cry out their needs, their wants, and instead, eased into laying down. The Loan Shark was part of the Captain's Deck as well, and their ideas and concerns were important to her too.

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Re: thanks mom, you're the real MVP [PACK MEETING!]
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2017, 04:47:43 PM »
Her father’s howl rang throughout Tortuga and Kalypso lifted her head from the coconut she’d been gnawing, her ears swiveling in curiosity. That’d be a pack summons, from her father? She wondered about that but she was glad for any excuse to see her father. It had felt like far too long since she’d spent any quality time with her only remaining parent and she decided she needed to start being a better daughter. She’d seek him out later for some one on one time.

Tail swaying happily behind her Kalypso headed for the meeting, a small smile on her face. Would Kaikona be there? She hoped he’d decide to sit beside her. She was among the first to arrive and gave her father a happy grin, her tail wagging so hard her butt wiggled from side to side. She took a seat up from and lifted a paw to wave her toes at him and mouthed a silent ‘hi dad!’ as he started speaking. "Good evening, Tortugans, thank you for coming on such a short notice." She’d come whenever he called, where ever she was she would always answer. She knew he’d do the same for her, after all.

When Eremiel announced he’d been raised to the rank of Quartermaster her brows rose high in surprise and her tail started up again. Her chest filled with pride for her dad and she was glad he was their new Quartermaster. If anyone was suited for the job, it was him. "Tell me what Tortuga is! Tell me what it is meant to be." Kalypso didn’t wait for someone else to speak up, she went first, she knew what she wanted to say. “Tortuga is family. We are strong, we are artistic, we are a bunch fearless, unstoppable, PIRATES!” Whoa okay, Kally, dial back the enthusiasm a bit there ol’ gal. Feeling embarrassed she smiled a little and looked up at Eremiel, “Congrats, Quartermaster.” Dad.

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Re: thanks mom, you're the real MVP [PACK MEETING!]
« Reply #3 on: January 21, 2017, 09:25:27 PM »

She stumbles into the train wreck, she frowns as she listens, as there is talk about growth and friendship connection and love. Family. None of that mattered though. Didn’t they see how it was being in Tortuga. Everyone was family, they were nearly all cousins or siblings at this point. They fought and feuded still.

Some of them left.

She missed her family dearly, her mother and father and siblings, people who abandoned her and Tortuga. She loved them, they had at one point meant the world to her. But now they were gone, she had moved on.

She doesn’t relate at all to what is being said, but she is there, and she listens, and watches, she hears what is said and is patient about it. She doesn’t mention the fact that Tortuga has changed, that they moved and abandoned everything they were supposed to be.

She is ready to leave as soon as it starts, but she stays and watches, she says nothing, she thinks nothing, zoning out a bit unless someone draws her attention. She was there to show that she was okay, that she loved Tortuga. She did, she loved Tortuga, but she hated the change.

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Re: thanks mom, you're the real MVP [PACK MEETING!]
« Reply #4 on: January 26, 2017, 08:21:18 PM »
A long, melodious tune carried itself high, through the air. It sung of necessity and of attendance, beckoning to those that would hear it's tunes. Large, sharp brown furred ears pricked up, alert and listening carefully. Strange, ghastly eyes stared off into the distance, dashing from one direction to the other as he listened to the tune. Part of him tugged himself internally away from the meeting immediately, feeling a little too new and off place in his new home. Patriotism had to grow and develop within oneself, it wasn't spontaneously created on the spot. But he actively wanted that, and wanted to find a strong and important connection within the pack for himself.

So, Syzygy turned his attention - and his head - in the direction of the sound. Immediately, he picked up his feet in the same direction, and took off. He moved swiftly, closer to a jog, towards the meeting grounds where the sound was coming from. His orange hues would settle on a bluish grey wolf who seemed to hold the center of attention, a whitened hound with blackened legs, and another greyish blue wolf that reminded him of an almost 'warmer' version of the other in terms of palette schemes. He settled himself somewhere around the edge of the group ultimately, settling in for the meeting. He wasn't expecting to be of much use conversation wise, but he figured he could soak in the ideas and wisdom this meeting may bring.

And who knows what benefits this could end up being for him? There was one very interesting, striped wolf from his interview - Violeta. He gave her a simple smile and a nod, to acknowledge her should she notice it.
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