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the night is long [open]
« on: December 16, 2016, 04:52:16 PM »

Ranya was bored. There was only so many ways that the girl could entertain herself after all. She no longer got lost in the dense forest, but rather had now traversed it to its entirety. There was life in Stoneclaw now, but it didn't yet feel alive. She wanted excitement, she wanted fun. She wanted a big party with a giant fire and lots of singing and beating each other up. Nexys, on the other hand (paw?), wanted structure and stability. But she felt as though this was more of his pride than hers, and so she kept these desires to herself. He had been King when she arrived, and offered her assistance before he had decided to make her Queen. He could just as easily bump her back down again.

She laid on a rock beneath the shade of a tree, a small stream trickling nearby. She wore a few white flowers behind her ear today rather than the usual flower crown that she sported. Her frown was deep as she thought, the tip of her tail twitching every so often. Queen. . . Queen. . .

She ran the word over and over in her mind. She didn't feel like much of a Queen. She certainly didn't act like it. Queens were supposed to be regal, responsible, and rule with fairness. Ranya felt like she was fair at least, but she definitely was neither regal nor responsible.

Nexys was.

He wasn't without fault, sure, but unlike her he was a leader.

Green eyes flicked upward towards the canopy above her, spying a few twinkling stars that peered between the leaves while the doubt continued to settle in her mind. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Perhaps she was in a sort of off mood. It happened to everyone didn't it? Ranya exhaled slowly, swiping her tongue over her nose before letting out a loud yawn. She lifted her head and stretched her front paws out in front of her before letting them dangle over the stone. The girl hummed quietly to herself, a light sound that didn't carry very far.

What else was there to do?

"If you listen to the rhythm calling out in the dark.
Can you hear it? That's your spirit. Just follow your heart.
So if you're feeling like dancing frequently,
Just tune in the magic frequency.
Don't worry about it 'cause we're gonna burn up."


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Re: the night is long [open]
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2016, 07:30:12 PM »
Sano had been exploring the huge forest, as the sights were entirely new to him. Plus it was always good to know the territory you would be living in, and he just needed to do something other than sit on his butt doing nothing. He eventually came across a stream, that was trickling down some rocks. He crouched down watching the fish swim in place as he waited for one to get close. When one got close enough he darted his paw into the water, flipping it onto land and pounced upon it using his mighty sabers to give the killing blow. He tasted the iron taste of fish blood, as he was about to pick it up he noticed the scent of his sister.

He knew she was a part of stone claw, but had not even seen her yet. So picking up the fish, he walked in the direction of Ranya as he approached he was surprised to see her sitting so still. It was weird, since to her family she was considered the wild child. Sano walked up plopping the fish carcass right next to her and said, “Hey there sister, why are you so still tonight?” He said, plopping down next to her as he tore the fish in half and gave Ranya half of his prey.

It had been a while since had seen other sabers, before he met Nexys when he got here. So he was still getting used to being around so many of his kind, though having family in the place definitely helped improve that a bit better.

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Re: the night is long [open]
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2017, 12:34:55 AM »
The young prince sprinted down the creek as fast as he could, splashing cool water all over the place and soaking himself entirely. The Rites would be coming around soon and he would be gone for awhile, only to come back as a fully functioning adult. How dull. The boy was big like his father, with a fine mane for a saber, but he was not his father. His heart was wild and free and his mind brimmed with ideas of how to make their pride better. He would prove himself to his father, as was expected of him, but he already knew what Clan he wanted and it wasn't Obsidian.

He was too wild for Obsidian. He wanted fun. Adventure! And for the bad guys to pay. Trials and manners and tradition were just boring. So the boy ran, causing quite a rucas, disturbing the night beasts. It wasn't until he saw his aunt and an unknown saber speaking under a tree by the riverbank. Oh what fun! The boy slowed himself to a trot and paced right up to them out of the stream.

"Hiya Aunt Ranya. What're you doing out here?" He eyed the male and the fish between them and grinned ear to ear. O, mischief, why do you find this boy wherever he goes? "Am I interrupting? Is this your boyfriend Auntie?" It's ok. If he got in trouble he'd just say he was Kaoru. Worked every time. Even on dad sometimes, if Hikaru was clever enough...