Author Topic: An eclipsing story (eclipse thread, Open)  (Read 136 times)

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An eclipsing story (eclipse thread, Open)
« on: December 16, 2016, 07:45:37 PM »
Clifton sat in the lore keeper tree house, sorting scrolls he had been making on his travels to the cave ancestors and back. For now though he had figured out a system and the house being as large as it was could house centuries of lore and history, but also the house had a mystical feel which was good enough for him. He had a few extra scrolls for Nikolai to use, should he ever need to communicate in one of the tree houses. But the minty saber hadn’t come to pick them up yet.

But tonight was a special night, in the seventy-five years there had never been an event like what was about to happen tonight. Nor in any of their lifetimes, an eclipse was about to happen and he had also started weaving a story together one that would become lore if it went well. But he hadn’t finished it fully, as in it was missing some details. After an hour or two of writing, the night was almost upon them.

Stepping onto the platform outside the house that could fit the whole pride of sabers, he released a loud bellowing roar that could be heard for quite a distance. As he called the pride for story time, and so his story would have a more impacting effect when the eclipse did happen. So he sat there and waited his jade necklace swinging below his neck fur. The night winds being quite a bit chilly, but a comfortable chill in his opinion.
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