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ooc: for Roman, Thetis, and Judah! Hanna is also encouraged to come. Maverick can stop by too. B)

Boximus, I know that you're going through hard times right now, so just post whenever you want.

God-Queen Anamelech, Rosa Gigantea, may have been cut from divine cloth, but the vessel in which her spirit resided was still, quite regrettably, mortal.

Anamelech snorted. It was not an aristocrat's haughty, disdainful sniff. Her nostrils weren't thick with ichor, but a repulsive green gunk that she had to actively work to prevent from invading her throat and nasal cavity. At first she had blamed her affliction on Canaan and their altercation at the river, but too much time had transpired since that event. Rather than concede to the possibility that she was not as invincible as she believed, Ana continued to blame her condition on outside forces, in increasingly irrational ways. She hadn't allowed the Herbalists to touch her. They would never see her in such an undignified way, and perhaps it was because of this that her condition was prolonged into the Auction.

Anamelech had been forced to go to the Auction in such a humiliating state, and worse, she had arrived late. It had been impropriety unbefitting a queen of her stature. The Auction itself had been a disaster. Unworthy vermin snatching at the prettiest toys like so many scrabbling urchins, touching her toys with their grubby little heathen hands. Anamelech, already in a sour mood at the fact that she had been so ill during one of her favorite occasions, had reacted in the same way that any entitled child with infinite, far-reaching power would: by shrieking mine and stamping her foot.

In the wake of her fury, the offending parties had scattered like frightened mice. Anamelech emerged from the Auction, placated, and now in possession of a most intriguing collection.

Of course, she had wanted Thetis. She would never let anyone else have her. She had her sights set on the little girl since their first meeting, and no doubt, the Judge's child would flourish splendidly under her supervision. Anamelech had entered the Auction with that objective in mind -- which was why, when someone thought to intrude on her ownership, she had responded to it as the offense that it was.

But then there was Hanna's family. For once, Ana had no interest in slaves.

She had no idea that they were so... lovely. Hanna had always been one of Anamelech's prettiest bonds; one of her favorite hand-me-downs from her father's house. But bless her, she had no earthly clue that the rest of her family was so wonderful. The moment Anamelech laid eyes on Judah, she had decided that she had to have him. And not only him, she wanted his brother, too. Judah was Hanna's twin in sandstone, marble, and soft swirled hues of spilled wine, but Roman stood as an unlikely progenitor, stalwart and handsome, as if he had been lovingly carved from ruby.

Ana nuzzled the top of Thetis's head, imparting a soft lick beneath her soft white hair. "Such a good girl," she said fondly. Such plans she had for her. Thetis was a bright pupil, and under Anamelech's guidance, she would surely blossom into a savage creature, truly fit for the White Order. "Come stand next to me."

Once Thetis took her place at Ana's side, she would turn to address the two males that were, hopefully, following behind her. She motioned for them to stop walking, and then, once they remained still, awaiting her instruction, she finally perused them in detail. With Roman and Judah standing side-by-side, the subtle resemblance between the brothers was now made apparent, not only in the gentle play of colors in their pelts, but in the shapes of their muzzles, their eyes, their figures, the way they stood and spoke and greeted their queen. Never before had Anamelech realized that Hanna's bloodline held such potential.

"How precious the two of you are," Ana cooed. "How lovely…" She clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, searching for the words to define her thoughts. “You’re like a matching set."

Yes, that's what they were. Two precious, lovely dolls, sitting on display. Yet at that moment, Anamelech realized -- there was an empty space on the shelf, and that absence was like a void. Ana uttered a soft "ah" of revelation to herself, scolding herself for her lack of foresight. She broke the trance. She had been staring, she realized, and to the brothers, that luminous golden gaze was like the glare of the sun, piercing, perverse, and blistering.

"Boys," she said serenely, "Call your sister, will you?"

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She was a good girl indeed. The valleys golden child. A beautiful example of what Oukoku-kai could make. She was growing, but even then she looked youthful, downy fur and long eyelashes. She was a product of wonderful genes, she would likely always be pretty, even with the current scar from a boar attack. She feels hot as her god kisses her.  She feels warm and fuzzy, and grins a bit, “Thank you so much for this chance!” she tells the Rosa.

“Mistress Gigantea” She purrs, “I have been working on a lovely gift for you!” Thetis tells her bond, and her god. She looks over the boys, taking a seat next to Ana. They were cure, she supposed, but were they as cute as her? Of course not.

 She would play nice, even though she felt herself green with envy over the Rosa’s appreciation of them.

She always could turn to sabotage, poison, a timely murder, Mother was the Judge Patho’s after all. She was sure she could get out of that, but it wouldn’t come to it yet. “You boys to have some wonderful lineage” she says, grinning.  She was curious to see who their sister was. It was women who always were more pretty.

And worth more attention in her own opinion. She had never been all that fond of boys, too narrow minded and gruff, the only one who had caught her attention had been her poor estranged brother. Handsome white locks like hers, thinking of him nearly made her drool. But, she had done better than Adriel. She had gained the attention of the Rosa’s.  The White Rosa at that. So fierce and beautiful.

“If everyone would like, I could make someone to symbolize this wonderful house. A marking perhaps, dyed into the fur. To show t hat our beautiful Rosa owns us of course” It was all about owner ship. She wanted nothing more to be a plaything, and do art. 

Anamelech’s youthful wife was the position she was really thriving for, and she would stop at nothing to get that way.  She looks up at the Rosa, making sure that everyone was done talking before making a suggestion, “Perhaps a feast is in order for Mistress Gigantea, A young slave perhaps would be a most fitting and tender meal” She had never eaten another wolf, but she was always game to try things.

“Or maybe one of those dreadful boars, if the preference is a tougher meat. ” She bats her eyelashes at the group.  Cannibalism, or a normal meal, it was up for them. Thetis always had room for debauchery,
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Roman had ostensibly gone to the auction with the same hopes of every peasant in Oukoku-Kai. Perhaps he might find the chance to ascend under the auspices of an august patron, but he had never imagined he would find himself garnering the attentions of one of the Rosas themselves. Roman didn't feel worthy. He had never quite committed himself to the games of dominance and social one-upmanship that thrilled so many of his peers.  He was neither a frequent nor the best fighter, and violence was surely a better way to impress than a well-reasoned argument.

Rosa Gigantea was far too shallow to care about any of that nonsense.

Roman sat and shifted uncomfortably under her piercing gaze. The Rosa's eyes seemed to hungrily drink in the brothers' every aspect. It was hardly a challenge to figure out why they had been chosen. They were something to be owned. There were worse things than being owned by a goddess. Even a mercurial and capricious one.

Thetis was another matter entirely. Roman wasn't sure there was anything she wouldn't do, no line she wouldn't cross, especially if it meant currying favor with the White Rosa. That was fine. He could just be a doll to be admired. He wasn't about to interfere with THAT particular obsession.

"Boys, call your sister, will you?"

Roman nodded and let free a long, melodious howl of summons. Sister, your Rosa summons you.
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Everything within Judah screamed and rallied against following the footsteps of the White Rose. He felt nervous and uncertain, a powerful worry coursing through his body. What plans had the White Rosa for him, and why had she snatched him so eagerly from the hands of her faithful followers? Not only him, but his brother as well - a surprising face to see in the crowd. How long had it been since he had laid eyes on Roman? Months, years? The Kyuu's brow furrowed, ears tipping back slightly.

He wanted so badly to speak with his brother, find out where his sibling had been and why he had disappeared.. but doing so then felt somehow wrong. That was a conversation best reserved for another time.

The Rosa's steps slowed to a halt and as she turned to address them, golden gaze boring into the brothers like bright, malevolent sunbeams, Judah felt a stirring of fear deep within him. The pounding of the wolf's heart was almost deafening, beating like a drum.

"How precious the two of you are. How lovely… You’re like a matching set."

Judah's blood turned to ice, but he forced himself to remain calm. The way she stared at them, it was primal and hungry. It was unsettling, and he imagined that this was what a prey animal felt and saw when the eyes of a hungry predator turned their way. Paws itched, urging him to run run run, but Judah reluctantly fought his instincts and remained still.

The Kyuu said nothing when Anamelech asked them to call for their sister. He raised his muzzle and joined his voice with that of his brother, summoning their sister to the White Rosa's side. To be taken by a Rosa was not something Judah had ever expected to happen - it was startling, and frightening. He supposed White was better than Yellow, even if Red was the Kyuu's chosen alignment. Or.. had been, anyhow.


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SO HEY are we continuing this or what? @Sunblink [Summer!] no rush or anything, just updating my tracker!

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